How Online Marketing Continues to Change Over and Over Again

Internet banners, pay to click links, social media and smartphone apps are all a part of the new wave of online marketing. This is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to turn the page and bring more people to a certain website. The online trends are changing the way that people shop. This is changing things for everyone, and a lot of people are seeing how the Internet can help them build a much better business structure.


In the early stages there was a lot of talk about Myspace. This was the very beginning of the online marketing process for some people that used social media. As time progressed Myspace would fade out and get replaced by Facebook. This would become the social media mecca over time. It would become the thing that people looked forward to for communicating with friends. This would also become the thing that other people would take interest in if they were promoting products.


Online marketing is expanding in many different ways. It is obvious that apps are also good avenues for marketing. There are a lot of entrepreneurs that avoid the operating costs for advertising altogether because they stick with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers have become a lot more technologically savvy. They want to use their phones to shop and communicate with friends. All of these things allow business leaders to connect with customers in a better way.


The best thing about this type of marketing is that it gives customers all types of advertisements about the other apps similar to apps that they are already using. This is something that can actually get attention from the customers that may actually benefit from these types of products.


Digital marketing isn’t new, but it is becoming the strong thing that people look for much more often than they ever have before. Most people are not watching television for the commercials. The digital marketing trends are much more effective because it markets to people at all times. It is easier to market to customers with repetition when the Internet is used. People are using the social media to communicate so it makes sense for entrepreneurs to take the advantage of this avenue for marketing to customers.


Google in the Dog House; Non-Compliance Issues

Google is ‘the man’ in the Internet-world. The company started it all and continues to

bask in all of its glory as billions of virtual-world surfers enjoy the web and

all that it offers 24/7. As the Internet giant, it is usually Google that dishes out punishments for those non-compliant with rules and regulations, terms of service, and other virtual-world laws. But now it is Google that is wearing the Duntz hat and taking a timeout in the corner.


The Media Rating Council, or MRC, suspended Google for non-compliance issues stemming from the company’s method of counting ad impressions. The suspension was placed against Google DoubleClick for Publishers in September, 2016.


With the suspension, Google is no longer able to offer customers any services that into those categories, putting many customers into a bind as they are now forced to look elsewhere for results. MRC says that they’ll reinstate Google as compliant again in

compliance with the regulations. Google plans to resolve all matters related to

the non-compliance standing by the end of the 2016 year.


Despite the fact that Google is now on the naughty list, it is in no way sign that the

company has turned into one of the bad guys they warned us about for so long. The

non-compliance issues likely stem from a technicality related to the April,

2016, updated guidelines from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Interactive Advertising Board (IAB) and not misdeed on the part of Google.


Nonetheless the suspension happens at a bad time for Google, just one month after Facebook was found to inflate their video viewing metrics. Consumers are no longer trusting large companies to handle their analytics and measurements due to what seems like an increasing number of violations and misrepresentations.


At a minimum, Google now has a big mess on their hands they must deal with as they restore trust in the increasing number of people losing it by the minute. Only time

will tell how greatly Google will actually be affected by this temporary suspension.

Get Relevant In Online Marketing

Want to be relevant in the world of business? If so, you must work on engaging with an audience that cares about what you have to say. You must also look to inform your viewers online about what your company is all about. Finally, you have to encourage them to move from the point of merely looking at what you have to offer, to actually making a purchase.

The business news website known as Business Insider makes a plea to small business owners to take the world of online marketing by the horns. They want people to appreciate the power of the Internet in terms of what it can do for your marketing. It is easy to discount it in your mind if you do not sell products online, but this would be a mistake.

The Internet has enabled many small businesses to not only compete in their market segment, but to thrive. It largely has to do with how relevant they make themselves online. This means they need to have social media accounts, frequent postings, and great search engine optimization. The company should make itself as easy to find as possible, and as informative as they can possibly be.

Many who search for items on the Internet are diverted towards the largest players in the market. However, those companies may not be the best choice for them, or it is also possible that those companies may not have the best prices. Why not compete with them by creating something online that really speaks to people? It is possible if you get started today.

