Brown Modeling Agency: Down Home Feel, Big Time Talent

When you think of modeling or modeling agencies, the first thing comes to mind are the celebrities who work for them and the big cities they’re located in. All is not true. Generally, most modeling agencies aren’t in the biggest of cities and actually come from smaller markets. These markets are unexplored and untapped, but has plenty of talent to go around. Have you ever heard of Brown Modeling Agency? If so, did you know that the agency is located in a small market, but produces high profile campaigns across the country? Let’s get into to how and why this small time company produces big time results.

A Bit About The Agency
Brown Modeling Agency is located in the great State of Texas. In 2010 the company moved to Austin, which would be considered a small market and established itself early on. The company is a commercial modeling and talent agency. Many modeling agencies use this design as it brings in more talent which covers a much larger market. Brown Modeling Agency (BMA) has made a huge name for itself and has made huge difference in it’s talent pool’s life. This means that the agency has done numerous projects with some of the biggest names in mainstream media. Thousands of well known or high profile brands such as Loreal, Dell, Louis Vuitton, and Toyota to be exact. (BMA) also has many models who’ve walked the most prestigious runways such as Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. If you’ve ever pictured up a magazine, seen a commercial, or attended a fashion; there’s a good chance some of the models are a product of (BMA).

Print Modeling 101
There are many different divisions in modeling. Many have a specific criteria to follow while others are much more diverse in appearances. These divisions include print, swimsuit, fashion, commercial, or fitness. Print Modeling is very lucrative and can become a model’s full time income generator. Yes, fashion models are paid very well, but a lot of the bigger campaigns go to the models that are already established. With print modeling, many models don’t necessarily need a portfolio, but it’s always to good to have one depending on the client a model works for. Print is a much larger field and are used for magazines, books, or for any editorial purposes. The diversity in sizes, shapes, and colors are another bonus as well. Having a nice smile definitely helps, but print is looking for a relatable face ” whose easy on the eyes,” but not necessarily perfect. This aspires the everyday person and attracts them to the product/service that’s being promoted. Print is the way to go if you’re a woman under 5’7″ and with consistent improvements to yourself, can have you making big money in the long run.

Brown Modeling Agency has changed the face of the modeling scene and is truly setting new standards in the modeling industry.