Troy McQuagge – HOPE in US Health


Helping other people everyday is what Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program stands for. It was started in the year 2010. USHEALTH Group is benefiting from Troy McQuagge’s program one hundred percent and visa-versa. HOPE assisted the Hurricane Katrina victims by partnering with Phoenix of New Orleans and by rebuilding homes. They donated shoes and accessories for babies during the Phoenix crisis. The HOPE program is people centered.

Troy McQuagge US Health believes that HOPE is their conscious providing a roadmap to how each day will go. They transform the lives that are served by HOPE. The Soul of HOPE is provided by the people. USHA gives more attention to helping other over counting the amount of money that is spent. HOPE allows people to have peace of mind. HOPE is all about loving them and allowing the steps of the program to work in their lives. Troy McQuagge believes it is how one does it. The fieldwork of feeding people in a homeless shelter to the rebuilding of the hardest hit areas are equally the soul and life’s breathe back into HOPE.

They help the Veterans. USHA and HOPE are one in love. There is no dictation. The devastation and suffering that HOPE fixes is their own. The employees love the HOPE organization because of its normal values and mission. Troy McQuagge notices that his field agents bring the help and the HOPE mission into their local communities. Mr. McQuagge is very proud of his agents and the fact that he does not have to say any words. The company speaks for itself and relays the message to the field agents that life is about the big picture. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

USHEALTH advisors were also very impressed with the natural love shown. They presented two checks, one for $25,000 and one for $45,000, to HOPEKids Arizona. Children in this group have heartbreaking and life threatening sicknesses that would make you cry. They laid cash on the stage in the check giving ceremonies.

Troy McQuagge displayed amazing leadership as the president and CEO of the USHEALTH Group and therefore of the HOPE program. In 2017 Troy McQuagge was the winner of the Gold Winner award for his amazing achievements and his leadership with the HOPE program. HOPE is an amazing program. HOPE’s leaders and workers are very talented to make it run.

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The New CFO of Willis Towers Watson: Michael Burwell

On August 21, 2017 the Willis Towers Watson company made the decision to announce their newest CFO, Michael Burwell. The WTW company is the leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company. Of course, this means that the old CFO is retiring, so that Burwell can take his place in the ranks.


What is Burwell able to bring with him to the company? Burwell has 31 years of financial and professional services experience that he obtained while holding a position with the PwC company. He has played the part of senior leadership roles for more than 10 years, and has played a big role with many companies, as well as being a COO, CFO, and Head of Global Transformation. Along with everything else, Burwell has 11 years of experience when it comes to audit services, and 12 years of experience with Transaction Services advisory.


Of course, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson (John Haley) is excited for Mike joining their leadership team, especially during such an important time for their company. With Mike having a great understanding of management, leadership, and client’s needs he has a lot to offer not just the company, but the clients as well. Everyone at the company is sure that the expertise Burwell has in transactions, transformation, and finance is going to go along great with their plans of long-term building and integration efforts. All of this means that he will certainly be helping the company reach their full potential.


With this great news comes the retiring of the old CFO, and John Haley will not be forgetting all that Roger has done for the company. Roger was an important part of the story behind Willis Towers Watson, and his contributions to the company along with the services he provided helped the company to build a brighter future. See This Article for more information.


Mike Burwell is, of course, very happy to be joining the company, and states that he hopes to help the company grow in any way that he can. He also has said that he is very impressed with the growth of the company so far. Michael Burwell hopes to contribute to the growth for as long as he is able to.


About WTW


Willis Towers Watson is a company that has been around for a long time, and they are a company that aids clients in turning risk into growth. The company currently has more than 40,000 employees that have been helping over 140 countries for years. The company is in charge of designing and delivering solutions that help in managing risk, strengthening benefits, and expanding on the power of capital so as to protect and optimize the institutions and individuals that come to them as clients.



Michael Burwell As A Part Of The Global Advisory Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is a globally established advisory and brokerage firm that provides solutions and helps clients from around the globe turn the risks into paths of growth and prosperity. The business has roots going back to 1828. Up to date, the company has offices building in over 140 around the globe as well as 40 000 employees.



The corporation prides itself on robust leadership and dedication they have towards their clients. It has established itself a very dynamic business that yields high results and unlocks potential. The Willis Towers Watson helps companies and individuals amassed talent, and assets as well as to execute their ideas with success.



The Willis Towers Watson appointed a new Chief Financial Officer last year, in 2017. The former CFO was Mr. Roger Milay who decided to retire at the start of October last year. He left the company after more than ten years of contributing to the Willis Towers Watson. Mr. Roger Milley was succeeded by Mr. Michael J Burwell who has had more than 30 years of experience in his line of work.