How To Know The Right

In the world of marketing, bloggers have established their name as the primary source of online marketing because of their following on blogging platforms. Their huge followings have proven to the world of advertisers as a place to advertise online. What’s interesting about the world of social media is that publishers, advertisers, and marketing agencies are looking to the new players of the world of the Internet; social media influencers.

These influencers built their following on platforms like YouTube, Vine, YouNow, Musically, among many other famous social networking apps and sites. It has proven through countless research that these entertainers have built a hefty following and quite an engaging audience that can showcase nearly any brand to millions and hoards of people in the course of a few minutes. Whether it’s a startup toy company wanting to reach out to a younger crowd or even a make up brand wanting to reach more growth, there is an influencer who can get your brand seen by the right people.

There area wide variety of people who tend to believe that influencers do not have the staying power in media. The truth is that there are many people who remain fans and loyal audiences for countless content creators. It requires a different approach to know how to work with these influencers because research beforehand must be done. Working with a random influencer to promote a random product won’t be organic and may end up causing the brand a loss of marketing. Knowing how to work with the right social media influencers can make a big difference.

Microinfluencers Are Changing How Businesses Reach Global Growth

In the world of social media, influencer marketing is on the meteoric rise to resonating to countless brands and companies as the latest approach to gathering followers and build awareness. Microinfluencers are those in the world of social media, whether they are YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, YouNowers, vloggers, and bloggers. These are the people who have built a following on their platform, and they have created engaging audiences that constantly and legitimately wait for new ways to grow effectively and efficiently.

Those who are looking to find a way to engage new audiences and build more awareness should consider this form of marketing because it’s simple, fast, and also both a short and long term approach to building a following. It’s a way to showcasing your brand to a targeted group of people.

The old age of marketing where the influencer would blatantly promote is not the way to organically engaging an audience into becoming a customer. It all starts with the basic idea of properly researching and learning about your marketing influencer.

There are countless businesses who will go up to anybody with a following to create a marketing campaign, but it clearly isn’t the best way to do business. It’s not about the follower count of a social media famous influencer. It’s not just about a million followers that guarantees a successful campaign. It’s about the connection the influencer has over his or her followers, and you discover this by doing research on their level of engagement. This new marketing approach is revolutionizing how so many people in different markets are doing marketing.

Facebook’s Giving Advertisers A Powerful New Tool

Facebook is about to take on Google by going after more of the digital advertising market. If anyone can grab more of the market, it’s Facebook; the social media network earns billions of dollars each quarter by ensuring users are not bombarded with irrelevant ads, and by offering marketing professionals the ability to select a very specific audience to view their message. Facebook’s Audience Network extends advertiser’s reach to third-party apps and websites, but until now, only Facebook users who were logged in saw the ads on third-party properties.

Now marketers can reach their desired consumer audience using Facebook’s Audience Network, even if the consumers don’t have a Facebook account. The social media network has a wealth of data about today’s consumers that will allow them to make educated guesses about what people are interested in, just like other advertising networks do, except Facebook has more data to draw on. More than one billion people use Facebook, sharing their age, gender, interests and more, which makes it easy for Facebook to deduce which ads are relevant for non-Facebook users.

If Facebook’s plan for off-network advertising to consumers without an account works out as expected, online marketers could find themselves allotting the social media network the largest share of their advertising budget. Facebook’s made this very easy; advertisers have to opt-out of targeting non-Facebook users when setting up ads in the Audience Network.

Upcoming Online Marketing Trends That Will Revolutionize Marketing

The marketing industry is very dynamic and changes faster than most fashion trends. Some basic fundamental principles such as know your audience, measure the results still hold. However, the tools and mechanism that we use to engage our audience and get desired results in perpetual forward momentum keep changing. Mainly, this is accelerated by evolving technology and fierceness competition as companies are on the move to outdo each other over a bid to give their customers the greatest and the latest.

If any business wants to outpace the fierce competition and guard itself against competitors, it must embrace the most recent trends in online marketing. This article compiles some of the upcoming trends in online marketing that will revolutionize marketing.

App based CEO

As traditional browser-based Internet is experiencing down trajectory, apps are projected to grow immensely in popularity. Well, am not sure if apps will one day replace traditional websites, but I am confident Google will continue to deploy vast amount of resources in stepping up app-based experiences for its users, including the latest app streaming technology. This is the right time to start developing an app for your business, and if you have one, it is time to fleshing out for marketing of your app.

