How One Man Is Taking the Eradication of Illegal Prison Contraband to a New Level

I recently came across the story of Robert Johnson and his journey to eradicate contraband cell phones in prisons. He knows too well the danger cell phones pose when used by inmates – he almost lost his life from it. However, through his efforts and the advancement of technology, we are now safer since many crimes are now thwarted before they can be directed from within prison walls.


Johnson spent 15 years as a correctional officer at Lee Correctional Institution where he became an expert at identifying and stopping the flow of contraband into the prison. His prize intercept was a large package destined for a prison gang worth $50,000. However, this landed Johnson on a hit list. Using a contraband cell phone, the prison gang attempted to harm Johnson through contracting with a convict on the outside, but Johnson survived and made a miraculous recovery.


Johnson now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies, a Texas-based company that specializes in providing paid phone services to inmates. Securus also offers their Wireless Containment Solution, or WCS, to block unauthorized cell phone calls from reaching phone networks, ultimately taking away a discreet way inmates can direct illegal activities outside of prison.


In March 2017, Johnson testified to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on how prisons can address the issue of contraband cell phones. Although federal law prohibits phone jamming devices, the FCC recently relaxed regulations that now allow prisons to adopt technologies that selectively prohibit unauthorized cell phone communications. During a trial period from July 2016 to July 2017, Securus’ WCS technology identified and stopped over 1.7 million illegal cell phone calls in eight prisons in the United States. However, not all prisons use technologies that intercept and block calls made from contraband cell phones. Robert Johnson continues to use his consulting role to educate prisons about his story and how they can save lives by adopting these new technologies.


IAP Worldwide Has A Deep History In Assisting The Government

IAP Worldwide began offering its services just before 1960. The first service offered was a station for the U.S. government to try out spacecraft. This did not cost the government much money at all. Additionally, the government was able to launch hundreds of space shuttles on in a given year. This station was run by the best professionals in the field of science, biology, and engineering. The space station that IAP Worldwide opened up was in Florida.

In a span of almost 30 years, IAP Worldwide Services was able to open dozens of airports on behalf of the government. This is mainly due to the government being satisfied with the space station project. The airports came equipped with best technology on the market. The airports were also able to travel around the world non-stop.

Since the airports were a great success, IAP Worldwide was offered to work on all of the army bases that were occupied by the United States. The world IAP Worldwide Services performed consisted of taking care of the hardware and software within the military bases. IAP Worldwide also made sure that several army leaders had direct access to their representatives. This way, if something went wrong, IAP would be notified immediately. IAP agreed to have someone on site in hours if a complaint was made by an army leader.

From the 90’s until today, IAP Worldwide Services has their services in almost 25 different countries. within each country, they have thousands of employees. These employees are committed to their work, and they all love their job. IAP Worldwide has received dozens of awards of behalf of their employees. IAP is known for having employees that do pleasing work and have pleasing attitudes.

IAP is always looking for new employees to bring through their ranks. IAP offers both onsite jobs and jobs where employees will have to travel. People can visit the main IAP Worldwide website. On a daily basis, there are new job listings on IAP Worldwide Services available for all to observe. The application process is very easy and it can be done right online.

People love applying to IAP Worldwide because they do their best to give everyone a chance. Upon opening the company, they made a vow not to hire people based off political affiliation but based off the talent and knowledge of the individual. Current workers also write reviews about their work experience and post them on the main website; all of the reviews have been positive thus far.

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How Apps Are Revolutionizing Advertising

A wide variety of trends have developed over the years allowing for businesses to better connect with clients in an efficient manner. With the development of apps, the newest trend involves customers connecting with businesses via apps. The constant growth in the world of online marketing is definitely proving that SMS and apps are needed to get the brand more marketing and better formation on how they conduct research and business. More than 65 percent of customers have said that companies have tried to contact them via apps. Even more companies are trying to thrive for new ways to reach out to these people as effectively as possible.

The key when using this technique is to know how to reach people as effectively as possible. For example, some brands are trying to be as creative as they can be by using inventive approaches. A local beauty technician utilized whatsapp to provide a last-minute offer to previous clients in her store. The three most common options to connect with people are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and then texting. All three options are powerful to go after.

