The Secret to Villanueva MB2 Dental

Villanueva MB2 Dental, created by Dr. Chris Villanueva, who is the creator of a network to find quality dentists. He served on both sides of the game previously. This made him uniquely well qualified to create the company for the benefit of those looking for a good dentist.

Previous attempts by some other companies has been drab at best, Villanueva wanted it to be better.Hebelieved that it could be truly special and offer better pizazz than other companies attempts at creating a network. Dentist owned and operated, it helps practices connect in order to help their patients to have a better dentistry experience. Visit to know more.

Villanueva came up with the idea after graduating from Dentistry school. At that time a dentist had two choices. He or she could either join a large practice or a small private one. Neither seemed admirable to him. So he did what all good entrepreneurs do. He created something new.

Villanueva says that he is a complete night owl. He says that he gets some of his best ideas there. One of those ideas was to keep the entire staff of the company up to date and ensure that all of them are creative, smart and patient centered as he is. That’s exactly what he has done since. The inspiration came from a mentor that he had while in dentistry school. That advice seems wise indeed. Some of his other best ideas are below.

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– Hire those people that collaborate well.

– Encourage Out of the box ideas.

– Only hire those people that work best thinking out of the box.

All of that has been put into his work and it has functioned well. He believes in collaboration and not in only one person making decisions. That is the most admirable part of the whole thing. People trust others when they behave and work like that. Read more about Dr. Chris Villanueva on

He also focuses on technology. It is truly the wave of the future. Having a sense of humor is important as well. He recalls bad experiences that he had while training in school. He has shared in previous interviews that he would change only one thing if he had a chance to do everything again, he would do all of that earlier. It took a few years for him to get it in place because he began as many do right out of dentistry school, just like all the others. Learn more:


Are You Looking For a Reliable And Cost Effective Solution For Your Insurance Needs?

For people who are looking for a reliable health insurance company that provides quality health care coverage, there is an ideal health insurance company known as USHEALTH Group, Inc. This company with the help of its subsidiaries sells and underwrites individual health insurance plans along with some additional products for small business owners and self-employed individuals throughout the United States. Its products comprise fixed indemnity medical insurance, individual health insurance, insurance that gives coverage for illness periods, dental insurance, and income and accident protection solutions along with many others, and a convertible and renewable term life policy for life, accident and illness protection. USHEALTH Group, Inc. was incorporated in 1982 and is founded in Fort Worth, Texas and changed its name from Ascent Assurance, Inc. to USHEALTH Group, Inc. in March 2005. It sells the products with the assistance of their agents, and they have established their reputation through their hard working, dedication, customer services, customized offers for different clients and other amenities, so their customer feels like they are in right hands. Few of their services are mentioned below so you can have a better understanding of their services.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

People need a combination of home/tenants and auto insurance in order to protect their valuable assets, comply with lease or loan conditions, satisfy government regulations, or to make sure that there is coverage in case of a third-party liability. Many, however, don’t take benefit of group insurance for insurance to help reduce the charges that they pay for their coverage. One of the primary reasons for that is they are not aware that they may be suitable for group insurance and pay an undiscounted rate quoted by their selected insurance broker, insurer or agent to them. Group rates guarantee much lower premium, however, they are a logical and good starting point for personal rate comparison. You can contact USHEALTH Group insurance to find out if you’re eligible for group insurance. Many associations and employers are using them because of their customized packages and state of the art customer services for the sole purpose of group insurance plans for their members or employees as a voluntary benefit . Alumni of numerous educational institutions also occasionally become eligible, and they opt for such insurance as well.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

For cash-strapped families in today’s modern society, affordable Group Family Insurance is an adequate money saver. Group insurance becomes more significant while the economy is crashing and medical costs are rising. Checkup becomes economic problems for different families, in connection with the increasing cost of fee for service about health care. That’s where USHEALTH Group , Inc. to assist their customer to cut down the cost of medical expenses.

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Edward Honig- An Uprising Cardiologist in New York


You may have heard of what a cardiologist is and why it’s important to choose a good specialist. What is a cardiologist? A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes with the heart and the major arteries and veins that assist the heart. When a patient sees a cardiologist, the doctor will look at the patient’s medical history to see if their relatives have had history with high blood pressure or heart disease. The doctor will also take the patient’s blood pressure before doing any other tests. It’s important to see a cardiologist regularly because certain life events such as poor eating habits and poor exercise habits as well as depression or sadness can impact one’s heart health.

Edward Honig, a standout cardiologist in New York, has gained popularity in his specialization. Dr. Honig is based out Glen Cove Hospital in New York and has been there for quite a few years. He is passionate about helping people and making sure his patients are taking the right precautions to maintain good heart health. Dr. Honig always recommends to his patients that they exercise at least thirty minutes a day and eat a balanced healthy diet. He also recommends to participate in a hobby that one enjoys. This helps the patient have a positive and healthy mindset.

Edward Honig has been popular among his patients and new patients because he is very knowledgeable in his specialty. Whenever patients have questions about their heart health, Dr. Honig is always able to answer their questions fully. Dr. Honig likes to keep his patients in check by making sure they are getting enough exercise everyday and eating a balanced low-sodium diet. Not only is Dr. Honig knowledgeable but he is also reliable. He is always available to help his patients and answer questions. Edward Honig is a popular cardiologist because of his knowledge and reliability.