Interactive content

"Traditional" content usually involves one way of interaction, where a swath of material is produced, the reader consumes it, and the transaction is completed. The days for one-sided content are ending. Interactive content will change input, personalization, and diversifying experience. Today, you can see things like quizzes and calculator emerging at an alarming rate. You should expect more new and innovative form of interactive content in future.

User generated content

Many different brands have just started realizing how powerful is users’ generated content. As a result, you can see platforms such as user’s contribution forums, competition platforms, and motivating events. This powerful strategy encourages users to create their own content regarding your brand and shares it with others. It spares you the effort of creating the content yourself and more importantly allow you to establish a thriving community around your brand.

Most Adults Getting Their News from Social Media

With the huge explosion in the popularity of social media in the past decade, people of all ages are finding it to be their first way of interacting with the world. This has caused all sorts of interesting rippling effects throughout the news and media industry, and led to the downfall of once-powerful media outlets. A recent article published by explores some interesting facets of this change in media habits. This comprehensive study published by the Pew Research Center outlines some interesting details of the results.

Fewer and fewer people are following television news and/or buying newspapers, as evidenced by the decline in sales and overall consumer shift towards online consumption. While the vast majority of news consumption has now moved online, there are interesting breakdowns by platform. Facebook has introduced a “trending topics” section in the sidebar, which provides immediate visibility for recent news. Two out of three Facebook users say that it is their primary source of news. Other platforms like Reddit also demonstrate wide-spread popularity as a news source. This makes sense, as Reddit is essentially a link aggregator sorted by popular vote. Other “short form” websites make it more difficult to discover news stories, but even platforms like Vine (which shares five second videos) reports that roughly one in ten users find their news information on their platform. This movement to digital consumption of news is not without its controversy, but the numbers indicate that digital news is here to stay.

Facebook Plans Expansion to Non-Users

Facebook is stretching their growth intends to target that non-users in other Social sites by developing intends to be the first to unveil internet’s advertising exchange. Facebook contributed massively to bringing a net-worth value of over $5billion in revenue. The plans of showing ads to non-subscribers will target all people across the website through advertising on Phone Apps and third-party websites. Facebook has approximately 1.6 billion active subscribers who share private information through their platform. It has acquired prominent features that offer cutting edge advertisement services that enable the companies to in-depth when focusing on the specific audience that they would like to reach.

Facebook services have trickled down the need by the companies to build advertising websites by offering a platform that caters the need at greater extend. Facebook Audience Network has played a significant role in expanding their advertisement to non-users who can find their friend on Facebook while not logged in or subscribed as a Facebook user, thus giving Facebook privilege to reach more people.

The Idea behind tapping the non-users market is enabled by the user of interlocking of cookies tracking, the Facebook plugins, and the combination of preferred data like hobbies and interest, Upon Capturing these specifics, it is added to a Facebook database that will be used to make informed guesses about non-subscribers and their preferred websites. According to Vice President of Facebook advertisement and Business Platform, the already established market on Facebook subscribers and the established active members places the Company on higher grounds of attracting ad companies on their website than any other Company,

Hackers Steal Millions from Banks

Over $100 million have has been stolen from the Bangladesh Central Bank by unknown hackers. What is known is that the attack originated in Ecuador. This is quite unusual as the previous attacks were aimed at smaller banks that don’t have sophisticated security systems in place, CNN Business News report.

Now, it looks the global banking system is under attack. When hackers can break into a smaller bank, they can make requests to transfer cash out of bigger banks. This is a worrisome trend.

The SWIFT system is used for international money transfers and experts claim now it is exposed by new technologies. If SWIFT can’t keep up, no wonder many other banks can’t as well.

It is reported that hackers use malware to get go around banks’ security systems and, as a result, get access to SWIFT. Then, fraudulent request for cash transfers are sent to steal money from banks. This system is used all over the world and over 15 messages are exchanged every day among the banks.

No wonder it is hard to catch theft. The system generates billions of dollars in daily transfers and had been deemed secure until the latest breaks. Now, SWIFT is subject to increasing cyber attacks.