Securus Technologies Add More Features to its ‘Big Data’ Analytical Tool in Corrections

Securus Technologies continue to offer exceptional support to correctional facilities through their design and deployment of improved investigative analytics features with new THREADS 3.1 release.

Securus Technologies, the leader in provision of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, correction, public safety and monitoring have unveiled THREADS 3.1 product, which uses complex big data analytics to offer criminal intelligence and focused leads for investigators.

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As the General Manager of Business Management for Securus Kelly Solid explains, THREADS 3.1 is an upgrade of their previous version THREADS 2.0 redesigned with the newest web-based technologies while still retaining the same powerful analysis that it had before. The user interface of the THREAD 2.0 was streamlined, unnecessary system actions eliminated and navigation enhanced to ease its use as well as improve system performance.

An article from PR Newswire also explains THREADS 3.1 will be a software upgrade from Silverlight to HTML 5 platform. The product will allow for direct integration with other company’s products like for instance, Secure Call Platform. The simplified interface will allow investigators to use a more practical tool to sustain their investigations.

About Securus Technologies

The company is headquartered in Texas and is committed to serving and connecting by offering support in incident management, verification, emergency responses, communication, inmate self-service, investigations, information management, public information, monitoring of products and services to the world a better and safer place to live. The company emphasizes on connecting what matters.

The company serve more than 2600 public safety, corrections and law enforcements facilities and over 1.1 million inmates across North America. The company develop products (among them THREADS 2.0, SCP and THREADS 3.1) that are of high quality providing the best economics for their clients while maintaining the ultimate customer service in the industry.

To learn more about THREADS 3.1 product release and its additional features, you can follow Securus Technologies on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook to get the latest details of the products’ update.