Kodak Coins Launch

Kodak is a company that is very familiar to most consumers. In fact, most people owned at least one Kodak product, growing up. Eastman Kodak Company, established in 1888, is a true survivor. Of course, the company has hit some rough times over the years. Consumers need for their type of products changed. Kodak changed along with the times and has designed a very interesting new marketing plan to drive up sales. The company has decided to join the world of crypto-currency. A new digital type of exchange currency. Kodak plans to launch their own currency, the Kodak Coin.

Kodak Coins Launch
Many insiders view the launch of the Kodak Coins as a ploy by Eastman Kodak Company to keep up with the times and to stay relevant with today’s younger consumer that gravitates to the more technically advanced products. The good news is that this last ditch effort to stay relevant seems to have worked for the company that faced bankruptcy in 2013. Furthermore, the companies stock prices have skyrocketed after announcing the launching of the Kodak Coins.

Smells Like A Scam
Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Many are comparing the Kodak Coins to bitcoins, which have enjoyed some amazing success with online traders. The Kodak Coin launch appears like the perfect marketing solution for an established company that is still trying to stay relevant. However, there are plenty of insiders stating that the whole idea is a scam. They state that it is totally ridiculous to compare Kodak’s idea to bitcoin. This type of marketing deal would never work in the real world. Most people would label it a scam immediately. However, the digital world really is different.

The New Kodak Emerges
The Kodak of today is only a shell of a reminder of a former company that was established over a hundred years ago. Today, the company really does not have that much relevance with the iconic American photography products produced by the company. Today, the company has licensed out their iconic name to several sources.