How E-Governe Systems Are Beneficial To Municipalities

The Municipality of Teresina is preparing to test servers of various departments as a way of speeding up the implementation e-governe system. Miguel Oliveira, the president of Prodater said that different sectors of the Municipality including health, finance and education have been negotiating on the ways of optimization of the service. Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI) is the company responsible for implementing this technology. The City Hall has already implemented the system to the human resource management department. This is the reason why it intends to expand the operations of the system to other departments in order to improve efficiency and service delivery.


According to the Mayor of the City of Teresina, Silvio Mendes, they expect the operations of the city to be completely transformed after full implementation of e-governe system. There would be many benefits associated with this system such as responding quickly to demands of the public, identifying challenges, analyzing opinions and supervising all services offered by the municipality. After successful launching of the system at the City of Teresina, another Brazilian municipality, Osasco has followed the same route. The city of Osasco in the Greater Sao Paulo, signed an agreement with Instituto Curitiba de Informática for the implementation of the system in all learning institutions in the area.


The Role of Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI)


At the municipality of Osasco, ICI has been contracted to supply computer devices and other equipment, installation of electrical systems and setting up a call center for the education department at Sao Paulo. The program is expected to cover 138 schools across the city, in addition to Municipal Education Department’s headquarters and the Center for Continuing Education. The e-government education has several benefits like:


  • Leads to integrity
  • It can be accessed using the internet
  • Duplication of work is eliminated or minimized
  • System administrators can limit access of the system due to security reasons
  • Management reports are issued on time
  • Security of data is enhanced


In the state of Sao Paulo, Osasco is the fifth largest city and has some of the biggest development projects. It is an entrepreneurial city with a population of about 700 thousands people, hence it is called the ‘city-work’. The economic activities of this city make it perfect for implementation of e-governe systems, since the local authority would be in a position to monitor various activities with ease.


Effectiveness of the system in healthcare sector


Several Municipalities are unable to manage effectively their health sector because of lack of proper mechanism. However, e-governe health provides these cities with economical, functional and reliable operations. When different healthcare facilities are have been integrated, the operation of these units are enhanced. Long queues of patients waiting to be served are eliminated since the system allows them to book appointments. Moreover, inventory of medicines is easily monitored and re-stocking done on time. The system also provides ambulatory services, control congestion in wards and manages the hospital effectively. Therefore, it is advisable to Brazilian municipalities to implement this technology in order to provide top level services to the public.



Learning More about the Wonders of E-Governe

E-governe or electronic governance is an application of ICT for delivering government services. The system is implemented by Instituito Curitiba de informatica –ICI. The servers of different organs of the municipality of Teresina will take part in a training meant to speed up the e-governe system. The first of electronic governance has been directed to the human resource department for the management of the human resource. The city hall plans to expand the system for better service delivery to the member of public. Plans are underway to make use of the system in education, finance and health sectors. The advantages of the electronic governance are immense to a municipality including monitoring of the services, fast identification of problems and speeding up of responses.


The municipality of Osasco has adopted this system and has signed a contract with the institute for the implementation of electronic governance in schools. The system’s education in the Osasco municipality will cover around 138 schools in the city. The merits of this form of education are many. The system brings about integrity and it is also unique compared to the other methods used to deliver knowledge to the learners. It allows the learners to browse the internet and get unrivaled content as well as interesting illustration thus improved content retention. The system also ensures accountability and eliminates rework.


The electronic governance health is also a vital undertaking. The system makes everything an easy task in areas such as public administration, which can be very problematic and cumbersome. Everything falls in place and becomes simpler and functional. The system controls the distribution of medicines and stock taking in various pharmacies. The system is also tasked with bed control in hospitals as well as management of financial resources thus accountability and integrity standards are raised. The e-governe health has many advantages, the finances are better managed and planned for, attendance is well documented, the flow of patients from other municipalities is well captured, it improves organization of work and stipulates how each task should be undertaken and who is responsible for what. The system also controls the flow of the patients and speeds up the whole process. The e-governe health enables proper structuring of the programs in a facility.


The mayor of the municipality of Teresina sees a fully functional electronic governance system as vital to the growth of the city; this is due to the many advantages linked to the system that will subsequently solve all the challenges experienced by the municipality. The municipality of Osasco, which is a part of Sao Paulo, is seen to enjoy some services of the electronic governance. The municipality is a hub for industries and a myriad of businesses, and it will also find electronic governance very important. This is in the areas of human resource management as well as organization of business, record keeping and stocktaking. If the municipal adopts the system fully, many changes will be witnessed and a lot of process will be made easy. Electronic governance is thus an important tool toward the growth and development of the nation.