Mr. Michael Burwell completed his bachelor’s education in Business Administration from the Michigan State University and later achieved a CPA as well. Mr. Michael J Burwell directed his career into the field of Finance and had amassed substantial expertise in it as well as in leadership. Over the past decade, Mr. Michael J Burwell has occupied several positions in leadership such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Global Transformation, and Headed of Transaction Services.



Additionally, Mr. Michael J Burwell amassed an audit experience of 11 years and had had 12 years in an advisory on transactions services such as valuation and pre-merger due diligence. Mr. Michael J Burwell has become a strong leader who is vastly capable of directing large teams through complex situations as well as leading global corporation on the path to success. His skill set makes Mr. Michael J Burwell good for the Willis Towers Watson as the business is already a global corporation in 140 countries and has the goal of expanding even further in the next handful of years. See Related Link to learn more.



The corporation is currently headed by the Chief Executive Officer John Haley. CEO John Haley stated that Mr. Michael Burwell would be a very welcome addition to the Willis Towers Watson as his experience and expertise will be critical to the growth of the global advisory firm.



How USHEALTH Group Earned a Name for Itself in the Health Insurance Marketplace

With its head office in Fort Worth, TX, USHEALTH Group has always been on a mission of providing people with diverse insurance plans. This mission is fostered through the company’s world-renowned subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include National Foundation Life Insurance, USHEALTH Advisors, and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH’s insurance solutions cover disabilities, specified disease or sickness, life, and accident. They can be sought by small business owners, employees, families, and self-employed people.

Subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group operate based on the fact that consumers have different tastes and preferences. They also understand that every consumer is unique. Along these lines, the subsidiaries have a shared vision of providing people with affordable solutions to meet their unique individual needs. Through this strategy, USHEALTH Group managed to rank among America’s elite companies. In 2013, the group also secured a spot in the Top 50 North American Call Center list. The group earned an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.


USHEALTH’s products are uniquely designed to meet the demands and needs of every client. USHEALTH Group understands that clients have different preferences when it comes to seeking insurance covers. Together with its subsidiaries, the group created a wide range of coverage geared towards promoting customer choice. Through innovation in product design, the group’s subsidiaries are uniquely qualified to address clients’ needs. These subsidiaries understand that customers need reliable, affordable, and flexible coverages.

USHEALTH’s line of products includes Term Life Insurance, Vision, Dental, and Income Protector plans. Customers can also seek Short-Term Accident Disability Income, Accident, and Specified Disease/Sickness plans. The health insurance marketplace is currently witnessing low customer loyalty and high customer turnover. This is the reason why USHEALTH’s subsidiaries are strengthening their bonds with customers through innovative coverages. These efforts help in maintaining the reputation of USHEALTH Group.


Individuals, small business owners, and families rely on USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors for their coverage needs. USHEALTH Advisors is known for being a global leader in customer care, innovation, and business growth. It operates as a fully-owned subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. Its mandate is to push USHEALTH’s insurance coverages to clients. USHEALTH Advisors carries out this mandate through trained, certified and authorized agents.


USHEALTH Group is Keeping it’s Customers in Good Health

USHEATH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The company goal is to become the most trusted choice or healthcare needs. The company stays on the forefront of healthcare needs by offering innovative and individualized insurance plans to meet customer needs. The company offers accident and disability insurance, specific sickness and disease insurance, and life insurance needs. Through the family of insurance companies, USHEALTH has provided insurance solutions for more than 15 million customers.

The company understands and clearly acknowledges that insurance is not a one size fits all proposition. Each customer has different and unique insurance and healthcare needs and the company works to address those needs. The company has developed a unique portfolio of products designed with addressing specific needs in mind. The offerings are innovative and allow customers to choose the plans that are best for customers individually.

The target focus for the company is small business, individuals and families and affordability is the key factor. The available plans are designed to meet a variety of affordable options for those with cost concerns. One component of the plans is to provide plans that are less costly than the comprehensive plans, bit still providing the necessary coverage. The overwhelming goal of USHEALTH is to provide plans and coverage that is flexible and affordable.

The available plans are enhanced by add-on entities that provide a little extra coverage for a variety of elements. Customers are able to add dental and vision plans, term life insurance plans, income protection, short term accident and disability coverage, accident insurance, specific illness and disease and critical illness coverage. The company pridrs itself on establishing long-term relationships with customers and generating high customer loyalty. This is a significant event as the industry is known for low customer loyalty and high customer turnover. This has allowed the company to become a trusted Ally that delivers a quality product at all times.

