Handy Home for Everyday Cleaning

When most people think of cleaning services they think of deep-cleaning. Holidays, weddings, special events- these are all times that the house must be spotless. A cleaning service can do that. However, Handy Home Cleaning Services is also great for your everyday cleaning needs.

In this busy life, people often have little time left after working long hours and then commuting home. They certainly don’t want to spend that time cleaning their bathrooms and vacuuming. With Handy Home Cleaning Service, a professional will clean your home one time, or once a week. Just put your zip-code, rooms to be cleaned and a starting time in your smartphone. Handy Home will handle the rest.

The cleaners can decide if the times, area and rates work for them. Sometimes schedule conflicts mean a cleaner can’t show up or a client has to cancel. Not with Handy Home. Because the specific times are shown, a cleaner can decide if that time is perfect for their schedule. If not, they can pass on the job.

Handy app from crunchbase is the perfect way to enjoy a clean home all of the time. Because you choose the starting time, you can enjoy your life while your home is being cleaned. Go catch your son’s ballgame. Take your daughter shopping. Or, just curl up with a good book in front of the fire while professionals vacuum and dust, sweep and mop.

Of course, there are those times when you will need a deep-cleaning. Sheets need to be ironed. Silverware needs to be polished and chandeliers shined. Windows need to be washed and sometimes carpets need to be shampooed. Deep cleaning is simple if you use Handy Home Cleaning Services. Professionals know how to do that spring cleaning and deep cleaning that you just don’t have the time or patience to handle.

Handy Home Cleaning Services handles everything for clients and professional cleaners. Clients do not have to screen perspective employees. They do not have to check references or backgrounds. They never have to see the cleaner if they don’t want too. Handy Home will have your credit card on file. No need to leave money out for the cleaners. Cleaners will be paid immediately upon job completion. All they have to do is tap an app on their smartphone and the money is there. No more wondering if they will get paid. No more negotiating prices. No more trying to find clients.

This new business platform has been highly successful. Both clients and cleaners are satisfied. This is a win/win situation.  With 25 cities and London currently being served look for Handy Home to show up in your hometown soon.