Lethal Weapon TV Gets a Strong Start

When the Lethal Weapon TV series was announced, there was an outcry from fans of the original big screen series. For one thing, the series was one of the influential films of its time. It has taken on the genre of buddy cop and crafted a hit. There have been a few buddy cop movies that have followed similar formulas. Among the similarities that the following Lethal Weapon inspired movies had included music, the character pair and plenty of other similarities. Often times, the buddy cop pairing consisted of one cop who wants to live a mellow life or retire, and one cop that is unstable and aggressive either due to traumatic tragedy or just an extreme dedication to the job.


The TV series has started out with Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford. So far, it has had a strong start. It is in fact one of the strongest openings of any tV drama in a while. Perhaps one of the reasons is that Wayans and Crawford do not try to be Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. They bring their own take on the role. This results in a show that is actually a bit stronger than people thought it would be. However, there are still people who would’ve preferred that the creators go with something completely new. However, this is a worthy series from what it looks like.


This seems to be the age of adapting feature films to TV shows. This is nothing entirely new. Hollywood has been playing with the idea for a while. For one thing, there are a ton of TV shows that have been adapted to full length films. Also, there was ideas to bring buddy cops like Beverly Hills Cop to the TV screen back in the 80s. Another buddy cop movie that has been adapted to TV is Rush Hour. However, that one quickly fell into obscurity. Then there are other movies being adapted like Training Day.