Pyongyang Tries to Shut Down Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is quickly becoming one of the most vocal and outwardly brave North Korean defectors in recent memory. The young woman, and she is far too young to have dealt with what she has lived through, has turned into a global icon for the rights of humans everywhere and she has done it by telling the story of her escape from North Korea. The story can be heard in full within the bindings of her first non fictional Amazon released book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” as reported by Being a high profile defector isn’t always the safest thing to be, especially in regards to North Korea, as Yeonmi has now gotten the attention of her former country’s government.
The most interesting thing about Yeonmi Park is that she never intended to become famous and she never intended to have her story heard by people all over the world. Instead, she told her story in a slight voice at the One Young World Summit just a few years ago. The combination of her soft words, porcelain skin, and huge eyes with the horrific details just made people snap to attention. Her speech quickly went viral on the internet and now the world is listening to the small woman who dared to live when hope had seemingly run out.

Of course North Korea couldn’t let Park become a hero, not easily. As a result Pyongyang has been churning out propaganda videos in order to try and shut down her story and her burgeoning popularity. The results have been something akin to sequences from the latest ‘Hunger Games’ movies. Pyongyang has released dramatic and overly long videos that go by titles like, ‘Park Yeon mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot’. These videos go into excruciating detail as they try to pick apart Park’s story. Ultimately Pyongyang concludes that Park is a planet created from the West in order to make North Korea look bad.

Though Park’s story has had a few minor details fixed these have never been malicious in intent. Instead, Park’s lax understanding of the language resulted in minor corrections being made.