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For people who are looking for a reliable health insurance company that provides quality health care coverage, there is an ideal health insurance company known as USHEALTH Group, Inc. This company with the help of its subsidiaries sells and underwrites individual health insurance plans along with some additional products for small business owners and self-employed individuals throughout the United States. Its products comprise fixed indemnity medical insurance, individual health insurance, insurance that gives coverage for illness periods, dental insurance, and income and accident protection solutions along with many others, and a convertible and renewable term life policy for life, accident and illness protection. USHEALTH Group, Inc. was incorporated in 1982 and is founded in Fort Worth, Texas and changed its name from Ascent Assurance, Inc. to USHEALTH Group, Inc. in March 2005. It sells the products with the assistance of their agents, and they have established their reputation through their hard working, dedication, customer services, customized offers for different clients and other amenities, so their customer feels like they are in right hands. Few of their services are mentioned below so you can have a better understanding of their services.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

People need a combination of home/tenants and auto insurance in order to protect their valuable assets, comply with lease or loan conditions, satisfy government regulations, or to make sure that there is coverage in case of a third-party liability. Many, however, don’t take benefit of group insurance for insurance to help reduce the charges that they pay for their coverage. One of the primary reasons for that is they are not aware that they may be suitable for group insurance and pay an undiscounted rate quoted by their selected insurance broker, insurer or agent to them. Group rates guarantee much lower premium, however, they are a logical and good starting point for personal rate comparison. You can contact USHEALTH Group insurance to find out if you’re eligible for group insurance. Many associations and employers are using them because of their customized packages and state of the art customer services for the sole purpose of group insurance plans for their members or employees as a voluntary benefit . Alumni of numerous educational institutions also occasionally become eligible, and they opt for such insurance as well.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

For cash-strapped families in today’s modern society, affordable Group Family Insurance is an adequate money saver. Group insurance becomes more significant while the economy is crashing and medical costs are rising. Checkup becomes economic problems for different families, in connection with the increasing cost of fee for service about health care. That’s where USHEALTH Group , Inc. to assist their customer to cut down the cost of medical expenses.

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The leadership and past of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at InnovaCare Health, Inc.

For years InnovaCare Health has been providing Medicare and Medicaid health insurance services to thousands. Their vision is built on sustainability, affordability, and quality service. Much of their current success can be attributed heavily in part to current President and CEO Rick Shinto.

Dr. Shinto has launched the organization into an age of prosperity not only for themselves, but for the people they provide to as well. The majority of Dr. Shinto’s life has been dedicated to the noble service that is the healthcare industry. Before Rick Shinto became the CEO of InnovaCare Health, he was the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. and before that he was the CMO of NAMM California. Prior to joining NAMM, Dr. Shinto was the COO and CMO of Medical Pathways Management Company. Dr. Shinto then served as Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners until 1997, where he then left to become the CMO of Cal Optima Health Plan. On June 27, 2012 Dr. Shinto received the Entrepreneur of the Year award for his extraordinary demonstration of excellence and success as an innovator.

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But Dr. Shinto isn’t the only one that’s attributed a great deal. Besides from the incredible team at InnovaCare Health, another dedicated crew member sticks out among the rest. Her name is Penelope Kokkinides and she is the current CAO of this stupendous organization. Like Dr. Shinto she is also heavily rooted in the healthcare industry, logging over 20 years of experience in government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Before becoming the CAO of InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides was the Executive Vice President and COO for Centerlight HealthCare, COO of Touchstone Health and Corporate Vice President of Disease Management and Care Management at AmeriChoice. For more information on Kokkinides, she is featured on sites such as, and of course Penelope also has her own website,, where she lists a broad range of articles on topics she finds interesting in her daily life. These include but are not limited to; health and wellness, workplace etiquette, travel tips and much more.

