SahmAdrangi Impeccable Record of Achievement in the Wall Street and at Kerrisdale Capital Management

In a recent interview with the press, SahmAdrangi discussed his career and achievements in the Wall Street and role at GNC Holdings, Inc. This executive studied at Penn State, and after graduation, SahmAdrangi took up a job at Merrill Lynch.

A recap of Sahm’s interview with the Media

Sahm spent three years of his life at Merrill Lynch learning how to trade on the Wall Street. He later started working at Longacre where he exercised his credit trading skills. He also served on Paul & Co credit team and helped the company generate more than $6 million. Sahm also published an article on the Northern Dynasty titled “The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable.” This piece of news enabled people to buy back their shares for $1.40. Sahm recently quit the Wall Street, and he is managing the operations of Kerrisdale Capital Management. His income comes from the investments he makes in various securities. Sahm is an entrepreneur who has generated a significant amount of wealth and lives a reasonably comfortable life. He also provides business advisory to businesspeople who wish to venture into the Wall Street.

About Sahm

Sahm is a businessman and the current chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. This entrepreneur has focused on the growth and expansion of Kerrisdale Capital Management ever since it was established. Sahm has since grown the company’s revenue by $150 million. He launched Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009, and he served as CIO for almost a decade. This professional has enabled the company to stand out and to achieve significant milestones. Under his leadership, Kerrisdale Capital Management has authored and published many articles in the telecommunication sector. Sahm is the reason why this company continues to scale the heights of success.

This businessman has a degree in economics from Yale University. Sahm has worked for numerous companies. Among them is China Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics. Working with these firms subjected him to extensive professional experience that he uses to run the operations of Kerrisdale Capital Management.Sahm also worked for Deutsche Bank and Longacre Fund Management LLC.