Chatting through apps is the ultimate newest way to be connected with customers. If you can grow your brand and reach out to more clientele using different apps, grab the opportunity. SMS marketing and app advertising are all about effectively using these platforms as proper as possible. It’s vital to know what you are doing as a business to engage with customers on a much deeper scale like mobile.

Pinterest Joining In Advancing The Way We Search

Taking a big step forward this week, Pinterest has announced that it will be using a new kind of search, “visual search“, to help steer people away from old ways of searching and into a new era of the intelligent search query. This news is only the latest in a link showing a trend that businesses are using to help sell a multitude of products and services.

Software is becoming smarter, learning its users, and the world around to create a better experience for customers. Many businesses are finding that it is helping many find what they want through the use of algorithms with the built-in ability to improve themselves. Many are built on the simple idea of showing more and more images associated with a particular word that gives the program a better idea of what a particular concept really is. Interestingly enough, the more we work with programs such as these, the more they will be able to produce more accurate results, by nature of their self-learning systems.

Slyce is one such example that is working to improve consumer’s lives. Slyce has announced it’s new application, Scout, that gives shoppers a chance to take a picture of an item then to look for the best deals on that product within a given area. Slyce, who recently acquired SnipSnap and with their large database, was able to incorporate learned image recognition software into everyone’s daily lives in the simple form of a smart device application.

Companies like Pinterest are noticing the success that Slyce and others who lead the field are having with visual recognition software and using it to their advantage. The prospects of such advanced search abilities lead Slyce into a sea of opportunity that is vast and full of unseen potential.

With Pinterest stepping into the field of visual search, many are realizing that text is not the only way to win with content. Visual images are becoming faster, more detailed for the purpose, and are processed in a way that is much quicker considering the load of information involved. One moment looking at a whole picture and an elaborate purpose can be considered and negotiated. However, when viewing a page of text it will take much more time to gather what could be simply a description of the picture that only took a moment to perceive.

Everything Works Out When Dr. Shagyan Is In Control

Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the most successful businessmen as well as a technology executive. He is always thorough at what he does by ensuring that it is perfect. He attained his bachelor’s degree, masters and also doctorate from Cornwell University. He then majored in electrical engineering with a
specific focus on control systems.

He kick-started his career immediately after completing his studies by joining GTE Corporation; that is in Boston. While, in this company, he was into management, network routing, and control and before long he was promoted to being the head of the software systems. This gave him the perfect opportunity to make things work to his advantage. Shaygan Kheradpir recruited staff members and came up with a team with the great expertise to provide services that were of global quality. By doing this, he built the best platform for GTE had the ability to integrate infrastructure, switch as well as transmit. Finally, the firm’s name was changed to TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System). This company gave GTE the ability to expand the business’ network competence.

Due to his impressive performance, Dr. Kheradpir got his transfer to the headquarters of GTE and consequently put in charge of the development of the systems that had the units that had the connections to all the wireless, wire lines, internetworking as well as the information.

Bell Atlantic and GTE fused to become one; Verizon was formed, and Dr. Kheradpir worked as the CTO for 11years. He was very precise in his acts and within a short while, he had led a team of about 7,000 who were well-experienced in the IT systems. He ensured that there were various new products that would impress his, clients, investors and also the community and employees that worked close to him. He was innovated, straddled and connected to various traditions across all sectors of different industries worldwide.

He ensured that he had made the quality of the profile dealing with the revenue, and the multimedia and IP products were suitable and good enough to be on the market. He did this while he was working at Verizon.  The chance was brought about by the power that was focused into the execution and also the development of the products and the processes that were used in the present operations.

As time went by, Dr. Kheradpir went ahead to join Barclays bank where he was the chief operating officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank. While at that position, he was a great asset that led to the progress of the products being sold on retail value. The company was impressed by his performance and promoted him to being the Chief operations and technology officer.

In the end, he was the CEO of Juniper Network where he started off a built-in plan of operations to deal with recommendations that were needed by investors. He also dealt with the reduction of expenses so as to buy the required stock and, in the long run, increased the dividends.