The company fully supports the growing needs of healthcare market and provides opportunities for the individual insurance purchaser despite the ever rising cost of healthcare. The mainstay of the company is customer service. It is the number one priority for the company. The company is committed to providing answers to questions and concerns that are accurate, as well as timely. The company is utilizing the web site more and more to provide even timelier information

The company utilizes agents to dispense insurance policies to customers. Each agent gives each customer individual attention and assists them when choosing the plan that is the right fit for their needs. The customers budget is taken into account, as well as the needs and goals of the coverage. USHEALTH Group is always on the forefront of the insurance industry and implements changes as they come along. Check more:


Contributions of the USHEALTH Advisors in America

In America, USHEALTH Advisors job is one of the most lucrative of the times. It is a special one of its kind that it brings various people together including both business owners and self-employed individuals. Among the key services that the Advisors offer include protection to critical illness, life insurance, short-term accident, vision and dental programs. More to the job being a rewarding career the staff has always been committed to offering peace of mind to their clients.

USHEALTH Advisor job is one of its kind majorly being made special by the salaries offered to the specialists. The average amount that each gets aggregates at $41,000 annually which can also be translated to $20 per hour. This is quite a good pay that equals to the national average for all other advisors in various jobs working in the US.

The salaries of the advisors also vary depending on experience as well as on one’s ranking. The highest advisor, in this case, works for Morgan Stanley with an average rate of $115,000. The lowest advisors, on the other hand, work for the Community services group at a range of $18,000 per year.

More to what the USHEALTH Advisors offer is a licensed life through a health insurance scheme. It offers quality coverage to health cases not limited to specified diseases, critical illness, dental coverage, Accident insurance, vision among others. According to an executive of the advisors, helping other people is more than an acronym to all the individuals working at the USHEALTH Advisors.

To them, it has always been a mission that they live to meet on a daily basis.

In general, the advisor’s job is majorly concerned at responding to patterns of disputes by apologizing to their consumers. To offer better responses, the Advisors have implemented a training program that helps complete satisfactory of their agents.

In the training, the USHEALTH Advisors points out on the key areas that they will address including professionalism, ethics, and compliance. For more details about the specific roles of the Advisors and vacancies, individuals are always advised to visit their website at BBB Business Profile.

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Understanding the Services Provided by the USHEALTH Advisors Insurance

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance collaborates with insurance companies to provide multiple health covers. The company offers insurance against critical illness, temporary disabilities, accidents, and other specific illnesses. The company offers its services to small business owners and self-employed individuals.

The company has a reliable customer service that ensures all your questions are answered and that you understand the available policies before committing. Most important, the business is operated under a strong mission, which is represented by the acronym HOPE (Help Other People Everyday).

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance Products

For over 50 years, USHEATH Advisors Insurance has been offering their services and have served more than 15 million people. Their products include PremiumVision, SecureDental, life protector, accident protector, essential life benefit, salary protector, premier choice, and MedGuard.

Each product as specific features and you can choose the one that meets your needs. To ensure you have chosen the most appropriate cover, an advisor will take through each product and make sure you understand all the details.

Success Stories of USHEALTH Advisors

After being in the industry for over five decades, USHEALTH Advisors have experienced numerous successes. They have also served and helped millions of people get affordable insurance cover. They have been awarded severally with the most recent award being the One Planet Award.

The company was chosen as the best in accounting, banking, and insurance category. The award was a prestigious recognition since nominations are done worldwide and are open to both big and small, private and publicly owned companies.

In addition, the company’s CEO, Troy McQuagge, was awarded the best CEO of the year. Troy joined the company in 2010. He has played a significant role in ensuring that the company lives as per their mission. When he first joined the firm, he worked on the restructuring of the USHEALTH Advisors, re-tooling of the advisors, and the distribution agency.

USHEALTH Advisors operate under USHEALTH Group Inc., an insurance company based in Texas. Over the years that the company has been in operation, it has realized massive success and accumulated significant profits in the insurance sector. Read more:


USHEALTH Group, Inc; Revolutionizing Service Delivery through Innovative Insurance Solutions

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a leading insurance firm known for offering innovative insurance solutions to individuals, families, and businesses. The company was formerly known as Ascent Assurance, and in March 2005, it changed its name to USHEALTH Group Inc. The insurance company is situated in Fort Worth, Texas, and was incorporated in 1982.

Most of the company’s insurance solutions are designed to address clientele needs in an affordable, reliable, and flexible manner. For instance, those users with limited budgets or want to satisfy a given annual deductible before receiving their insurance benefits can use the insurance package offering first dollar benefits for the services covered across the board. Moreover, such plans are comprehensive and inexpensive in the provision of assurance and first dollar protection, something that most insurance entities lack.


