USHEALTH Advisors Is Enhancing The Careers Of Its Employeees

For over 35 years, USHEALTH Advisors, the marketing agency of the health insurance company, USHEALTH Group, has marketed the company’s products and services widely. The agency focuses on marketing innovative health coverage plans, which are underwritten and insured by USHEALTH’s group of companies. USHEALTH Advisors is committed to serving the unique needs of individuals, self-employed persons and small business owners in America. The company has a great team of talented sales agents who enhances the buying experience of the customers. As America experiences rising health costs, citizens struggle to find affordable health coverage plans that suit their diverse healthcare needs. USHEALTH Advisors offers affordable healthcare services. The company’s experienced agents help clients through the buying process to ensure that they settle for appropriate coverage plans that meet their healthcare demands and financial abilities.

Besides their broad affordable portfolio of coverage plans, USHEALTH Advisors (USHA) is dedicated to the success of its people. Their innovative compensation plan features the percentage of weekly commissions of issued business in the first year, as well as the commissions earned monthly and vested renewals. The compensation plan gives USHA agents an opportunity to earn decent salaries. The agents guarantee quality corporate support to their policy holders through USHA’s real-time and accurate response regarding policies and claims concerns. High-performing agents are awarded with incentives after reaching the attainable minimum thresholds. The agency facilitates prompt communication with the sales force through various avenues to ensure that they are updated on all developments. To ensure that the agents succeed in the competitive health product market, USHA assigns them marketing leaders who mentor and enlighten them on important issues in the field.

USHA’s outstanding profile is enhanced by the various awards and recognition that they have received over the years. The most recent award is the 2017 Stevie Awards where USHA was named the Gold Winner of National Sales Team of the Year Award. Between 2015 and 2016, the marketing agency grew its sales staff by 41 percent. The highly trained team of sales agents has recorded an increase of 8 percent in the average number of sales per agent. This impressive performance shows a 59 percent growth of submitted health policies. In 2016, USHA emerged as the Company of the Year in the Insurance category. The company strives to provide strong value propositions for their customers through innovative product designs.



The Manse On Marsh Helps Families & Tenants Help Each Other

Eventually, everyone reaches the point where they need some help doing the minor things such as bathing or dressing. Some people reach the point that they forget their medications and need reminders. Some even forget who they are and need extra dementia care. All of those people can find the help they need at a place called the Manse on Marsh in California. San Luis Obispo offers one beautiful facility that cares for people that need a little help but not total care. The Manse on Marsh recently received recognition for being a caring and wonderful place for elderly population to retire. The San Luis Obispo facility received the caring star award of excellence. The residents and staff are very proud of the facility home.

Everyone has dreams of getting their own home and living out their lives in that home. Some people achieve the dreams but others may reach a point that they need some help and are not capable of living alone anymore. The family needs to be around to support the parents when that time comes. It can cause depression and stress leaving a home and memories behind. The staff and residents at the Manse on Marsh understand how it feels to have to leave everything behind. They try to help people adjust to the new environment and their surroundings from day one. Family can help with the transition by bringing personal items for the new room. Favorite pictures, favorite bedspreads or curtains, television, phone or any other convenience from home.

When entering the Manse on Marsh, people notice the style of the building. It is colored beautifully and does not look like a sterile institution. The building has terracotta roof tiles and beautiful beach color walls. The facility is located in the center of the city. Only a few miles from the ocean. People can use the facility transportation to tour the city or they can drive themselves if they have their own car.

When visiting the Manse on Marsh the public can notice how happy the tenants are that live there. The facility offers group activities for entertainment. The facility offers good food and friendly staff. Laundry services and room cleaning services are part of the amenities. Make sure you take the time to check out this award winning caring facility.