Goettl Air Conditioning saves senior citizen from harsh heat conditions

Las Vegas summers can be brutally hot and even a few hours without working air conditioning can turn into a nightmare. One homeowner, Jim Siler, a recently widowed man, started living in rough Las Vegas conditions without proper water and plumbing.

Siler was living without air conditioning for several months and then his water line burst causing flooding under his house. Living without a steady job, the $8000 price tag was just too much to manage. He would not be able to fix the problem. He had to live his summer with the windows open. If Siler wanted to use the bathroom he would have to use the water outside in the 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Or he could go fill several gallons of water and use those. That might not be hard for a young healthy adult to manage, but Siler is a retired senior citizen who struggles to get around sometimes due to strokes and cancer treatments.

To get some proper help he was referred to Goettl Air Conditioning. They were able to help fix Siler’s problems around the house with the help of Bishop Gorman football team. All plumbing and air conditioning problems were fixed. Siler has been hospitalized seven times due to heat-related issues. Now he should be much safer.

Ken Goodrich is the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning. He had several of his employees donate their time to help others in need. Goodrich’s son, Duncan Goodrich, 16, is on the Bishop Gorman football team. Several of the guys on that team helped out Siler. Goettl donated $2000 to help clean out Siler’s living area and The Sunny Plumbers donated $6000 to help fix the plumbing system. A new comfort-height toilet was installed to make it easier for him to use. Siler once said it got up to 127 degrees Fahrenheit in his home one time.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a trusted servicing brand in California. They make sure that all technicians exceed the expectations of customers. Getting good references is very important to them. Goettl offers many different services for commercial and residential areas. They install and manage central air units, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, air cleaners, and humidifiers. No project is too challenging for these guys. Goettl Air Conditioning will always respond in a timely fashion with great customer service. Goettl has a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you apply for one of their services.

Why you should choose Goettl Air Conditioning products and services

Goettl is an air conditioning company. The company deals with selling of air conditioners and heat systems. It also provides services such as installation, maintenance, and repair. The company has been around for over 72 years, and this has made it understand both the industry and needs of its customers. The company products can be used at home, factories and other industrial or commercial purposes. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the air or the amount of heat in your home or office, Goettl will help you upgrade your systems. They are specialized in making systems deliver the results they are intended for at all times.

The company’s employees have in-depth knowledge of all the products they deal with. This experience helps the company solve all customers’ problems. Mostly, they deal with heating and air conditioning systems problems. For all problems you may encounter with your heating or cooling systems, regardless of its magnitude, Goettl Company will always have an expert to help you solve the problem. Such dedicated service guarantees the customers will not suffer even if their systems stops functioning. Even in emergency cases, Goettl team responds. Even in the middle of the night, during weekends, and public holidays.

According to a customer, review on Angie’s List, Goettl Air Conditioning Company offers an after sales service program. The program lasts for three years after you buy and install an air conditioning system from the company. During this period of the program, they visit the customer twice a year. They clean and ensure that the system is running smoothly and meeting the client’s expectations. An expert sent from the Goettl Company does the cleaning of the air conditioner. Before everything is done, the customer is given a budget to ensure that they already know what amount it will cost them to clean and repair the system.

Although the amount that Goettl Company charges for the service is slightly higher than that of the local people, it is worth the service you receive. The people who inspect and clean your system are well trained and are very responsive. They call you to notify you of the day and time they will be coming to check on your system and tell you of inconveniences if there are any. They are trained to repair the system accurately and know exactly what they do.

Goettl’s commitment to customer service is undoubted. They are available throughout. The company has a 24/7 customer service.

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