What Do You Do If You cannot Market On Google AdWords and Facebook Ads?

When you want your business to grow, you have no other choice except to market your products. Most of the time, online marketing is the most convenient to reach to the masses. Two platforms that will give you a great footprint to the potential market are Google and Facebook. These two companies have a large user base who are spread all around the world. What do you do if these businesses cannot run you marketing campaign?



Sometimes Facebook and Google may fail to run ads that they feel don’t comply with their advertising guidelines. Most of the time the companies that may fail to comply with their instruction may include e-cigarette and vape products.



Facebook ads and Google AdWords can provide an instance traffic and conversion. However, if your product is not allowed on these online marketing platforms, it does not translate to death of your product online. What are your options when you are in such situation?



Facebook might not allow some products to advertised on their ads platform. However, it does not limit companies from having a brand fan page. With that opportunity you can build a fan page for your product, you may be required to spend more time to build a following of really engaged users. One way to achieve this is to include inviting note on you packaging slips asking your customer to follow your brand on all social media accounts. You can also run competitions so as to offer discount coupons to those who share your brand post or those who tag their friends.



When your advertising option is limited, the best option that you have is to focus your efforts on coming up with dominating organic search results e.g. focusing on doing search engine optimization in the right way and concentrating on the long-term outcome. Working on SEO and making it a priority and marketing wisely is paramount. While building on the SEO, you require much patience; you need to perceive it as a marathon and not as a sprint. During the initial stages, you are not going to see immediate results. However, if you tackle it in the right way and run a high-quality campaign, you will gradually start noticing organic traffic, and website visibility will increase.