USHEALTH Group is headed by Troy McQuagge who serves as the company’s CEO. Due to Troy’s excellent management expertise, USHEALTH Group has had numerous victories, growth, and profits in the competitive health market. Mr. McQuagge has won multiple awards since joining the firm with the most recent being the Gold Winner for CEO of the Year 2017. The award was offered by One Planet Awards and seeks to recognize CEOs who have demonstrated exceptional business ethics and professional merit in their line of work. Moreover, USHEALTH Group Inc. has also won many coveted awards, and it is the current 2017 Gold Winner for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative as awarded by CEO World Awards.

The company’s insurance solutions are distributed via an agent-based organization known as USHEALTH Advisors, LLC that was launched in 2011 as the official marketing arm of USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group’s primary objective in the health sector is to combine employee efforts in the marketing of innovative and affordable insurance packages as well as excellent customer service.


USHEALTH Group offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) service. The service aims at providing specific health plans that encompass participation from several medical professionals and hospitals allowing patients to pay less whenever they use a provider within the plan’s network. Moreover, patients can use the PPO coverage to access any in-network physician or medical facility without getting a referral from their family doctor.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

The USHEALTH Group, Family Insurance package offers endless options for clients regarding accident covers, sicknesses/particular ailments. This is because USHEALTH believes that consumers need more extensive options to suit their needs at any given time. Know more:

Life Insurance Premimums Vary Wildly – Be Carfull What You Choose!

One fact you should know about life insurance is that all insurance companies are, or should be, state regulated. So your criteria in picking the right insurance company should include two valuable items:

* How long the company has been in business?

* Is the company of choice AAA rated by Fitch, Moodys or AM Best?

The reasoning here is that if the company is not well rated, chances are it may not last long in a competitive society. On top of that, Freedom Life Insurance suggests that any claim may not be paid leaving you with a waste of money. Also, if there has been pages full of complaints or bad experiences keep your distance from these life insurance companies.

Your Insurance Choices Are Not Complicated!

Basically a Freedom Life Insurance Company client will have three insurance choices from witch to choose: Term Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Which one you choose should depend on why you want Freedom Life Insurance in the first place. Yes, if you are still confused and still tossing darts at your new dartboard, allow Freedom Life to help your out with a quick primer:

* A whole life policy will last for as long as you live and pay the principal amount upon your death. However, keep in mind your premiums increase as you age; a portion of which accrues to “Cash Value” and if you live long enough or the policy lapses, you collect the “Cash Value.”

* Term Life is different from whole life in that you purchase the policy for a certain period of time. There is also no cash value to be concerned with.

Permanent Life is insurance that remains active until the policy expires or the owner fails to meet his or her payment obligations.

Note: Freedom Life Insurance wants all future clients to know that life insurance can be affordable. If you buy early in your life this move can be the most important factor in determining final costs. Staying healthy can also be a factor in buying life insurance; overweight and smokers will usually be more costly. Visit:


Troy McQuagge Unparalleled Abilities to Build Exceptional Team

Troy McQuagge is elite of American Business Leader, corporate executive, and entrepreneur from Panama City, Florida. He currently stays in Texas the US Health corporate headquarters. Troy McQuagge has an approximate of over three decades of experience in his field of study and sales related positions. USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding company based in Fort Worth; Texas focused on providing innovative health coverage for both self-employed individuals and small business owners.

The company focuses on selling health insurance plans amongst a wide variety of people. The primary aim of USHEALTH is to connect the abilities of its workforces and sales agents to market competing and profitable insurance products while offering excellent customer service in all viewpoints of the company’s operations.

He possesses an unparalleled ability to build exceptional teams, articulate his vision for the enterprise and then lead his team and the business to unprecedented success levels. In honor of his achievements at the USHEALTH Group, CEO Troy McQuagge became the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year, courtesy of the One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards is a global premier awards program honoring business and professional excellence in every industry from around the world.

Also, troy received people’s choice award for the favorite company. In 2016, the USHEALTH received an award from the Silver Stevie Award as a result of Sales Growth Achievement of the Year. The company is devoted to solving the healthcare affordability difficulty for clients by offering them with an ingenious coverage plan.

Troy went to the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts in legal studies. Troy began his career in health coverage sales at Allstate Insurance in 1983, for which he had worked for many years. He had later moved on to Health Market in 1995.

In 2010, Mr. Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group and became the corporate President and Chief Executive Officer. In 2014, Mr. McQuagge received a promotion and elected to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge affiliates with non-profit organizations such as the Hopekid in Dallas and Phoenix city.

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