Greg Secker, Nonito Donaire Deliver On Construction Project Efforts

Filipino American professional boxer Nonito Donaire, Jr. has teamed up with English humanitarian Greg Secker to see the finishing point and delivery of more than 100 homes to survivors of one of the most deadly typhoons on record for the Philippines.

Specifically the typhoon victims in Capinahan, Lemery, Iloilo were among the hardest hit areas.

Even though Donaire and his wife Rachel were in Iloilo for a brief period of time, he emphasized the importance of athletes sharing their voices outside the ring as well as inside the ring.

He also questioned how athletes can be more of an influence on peoples lives,

Donaire, who was headed to Las Vegas to begin training, is scheduled to take on Irishman Carl Frampton in Belfast on April 21. The fight will take place at the SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) Arena.

Early in his career, Donaire donated P1 Million for typhoon Ondoy victims to rebuild housing and he is more than pleased to continue the efforts in collaboration with the Greg Secker Foundation.

Secker, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker and more, founded the Greg Secker Foundation, a charitable group that is dedicated to making the quality of life better for people worldwide.

The foundation’s construction project includes road works, land demolition, utilities and drainage as well as housing and village area formation.

Born in Norfolk, England in 1975, Secker attended the University of Nottingham. He started his career as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services and left to join Mellon Financial Corporation as vice president

Secker is the current owner of Knowledge to Action Group, a gathering of companies that is comprised of Capital Index, Learn to Trade and more.

His foundation’s initiative called “Build A House, Build A Home,” takes in the Lemery location which is referred to as the Greg Secker Foundation Village. In addition to providing the permanent homes, the foundation also focuses on life skills, education and youth leadership.

He was also acknowledged on the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” list for 2017.

The Life Of A Full-Time Forex Trader

The prospects of Wall Street invite people to devise very lofty dreams. These dreams are also what true success is made from. This means that you have to dream no matter how wild your imagination goes. The odds that exist on Wall Street work against every person trading. This is true for successful investors as well as those who constantly fail.

The success of a full-time Wall Street professional suggests a life of thrill and a bank account full of money. Keep dreaming if this is your vision of financial success as a trader. Professionals like Greg Secker also had these dreams, and the reality he lives follows closely to the visions of his past. Greg is a full-time trader and can afford to do nothing else but invest his money.

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The Never Ending Values In Currencies

The threshold broken by the work of Greg Secker brings him into a world of never-ending values. The prospect of values and prices has the ability to drive some men mad. These numbers fluctuate daily, and the economic uncertainty of every nation on this planet means that collapse is always a prospect within the daily functions of trading.

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