Why Troy McQuagge Won the One Planet Award

As the CEO of one of the largest individual health insurance companies in the United States, Troy McQuagge sees it as a part of his job to make sure that he is improving the company. He has come up with many different things that are related to the company and to the options that they have. He tries to make sure that people are doing things the right way and that they are going to be able to really help the customers that they have in the health insurance industry. This is vastly different from what the last CEO chose to do with the company.


Troy McQuagge came to USHEALTH when the company was failing. The prior CEO was not interested in making the company better and he certainly did not care about the customers that they had. Instead, he was focused on profits. McQuagge immediately realized the issues that came with that type of thought and decided that the company needed more than that in the area that they were in. He knew that healthcare and insurance could all be traced back to excellent customer service and made a move to make this happen no matter what was going on.


It was not difficult for Troy McQuagge to make this decision but it was difficult for him to try and turn the company around. This was something that took a long time and something that made it hard for him to do other aspects of his job. While he knew that there were options that he had while he was doing this, he also knew that turning the company around would be the single best opportunity that he had with USHEALTH. He also knew that, unless he turned it around and made it profitable, everything else that he did would be without reason.


Since he first started with the company and since he was working hard to make things easier on himself, Troy McQuagge did a lot of different things with the opportunities that he had. He wanted to show people that there were more options that they had. Because of this, he was awarded the One Planet CEO of the Year award. This is an award that is not given out to just anyone and it is an honor for anyone who receives it. Troy McQuagge knows that he is one of the only people who worked hard enough to earn the award.




Thanks to the uncertain nature of life, everybody needs to keep their finances and wealth in check. This sounds just hectic and that’s where AXA Advisors come in. This is a French multinational insurance firm that offers several insurance options dealing with financial savings, wealth management, retirement plans, investment management, casualty insurance, employee benefits and life insurance. Its headquarters are in Paris.



AXA Advisors was originally founded in 1816 as the Ancienne Mutuelle. It got its name AXA in 1985 after its acquisition of the Drouot Group. The company has greatly grown over the years and currently serves over 103 million individual and corporate clients. AXA has risen to be one of the best insurance firms in the world and has been ranked as the world’s leading insurance brand, for the last eight consecutive years.



With a brand value growth of 14% in 2016, AXA is one of the fastest growing insurance firms worldwide. In 2016, it joined the top 3 global financial services brands. It has established branches all over the world with offices in Australia, North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Besides its role in insurance, the company gives to charity via the AXA Foundation. It is also greatly concerned about the human health and stopped investing in tobacco bonds and shares in May 2016.



One of the reasons why AXA Advisors will continue to be at the top of its game is the highly experienced team serving its customers. The team comprises of over 6000 financial professionals. The New York Branch is led by Senior Executive Vice President, Vincent Parascandola. Parascandola holds a BS. Degree in Computer Science from Pace University- Lubn School of Business. He has worked at AXA Advisors since 2004 when he began as a co-manager at the AXA New York Metro Branch. Before joining AXA, he worked for 14 years at MONY Life insurance Company which gave him a good background to work at AXA. Due to his skills and management expertise, he has received numerous awards for example the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. He is also known for his public speaking skills.