How Target Can Change Its Grocery Business

Target, the successful North American retail company, has been struggling to market its grocery section to customers. Most customers visit the retail store for its fashionable clothing and home accent, but the company’s grocery sales are down according its fourth quarter sales results. Although the company has developed many initiatives to turn the tanking grocery sales around, one activist’s demand may be the very thing that could help Target’s grocery business expand. Jordan Figueiredo, a food activists who focuses on getting large conglomerates to sell fruit that is bruised or damaged, has began a campaign to get Target stores to implement “ugly fruit” as he calls it.

According to Jordan Figueiredo, the United States wastes up to 45 percent of its fruit and vegetable produce because plant suppliers can not sell fruit that is not physically perfect. Plant suppliers throw away massive amounts of produce that could be use to combat America’s hungry child epidemic. Because large stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, and Kroger stores do not offer to buy this produce, it also contributes to the growing waste problem in the country which, according the Figueiredo, greatly contributes to global warming.

Figueiredo has been engaged in a battle with conglomerates for over 4 years to get ugly fruits into large stores. So far, Figueiredo has successful launched his ugly fruit campaign in several Walmart and Whole Foods stores across the country. By implementing the ugly fruits program where a company sells less than perfect fruit for a discounted rate, businesses can help families who do not normally have access to fresh fruits and vegetables because of the cost. Additionally, by implementing the programs, businesses are sending a message to produce suppliers that less than perfect fruit is valuable and should not be tossed out simply because it has a bump or a bruise.

If Target stores decides to implement the ugly fruits program in its grocery department, the effects on the business’ failing grocery department could be enormous. By adding healthier options that many people can afford, Target stores can provide customers with the produce that they need and receive a major boost in grocery sales. In this article about Target’s grocery business, interested parties can learn more about Figuiredo’s attempt to get the ugly fruits program into Target stores.