Greg Secker Gives Advice For Those New to Forex Trading

Greg Secker has helped many people get started with forex trading. Following are some tips from him on how to get started and be successful. First of all, you have to be realistic when setting out. It is entirely possible that you will become very rich and be your own boss and be financially independent. However, you have to realize that it takes a lot of time and effort to do this. You will have to go through trial and error. Not everything you do will be a success. There will be times that you will make mistakes, and you will have to learn from them in order to become more successful next time by doing things differently. If you are starting out with a modest budget, you will need to have patience.

You also need to define your goals. You can not go into trading without a clear goal in mind. You can not expect to just jump in without a clear action plan. Learn about the various methods of trading and think about which one best suits your needs and goals, as well as your budget. Then, have a detailed plan of how you are going to do things every day.

Greg Secker founded the Knowledge To Action Group. It is a company that has all sorts of tools and training for those getting started with forex. It has offices all over the world.

Greg Secker studied at the University of Nottingham. He developed the training platforms for Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he started his career in the world of finance and trading. He was the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation when he was just twenty five years old. In 2003, he retired as Vice President and started focusing on forex full time. He acts as a guide and a mentor to others who want to get started with forex trading.

Greg Secker also started the Greg Secker Foundation. This focuses on providing young people with new opportunities and the ability to get a good education. It also helps young people develop leadership skills and qualities and become entrepreneurs.

Greg Secker is a Man of Many Hats, Which He Wears With Pride While Exuding Success

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and a public speaker, with international recognition. He currently resides in London, UK. After completing studies at the University of Nottingham where he pursued a course in Agricultural and Food Sciences, he started working at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. While here, he developed an online trading portal, Virtue Trading Desk, which saw him get the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce. He then moved to Mellon Financial Corporation as the VP where he got the opportunity to work with the major players in Forex trading and consequently learned a lot from them. Using the skills that he had gained, Greg left employment and launched his Forex trading firm, Learn to Trade.


International Speaking


After the success of his business, Greg started mentoring people on matters relating to Forex trading and that is how he started the Knowledge to Action Group. He has since organized many seminars and workshops in different locations across the globe, including Ghana, Australia, the Philippines, and New Zealand among others. His meetings have so far recorded more than 200,000 attendees. Greg is often invited by organizations and the media to offer his expert advice on market situations. He has since given talks with the world’s well-known personalities like Robert Kiyosaki. Greg has also authored a number of books, such as Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex. He also contributed to the book named Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success.




Following the great success that he has achieved, Greg Secker has always strived to give back to the society. This prompted him to start the Greg Secker foundation, which focuses on motivating young people by instilling in them the right knowledge for success. It also helps children across the globe by focusing on education. His foundation was also involved in rebuilding houses for Typhoon Haiyan victims in 2013. The initiative that was dubbed Build a House: Build a Home helped those who were affected in Lemery Village in the Philippines. In the same village, the foundation spotted and helped a girl who needed medical attention due to a tumor, which was growing on her hip.