InnovaCare Health made an announcement on July 28, 2016 adding three new executives to the leadership team. Jonathan Meyers as Chief Actuary Officer, Mike Sortino as Chief Accounting Officer, and of course Penelope Kokkinides as Chief Administrative Officer. Surely, InnovaCare Health and the people they serve have a healthy future ahead of them.

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Rick Shinto: Leadership for InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto’s Background

Rick Shinto serves as the current President, and Chief Operating Officer of Puerto Rican’s leading managed healthcare provider, InnovaCare Health. Initially, Dr. Shinto served as Aveta’s President between 2008 and 2012. Currently, Dr. Shinto assumes the mantle of InnovaCare’s President in Puerto Rica.

Having worked in different organizations, Richard Shinto has over two decades of experience in operation and clinical management in managed care. Before his way up as the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc., Dr. Rick Shinto served as Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. Before joining NAMM California, Dr. Shinto was Medical Pathways Management Company’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. After serving as MedPartners’ Corporate Vice President of managed care between 1996 and 1997, Dr. Shinto left for Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer. He began his medical career as a pulmonologist and internist at Southern California.

Besides, Dr. Shinto is an internationally recognized author, having written several clinical medicine and healthcare-related articles. He attended the University of California to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science. Later on, he enrolled at the State University of New York for a medical degree. Additionally, Dr. Shinto holds an MBA from Redlands University.

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Background of Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides rejoined InnovaCare Health in 2015 as Chief Administrative Officer. Previously, Kokkinides served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. She also worked at Clinical Operations as Vice President as well as Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. Dr. Kokkinides leverages her 20 years of experience in healthcare specializing in government programs, Medicaid and Medicare and managed care in executing her responsibilities. She is an expert in developing health care processes and clinical programs to improve efficiency and organizational facilities. See:

Before rejoining InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides served as Centerlight Healthcare’s Executive Vice President and COO. Here, Dr. Kokkinides would provide strategic direction in the managed care division. She also worked at UnitedHealth Group’s business unit, AmericaChoice as Vice President for Disease Management and Care Management as well as Touchstone Health’s Chief Operating Officer. While at AmericaChoice, Kokkinides was instrumental to the development and implementation of the institution’s health model. She holds a degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the University of Birmingham.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is Puerto Rican’s leading provider of managed healthcare. Through two healthcare initiatives, Provider Networks and Medicaid and Medicare, InnovaCare Health creates sustainable, cost-effective, and advanced health models geared towards improving the quality of healthcare. InnovaCare Health’s mission is to redefine healthcare management to address today’s complex challenges in the healthcare industry.

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Tired Of The Same Healthcare Company Options?

There are countless healthcare companies that a person can choose from nowadays depending on exactly what the issue the client is dealing with is. Unfortunately, many of these companies are so expensive that middle and lower class cannot afford them. This is the perfect reason to choose a company that is not only going to be inexpensive in terms of care, but also give the same quality health care that a more expensive company would. It might be hard to find something like this, but the truth is that they do exist. After all, it has been shown time and time again that price does not always denote quality, much as the location does not always denote cost. Recently, Northstar Healthcare changed its name to Nobilis Health. Many people wondered why the change happened and the answer is simple. With other companies using the word Northstar, or North Star, it becomes easy to confuse them. Changing the name allowed an easier way to identify the company, thus making it much easier to avoid confusion with funds and transactions. On top of that, Nobilis Health posted the results for the 4th quarter of 2014 and ended up being the top choice for many clients. This is just one of the many high quality healthcare companies that a person can choose from, however. By using the insurance that a person has, it is easy to locate which companies are in or out of network in terms of what insurance will cover. It is also easy to see exactly what services are offered by a particular company. A person who is unable to walk or drive will need ambulatory services from Nobilis Health to be able to complete day to day tasks. Likewise, a person who is unable to be out on his or her own may need a healthcare assistant or nurse to ensure safety. These are easy to find if a person does the proper research, and the Internet will always be the best tool for that. No longer should a person be forced into choosing a center for health simply because it was the only one nearby.