A Sapphire Rings the New Diamonds?

In 2010 Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mothers gorgeous sapphire engagement ring, marking not only the wedding of the century but also a whole new appreciation for sapphires over diamonds for engagement rings. They tell us that diamonds are forever, but this bold new trend seems to be proving them all wrong with some jewelers reporting 300% increases in sapphire sales just three months after Kate revealed hers.

Sapphires seem to be perfect for everyone, with a rainbow array of available colors. even though they are considered to be even rarer than diamonds. You could go with the most common and popular version, the blue sapphire which is a classic for good reason. The color can range from a soft baby blue to the dark royal that we all know and love. A surprising second place in popularity, and still rising, is the pink sapphire.

This stone can vary from baby pink to an intense magenta but the most popular can be described as a bubble gum pink with some purplish hues. To create these unique gems there has to be traces on chromium in the gem, while traces of titanium with give it some purple as well. The yellow sapphire comes up next, much loved due to its similarities to the very popular yellow diamond.

Yellow sapphires can range in color from greenish yellow to orange yellow though the most popular is the bright canary hue. The most common source for this color is Sri Lanka, though they can also be found in Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand and Australia. They are also typically held to higher clarity standards and well cut ones are much easier to find than any of the other colors.

Padparadscha sapphires are known for their unique salmon like color and are a bit controversial because there doesn’t seem to be a universally accepted color, though most agree that its somewhere between pink and orange. Part of what makes the sapphire the amazing stone that it is is the amazing array of colors offered. Apart from the stones listed above, you can also find purple, lavender and violet, green, white, color changing, orange, cognac and brown and the star sapphire, which comes in many colors though it tends to be rare in yellow, orange and green.

If you’re thinking about a sapphire ring, and you should be, you should also be aware of the differences between treated and untreated stones. Though the Natural Sapphire Company offered a much more cohesive idea of what you should look for on their website, it boils down to treated stones having endured chemical treatment to alter the color of the stone which offers a substandard and much less valuable stone for your money. The sapphires sold by the Natural Sapphire Company are all certified to be of the best quality, check them out to find out more about sapphire rings and all the color they can add to your life.