How Waiakea Water is Helping Those Less Fortunate

When Waiakea Water made the announcement that they had developed a plastic additive that would allow their water bottles to fully degrade 97 percent faster than other bottles, it certain got the attention of an industry. Although the development of the additive will benefit generations hundreds of years into the future, it is what Waiakea Water is doing today that really is helping to change the way those less fortunate are able to access a most basic resource.

Going back to 2012 when Waiakea Water got their start, they already were focused on helping others less fortunate. The company would donate 3 percent of their revenue to local Hawaiian communities and organizations. Waiakea Water was blessed to have access to millions of purified water each day, and knew from the start it was all about giving back in order to thrive. As the company began received awards for water taste and one of the fastest growing companies in America, they knew they had to do more.

Waiakea Water then partnered with PumpAid to be able to reach a global audience that were in need. These communities needed one thing, clean water, something many take for granted each day. Waiakea Water would not only donate money to these communities, they would donate their time, something that wound up being more valuable. Teams of employees would decend on these communities and help with the installation of the water pumps. Once installed, the communities were taught how to maintain the pumps, how to repair them, and how to preserve the water so they had access to clean water whenever they needed.

Each time a bottle of volcanic Waiakea Water is sold, the company donates a full week’s supply of fresh water to a community in need. There are more of these communities than many even realize, part of the reason millions die each year from lack of fresh water. There are newborn babies dying every day from water-born illnesses, something Waiakea Water is hoping to bring awareness to and eliminate at the same time. Waiakea Water hopes the development of the fully degradable water bottle brings more awareness to the lack of water many communities are dealing with.


Waiakea Water Company Develops an Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Water is one of the world’s leading favorite beverages. However, bottled water has had its challenges, mainly due to the non-degradable nature of its plastic packaging. Waiakea Water Company has recently launched a 100 percent recyclable bottle that might be a big game changer.

It has taken Waiakea five years and over 1,200 trials to develop the new packaging. A major challenge that they experienced during this process was to create a degradable bottle without losing its plastic features as this would affect their sales. They also had difficulties obtaining a United States patent and trademark on the degradation of plastic. Good news is that they managed all these challenges and now consumers can now enjoy their favorite drink without fear of the effects it could have on the environment.

The history of Waiakea Water Company

Waiakea is a Hawaiian company established in 2012. It produces bottled water using exceptional, sustainable and environmental processes. The company’s culture has made it a famous brand not only in Hawaii but also in the United States. The firm’s co-founder, Ryan Emmons, was inspired by the Hawaiian culture, which focuses on the welfare of the people and not accumulating wealth.

Ryan’s family had access to the Mauna Loa volcano. It gave him an upper hand as a source of water which he could use for his company was readily available. So, at the age of 22, Emmons dared an already overcrowded industry. He established a volcanic water company and named it Waiakea Water. The company has since grown by 4000 percent since its establishment in 2012.

How Waiakea water is collected and processed

The water Waiakea package originates from Hawaii through both rain and snowmelt on the pristine peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano. It is one of the purest environments on the planet. After collecting the water, it undergoes filtration through 14,000 ft of porous lava. The process enhances the water with minerals and electrolytes thus making it delicious and naturally alkaline.

Waiakea’s philanthropy

Besides Waiakea’s environmental consciousness, it also focuses on philanthropy. For instance, through the company’s partnership with Pump Aid, it donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter it sells to regions in need. It has given several hundred million gallons of water to needy areas. It is the company’s focus to donate as much as they can without limit.

Elysium Health’s Dream of Coming Up with New Supplements

Elysium Health is using technology to come up with solutions that will create pills to hopefully increasing longevity. The chemicals that are used have been tested in animals such as mice and worms. The results in these animals have been positive. The company has come up with supplement pills that will be available over the counter. The person who is behind the project and steering the ship, so to speak, is Leonard Guarante who is a Biologist from MIT. He firmly believes that effects of growing old can be minimized by altering the body’s metabolism.