Dr. Shiva Vasishta and His Work with MS Patients

In a new clinical trial, evidence was provided that a new way of treating multiple sclerosis (MS) could be more effective than present therapies. In the trial, high-dose immunosuppressive therapy was performed on the patient and followed with transplanting the patient own blood-forming stem cells back into them. This resulted in the patient experiencing a sustainable remission in the disease, which causes the central nervous system to be attacked by the immune system.

The results of the trial showed that 69& of the participants had survived for the 5 year length of the study with no relapse in their symptoms. None of the patients took any other MS medicines during the study. The trial was sponsored by the National Insitute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Among the symptoms that MS patients experience are chronic pain, weakness, motor and speech difficulties, and fatigue. It is common that people who suffer from the disease will have periods with no to mild symptoms and then experience flare-ups. As the disease progresses the flare-ups tend to occur more often and get more pronounced.

A doctor that has extensive experience with multiple sclerosis patients in Dr. Shiva Vasishta. Dr. Shiva Vasishta is a practicing Neurologist and is affiliated with the Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. His specialties are Neurology and Psychiatry and he has worked with MS patients for over 30 years.

Dr. Shiva Vasishta graduated from Government Medical College in 1979 with a Doctor in Medicine. Dr. Shiva Vasishta served his Residency at Boston Medical Center and attained a Fellowship at Tufts Medical Center. He is also Board Certified in Neurology.

Weight Loss And Technology May Not Go Arm and Arm In The Big Apple

How many New Yorkers currently use activity monitors? How many are acheiving posotive results? Dr. John Jakicic representing The University Of Pittsburg’s Department of Health and Psychical Activity…, is an astutely motivated individual who aimed to define the true benefits of activity trackers, specifically, in regard to the efficiency of the technology and the psychology in which it plays on the human mind. According to a diligent amount of research, studies are suggesting that users of activity tracking technology, most commonly attached to the arm or wrist, are experiencing a lack of motivation when completing their daily goals unlike the other group of the research contributors who find themselves reaching weight loss goals without any interference from these tracking devices. The facts align almost symmetrically when viewing the data recorded. Those who wore the armbands average a loss of eight pounds after a two-year period, and those who did not use the armbands, average a loss of thirteen pounds. Dr. John Jakicici was puzzled by this finding and was eager to express himself on the subject that he dedicates everyday exploring. In the name of research, Dr. John Jakicici’s is a true virtue to the world of Health and Psychical Activity. Dr. John speculates the irregularity of the act of using these monitoring technologies may be depressing the very act of activity in general. Perhaps a man who is unhappy with his lifestyle choices in nourishment has fallen into a unmotivated state, and once he checks his activity for the day, his lack of accomplishment pushes him even further down into a more servere state, misery. Apparently, it’s easier to just give up rather than move forward when one is faced with the digital lack of results they’re not even close to positively acquiring. It’s unfortunate that this revelation in technology isn’t having a profound effect similar to the other industries of the world. However, as this information becomes available, it’s rather inspiring if you glance at it from a specific perspective. The most prominent idea here is, health and fitness remains to be an extremely significant fabric of societal wellness, one that human beings should consider only trusting themselves or a registered fitness instructor to keep track of when desiring life enhancing results.

CDC Says Check the Water Before You Dive In

Before you let your kids run through the water at the park or dive into the pool, it is wise to take the time to check the last inspection date for that site. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on Thursday that showed that almost eighty percent of water parks, hot tubs, and public pools are dirty enough to have received a safety violation. In fact, one out of eight treated water areas were filthy enough to be shut down immediately, with one in five kiddie pools and wading areas closing due to serious violations.

Many of these violations related to the improper concentration of disinfectant in the water as well as imbalanced pH levels and safety equipment infractions. While these issues are usually easily solved, almost one-third of health departments do not regulate, inspect, or license different water sites. This means that your local spray park or pool may be crawling in dangerous microbes.

The CDC has released reports in mid-May for the last few years to inform the public about the dangers of treated water. They suggest that the best way to stay safe and cool during the summer is to bring water test strips with your bathing suit, towel, and sunscreen. Strips are available at multiple locations such as pool or houseware stores and usually cost under $15 for a pack of one hundred.

Connecticut Couple Lose Big On NutriMost System

Before trying the revolutionary new diet system, NutriMost, Al and Linda Sparaco were both overweight, facing several health issues, and Linda was on various medications for blood pressure, acid reflux, and cholesterol. Linda discovered a television ad for NutriMost and decided herself and Al needed to try it.

What the NutriMost system does is provide a full body scan to visualize what a person is lacking in essential nutrients, and provides information on how to maximize those nutrients to chemically trigger the body’s metabolism into producing at maximum efficiency.

Essentially using the guidelines individualized to each patient, the NutriMost system returns the body’s environment to a perfect state on Twitter, which then triggers almost effortless weight loss.

The NutriMost doctor will monitor a patient’s weight loss throughout the entire process on and will teach that patient how to keep the weight off for the rest of one’s life.

The NutriMost process can be repeated after each weight loss cycle and resting point for greater weight loss as needed. Patients do not require special foods or exercise routines to be successful.

Linda and Al have been through several rounds of the NutriMost system and are happy to report a combined weight loss of over 150 pounds. Al was diagnosed pre-diabetic before he started NutriMost and is now healthy with no pre-diabetic symptoms. Linda has been taken off all her previous medicines for blood pressure, cholesterol, and acid reflux and is completely healthy.

Every day, more people step forward to give testimony to the positive change NutriMost has made in their lives and the lives of their family members. This is a weight loss system truly deserving of a second look.

Brookfield Couple loses more than 140 lbs. by NutriMost