The Five Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Digital and social marketing have hit their stride in 2016. But it is now time to look forward to what is needed for your business to shine in 2017. Below are some trends to keep your eyes on in 2017.


1) Embrace Content Marketing


Content marketing is simply a strategic marketing technique where you create and distribute relevant information to attract the audience. This strategy can act as a cornerstone to almost any marketing initiative. The key is to be consistent and create content that’s relevant and interesting to your target audience.


2) Find a Target Influencer


‘Influencers’ have always been a top element in marketing and they are quickly becoming one of the most effective techniques for reaching consumers. Influencer marketing gives a company the chance to create oral communication via personalities whom clients admire and already follow especially in social media. When influencers are used effectively, they make natural ways to attract the target audience.


3) Use Live Streaming Video and Visual Storytelling


Video conveys emotions and the message, hence connecting immediately to the viewer. The popularity of video-sharing sites like YouTube is increasing. Statistics show that over one billion people frequently use YouTube, an increase of about 40 percent since March 2014. In April last year, Facebook launched Facebook Live, a platform that puts broadcast capabilities within reach of anyone using the world’s largest social-media network.


4) Automate Your Efforts


Marketing automation is rapidly growing with 71 percent of businesses currently using this technique. Marketing automation is using software platforms designed to automate marketing activities such as social media marketing, email marketing, and digital ads.

With this technology, marketers can engage consumers with customized content based on their purchasing behavior and profile information.


5) Use Innovative Social Media Campaigns


Social media is taking over as the primary source of ads, news, and other information. This makes it crucial to innovate and diversify your company’s marketing campaigns. Businesses that adapt to the changing social media landscape stand a chance of obtaining better ROIs than those who lag behind.



The Top New Marketing Trends

Online marketing is changing and people are getting exciting about all the new changes that are taking place. It is easier – and cheaper – to market online than it is to market on television. In many cases this is free marketing. That is what the digital age of business marketing has become. This is the best way for people to build up their businesses.

There are some trends that are better than others when it comes to marketing to the masses. App marketing, for example, has made people look at a better way to engage in niche marketing. It is easier to market games to those that are already using an app to play games. There are easier ways to market software that is similar to other apps that consumers are using.

Many marketing executives are going to be interested in personalizing ads for people in order to get their attention. Consumers are getting flooded with marketing concepts that come from everywhere so a personalized marketing technique is going to be quite important. People are going to pay more attention to ads if they are personalized.

There is also a social media trend that is taking a hold of the marketing industry. People are tweeting about new products. There are Facebook posts about different types of services or movies. All of these different things have made it easier for people to discover products that they may have never discovered before. It has become a lot more convenient for people to stay in contact with consumers when businesses are using social media.

Most customers are going to keep their phones at all time. They are going to check their apps on a regular basis. This is why social media is much more effective than any type of TV commerical.

The other thing that people are attracted to is points. This is a good way to market to people online. If they can get points for checking out ads they are going to do this. They may feel more inclined to listen to an ad if there is a free sample that is attached. This is another online marketing method that makes people look at ads in a different way. Marketing professionals have become quite creative.