The supplements that are produced by Elysium Health hav a chemical originator NAD that is used to affect metabolism in some living organisms releasing energy and glucose. This NAD causes the body to have effects that are similar to one eating a low caloric diet. This form of diet in mice and worms has enabled them to live longer.

Production of the supplement has attracted accolades from many prominent people in the field. The list of supporters includes Daniel Fabricant who was the Director of the FDA’s dietary supplement division, and is now the CEO of Natural Products Association. The firm has managed to acquire a large team of world-class scientists who are positive about the drug.

The establishment, Elysium Health was started with an objective of forming pills which increase the chances of a healthy living and a more extended life using basic science that is free from strange chemicals present in other compounds that make similar claims. The company does not carry out research alone, but they involve seasoned scientists who are distinguished in the field of medicine. Advances in science and technology are the backbone that guides the process of coming up with the new supplements. Supplements and pills that are created by Elysium are made available to the public and are to be consumed with ease without necessitating directions from doctors.

The people who lead the company are cutting-edge thought leaders who fight for a better approach to life that is simple yet effective. The board gives direction to the people who are looking for new products, and they ensure that the correct path is followed while inspections are carried out by governing institutions. The team ensures that the end products have the required ingredients with no additives that will alter the targeted effects. Senior board members provide for safe, efficient and well-tested merchandise.

Elysium Health has products which contain daily doses of required multivitamins. They are general supplements that boost health and help the body in functioning resourcefully. These supplements are not used to cure a specific disease but rather keep the body functioning optimally.


Osteo Relief Institute: Osteoarthritic Care for All

As people age, they tend to have more problems with their health. The most major medical issue affecting American adults is arthritis. There are around one-hundred known types of arthritis. Lucky for the plethora of victims that fall to this condition, there are many ways to help treat the pain associated with the symptoms of any type of arthritis. However, the most common form is called osteoarthritis, which is the focus of this article. Osteoarthritis is a disease that essentially eats the cartilage between the bones in a joint away until they scrape against each other and cause intense pain and swelling. Ultimately, the goal with the treatment of osteoarthritis is to build the muscles around the joint while giving the joint itself limited impact when exercising.


The goal of the New Jersey Osteo Relief Institute is to lay out all the possible options for the repair of patients affected by osteoarthritis. Much of the time, those affected choose the option that will get them back to their normal routines the quickest rather than choosing the best course of action for their specific case. However, with the Osteo Relief Institute, the patient sees all of the quick and effective options.


At the Osteo Relief Institute, the patient will find a very friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Their philosophy is to treat the patient as a part of a family. The primary goal of the ORI is to make treatment as comfortable and safe as possible, avoiding surgery wherever feasible.


The Osteo Relief Institute also promises to translate what they say to the patient in a way that can actually be understood without having to google the meaning of every other word ( This way, the patient is able to make well-informed decisions about their treatment with the confidence that they know they are making the right choice.


Fortunately, New Jersey is not the only state where the Osteo Relief Institute has a base (Crunchbase). There are a couple of locations in major cities of California and New York for example, so there are options in terms of where a patient can get their care.

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Renown Health

Renown Health Expands

Renown Health, the highly respected hospital, is in the process of expanding in Reno. They will be opening a family practice office in the south part of town in the spring of 2017. For now, the facility will offer primary health care along with lab services for patients. One of the aims is to create a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere for the place. This will be achieved by giving the center a more home like look and feel. In addition, the area that has been chosen has potential to add more room and services in the future. However, as far as future services are concerned it will depend on how President Trump handles the present health care system to learn more: click here.
History of Renown Health Care

Renown Health career has a very interesting and colorful history. It was originally started way back in 1862, Reno, Nevada and it was the first establishment of its kind in Nevada. In its early years, it went by the name Washoe Health System, which it kept up until recently as 2006. The original reason behind establishing this institution was to help with the fight against smallpox, which took place in the Reno area back then. The initial size of the compound was 40 acres and by 1875 the hospital had 40 beds.

