White Shark Media And Shared Posts of 2016

One thing that a lot of people could agree on is that 2016 was a really crazy year for a lot of different reasons. One of the reasons that it has been crazy was the election. However, it is expected that every election year is going to have some kind of craziness that makes it stand out from the usual years. However, one of the areas that experience a lot of craziness in the years is online marketing. For one thing, there is a lot of information that one needs in order to keep up with the competition. Otherwise, one is going to fall down.


White Shark Media itself has dealt with the craziness in the year. For one thing, it had some posts that were shared a lot. Among the posts were posts about marketing experts, facts about the marketing world, and some other posts. One thing that White Shark Media is good about is keeping up with the online world. With all the changes that are happening, staying on top in the online world is more than a full time job. This is something that is so hectic that if one even takes a second to blink, he will fall behind. Yet, it is required for one to stay on top of everything so that he will maintain his success.


White Shark Media is an advertising agency that is willing and able to help online marketers build their business. One thing that they focus on is making sure that the company has a powerful campaign that brings in a lot of traffic and conversions. White Shark media has a ton of different methods and tools that it uses to take on the different aspects of marketing. They know how to figure out the keywords to use for AdWords marketing.


White Shark Media is way above the competition when it comes to being an advertising agency. For one thing, they have marketed themselves well. Therefore, they have shown that they can market others well. Clients are always satisfied with what the agents of the company could do in order to bring forth more business to their company.

The Best Online Marketing Solutions

There are Internet users that may have thought that the social media sites were a fade that would soon pass. Afterall, people got tired of websites like Myspace, Black Planet and Friendster. It would seem like a social media gathering place like Facebook would just be another fade that would pass. That is what some people assumed. They continued to assume this until people started taking down their websites and blogs to replace these sites with Facebook pages. This would become one of the hottest ways for consumers to advertise to customers. Years have passed, Zuckerberg has made billions and Facebook is still one of the hottest digital trends in online marketing.


What Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook was blaze a trail for many other avenues of online marketing. He has become the person that people know the most because Facebook has ads and free giveaways for people that spread the word to friends. This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg in digital trends though. There are a lot of businesses that are using apps for mobile advertising. This is a big concept that has managed to reach a ton of users for one simple reason: consumers like things that are free.


There may be a select number of people that are interested in pro or premium apps that are out there. This is a very small number. The majority of people that acquire apps on their phones or tablets are going to get the apps that are free. These apps, in more than 50% of the applications that are classified as free apps, are going to have some type of advertising. In many cases the advertising is linked to something that is connected to the game or software that people are using. It may intrigue them to click the ad. It may not . Either way, this is much more effective than television because it prompts the customer to click an ad that could instantly lead to a purchase. With a television commerical people have to resist the urge to change the channel or walk away during the commerical breaks. Even if they are enticed by the product they still have to remember the ad the next time that they are out shopping.

A Modicum of Clairvoyance

Unlike almost every tool for business advertising, marketing and overall development, the internet is ever-changing. If we knew 5 years ago what we do today, most of us might have done a few things differently. Online marketing is, in its current form, good, yet there is much, much more to come (http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2016/04/19/7-predictions-for-the-future-of-online-marketing/2/#40a159bc266d).

The first sign that internet marketing is getting much more powerful is that we are being delivered ads that are of greater interest to us. Whenever we are on a site we visit regularly, instead of ads for things you have no interest in, the way we are being tracked is allowing marketers to give us what we want.

Traditional advertising is dying a slow death. The internet is perfectly ubiquitous, going everywhere with us, all the time. There is no avoiding the fact that picking up a newspaper, or reading a magazine and perusing ads, is all but dead. Even billboards, traditional ones anyway, are going by the wayside, and they are being replaced by digital versions that are brightly-lit and ever-changing.

Privacy concerns loom large, so eventually there will be companies that manage our relationship with the internet, in a very personal way, protecting us from deleterious forces, and connecting us with what we want to see, shop for, be aware of and informed on. We all want information, and want to be connected, but in a sort of disconnected, and perhaps anonymous way. Companies will be coming to our rescue, helping us regulate our exposure, and providing us a safer, and more targeted online experience.

The future is upon us. Google has tested glasses, a type of scannable tattoo has also been tested, and cars can basically drive themselves. The internet marketing that will evolve from the use of high-tech glasses and contact lenses will be groundbreaking. Essentially companies can learn exactly what we look at, how we perceive it, and what attracts us to look at those things. There is a lot of power in the findings from higher-tech gadgets that will expose more about how we process information.

Finally, we are moving away from personal interactions. It is abundantly clear in almost every facet of our lives nowadays that this antiquated form of communicating with one another is fading away. That said, our human interactions will be much more substantive and will become hybridized, supporting our overall digitized life.

Don’t Let Anyone Laugh At Your Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is not known for being a humorous site. Those looking for a little Wikipedia humor do have an option. They can check out the Twitter account run by Ed Summers. Summers has logged a number of fairly funny – and outrageous – Wiki edits made by congressional staffers.

Those affiliated with members of Congress are tasked with a great many duties. Representatives do want to make sure accurate reporting is done about them. Unfortunately, they cannot just open an account with a major newspaper and start changing stories. Wikipedia does not present such barriers. Anyone who creates a profile on the platform can write, edit, and update a Wikipedia page. Congress has taken note of this, and made a host of changes to Wikipedia pages.

Summer has made it a mission to keep track of some of the more comical Wikipedia revisions. One edit focused on referring to GOP Congressman Tim Huelskamp being named a “national conservative leader”. The edit – and title – is a dubious one. Tim Huelskamp is not going to be returning to Congress next session as he lost a primary election. Additionally, he was removed from a committee position showing his influence in Congress has diminished. Admittedly, the Tim Huelskamp staff likely does not see the humorous side of this edit.

Anyone who has a legitimately serious requirement to create a Wikipedia page doesn’t want people to be laughing at it. A person who lacks the professional skill to create a nice Wikipedia page may end up creating a page that yields disastrous results. Putting forth a good effort is commendable, but the end result is what creates the greatest impression. Actually, the impact left on the reader is really the only thing that counts. A Wikipedia page that does not contain quality writing is, at best, going to be a mundane read. At worst, the page will be a huge turn off. Entrepreneurs positively cannot accept such a result.

Get Your Wiki ensures no one has to worry about being a laughing stock due to a messed up Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki creates completely original Wikipedia pages on behalf of all manner of clients. The service also handles editing and monitoring and does those tasks quite well.

An online presence should not cause any harm. A solid Wikipedia page definitely won’t hurt its subject. With the people creating the page, the page is sure to yield great results.

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Why Online Business Marketing Is Vital At This Time

For small business owners, online marketing is no longer a new venture that is risky or potentially harmful to the bottom line. Rather, it is something that has been going on in the business community for a long time at this point, and it is very important to be engaged with at this time.

When online marketing was getting its start some 10 or 15 years ago, many had the option to ignore it. Yes, they could get involved with it and it might help their business, but it was not a necessity to run a profitable enterprise. My how the times have changed. Now, most small business owners will tell you that they absolutely have to have the online part of their business just to function in modern society.

According to Forbes.com, the modern day online business marketing approach is a multi-avenue approach. Companies must have social media accounts that they engage with their customers on as well as strong search engine optimization in order to be near the top of search results for the products or services they offer.

Needless to say, online business marketing is not a “set it and forget it” type thing. Many companies hire individuals to exclusively run their whole online operation as a matter of fact. It is that important to the success of companies these days that there are people currently who work to obtain training on how to do this work because they know it will lead to jobs in the future. It is so very important to work online to promote a business and make it the best that it can be.