Marketing In The Current Music Business Climate

The music business is one of the hardest businesses to get into, stay in and succeed in. An artist needs an edge in order to achieve all three, and this edge comes by way of marketing themselves. Before you can sell songs, you have to sell yourself. Marketing yourself in 2016 can come in a variety of ways, with the internet being the obvious choice and the television landscape running a close second.


Many aspiring and established musicians will be looking for an easy way to do this. Not everyone is asked to do an awards or benefits show, which is a great way for a musician to market his or her wares, so where would one start? Late night talk shows would be a good start, with talent shows and cameo appearances on shows like The Simpsons being great options as well. Shows that showcase what a band or musician is like and what their music is all about.


Through the years there have been many musicians and bands on the above mentioned show, and one band that stands out in particular is The Ramones. They were a long established act before their appearance, but their presence gave them access to a new generation of consumers that may not have known much about them before, aside from their name. This marketing strategy married the demographic of The Simpsons audience, the access of this show both on the television and online, with the sell-ability of an established rock band. It is a unique method of marketing that works, and it is a sign of the times as well.


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This would have been an unheard of strategy 20 years ago, but media, marketing and business have all changed drastically in 20 years. This is another aspect of marketing that should be focused on……the changing landscape. You have to change with the times if you want to stay relevant, and you have to see changes for what they are and when they come about if you want to break into the music business world.