The hospital remained mostly unchanged until 1949 when it added a pediatrics department. From there slowly more and more disciplines such as cardiology, health cancer treatment, brain MRI scanning, and surgery were added. Perhaps what makes this institution different from most other best hospitals services is that it is a locally owned non-profit organization.

The benefits of this are that all decisions are made locally, without having to answer to another master located somewhere else, who doesn’t have the local populations best interest in mind. Needless to say, this translates to better care and service for patients who seek medical help at Renown Health. Today, the institution employees around 6500 people and has a residency program in partnership with the University of Nevada.

Renown Health Serves Northern Nevada

Renown Health has opened up a family practice in Reno, NV. It is located at the Summit Mall in South Reno. The clinic is in the business of providing primary care services and has a lab that will be capable of offering many other services in the near future. Dr. McCormack is the director of the center and claims that the clinic was produced to provide a setting similar to what they’d experience at home. That was their aim at least. They designed the waiting to room to make patients feel like they’re right at home. A conference room is to be added to the clinic in the near future.

Because of health care being a bit unpredictable at the moment due to Donald Trump being in office, the clinic is holding off on adding more services to the clinic as they’d best like to take advantage of the country health situation. The smoke hasn’t quite cleared for many medical practices around the country.

Thus far the clinic houses a staff on 11 highly qualified and experienced professionals trained to make you feel right at home. They are looking to add at least one more doctor within the very near future. Renown now has 12 clinics throughout Reno, Carson City, Fallon and Fernley. The Caughlin Ranch area also recently launched a Renown clinic.

Renown Health is a non profit in Nevada. It is Northern Nevada’s largest locally owned non profit entity. It is also a nationally recognized healthcare leader. Each clinic has an aim of making a difference in patient’s live. They do this by cultivating their health care to optimize the patient’s experience. Renown Health has served the Northern Nevada area for more than 140 years. Renown Health was originally called Washoe Medical Center and changed to Renown in 2006.

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E-governe’s Systems Help Managers Receive Complete Control Over Their Operations

E-governe provides modern and intelligent systems that integrate among all public administration bodies. These systems were developed using the best technology so that the manager has the maximum knowledge concerning his government.


E-governe uses unique technology that allows the systems to have simple and intuitive navigation. The technology can be used through regular internet browsers and mobile devices. The systems use security modules that gives the manager complete control. E-governe provides processing, hosting, storage, and monitoring services through the technological environment. E-governe has a large support team that provides support throughout all areas of public management.




The Obras help facilitate the planning and execution of all artworks. The critical stages of the artwork are recorded in the system; including the description of the work, its location and budget authorization. E-governe’s system can be integrated with asset management systems in public administration, which allows for an overview of the entire administrative process. The information can be consulted at any moment, giving managers a chance to view the status of all artworks so that they can quickly make decisions.




E-governe manages the entire municipal education network, making education more efficient, safe, and agile. E-governe’s system allows for educational processes to be monitored through information shared between the school units and the Secretariat of Education. The system contains information about every school’s infrastructure, teachers, and different servers. The processes of different assignments and the removal of teachers will occur through transparency.




The Tributos is a system directed to the modernization of the municipal tax area. The Tributos uses modules to help meet the needs and characteristics of every municipality. The system helps support different processes in the tax area. The Tributos records information on urban properties that help carry out the registration and maintenance of information on the sites. All debts are thoroughly managed; including the payments and installments of debits executed and not executed. The Tributos is responsible for the payment of taxes and other documents issued throughout the city. All documents are printed with a bard code that helps facilitate the identification of debt in the files from the collecting agents.




All E-governe vehicles are designed for public administration with an emphasis on controlling the fleet of vehicles, either by themselves or by outsourcing them. The system contains important information on every vehicle; including the model, date of purchase, fuel types, and accessories. The system helps control the use of the vehicles and all information can be audited through the management reports. The system can also help managers find out about vehicle reports, circulation times, and pick up locations. Managers can also find out which vehicles are being used by different consumers, agencies, and units.