Google Adsense Closing Accounts

Google Adsense has been the source of income for many bloggers and site owners over the years, including YouTubers and other businessmen online. It’s the way to making huge money, but building a blog to make money from Adsense from scratch in this day and age is not exactly a recommended business model. It has become more than true that Google Adsense is ultimately a great money maker, but with so many people from several years ago not using their account or barely making a whole lot of cash, their accounts are being closed down on July 4th. In fact, they focused primarily on all the inactive accounts, and so any active accounts were left alone online.

They legitimately sent emails to every single inactive account reminding them that they could continue their account, provided that they keep it updated and sign the form to maintain their Adsense accounts. Sadly, many were closed down while also providing a quick launch of whatever money they had left in the account, as long as the money to withdraw was a minimum of $10.

Google Adsense is constantly trying to step up their game and provide new options for many people. Adsense is a very worthwhile site that you could use to grow your income, but the key is to be active and to make sure you save your account with this new update that they came up with. Google Adsense’s new update is just their way on handling business and taking care of old accounts.