Jason Hope, Arizona-based Entrepreneur, Gives His Take on the Internet of Things

The internet of things (IOT) describes the connectivity that results from the dense network of interconnected devices, buildings, and vehicles, which enables them to collect data and communicate with each other. While some people have expressed skepticism over the ability of IOT to outlast its hype, Jason Hope seems to differ. Mr. Hope is an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, AZ who has displayed a burning passion for futuristic technologies. From his passion, he has been able to dedicate much of his time to technological research thus enabling him to make reliable tech-related investment insights.

According to Mr. Hope, IOT is not about to die with its hype as some tech pundits have insinuated. Rather, he believes that the IOT is set to grow even more and become closely integrated into the lives of people. Jason Hope (@JasonHope) postulates that even though IOT may change in the future, it will only shift in a manner that makes it more efficient just like platforms like different messenger platforms and browsers undergo changes to serve their users better. Jason believes that the IOT will assume more functions and accommodate new capabilities that will make it a normal aspect of life.

Jason also thinks that the IOT will develop deeper roots in the tech ecosystem due to its ability to add value to processes and programs already being offered through available tech devices. With the IOT, different devices and different applications will be able to communicate thus enabling an optimal provision of services. Jason believes that this will help the world to reduce wastages, a factor that will have significant weight in determining the survival of a technological trend.

With the continued advancement in technology, Jason argues, the world will need techs that enable businesses to add value to their processes and to their service delivery. With the many apps available today, the IOT will be crucial at helping devices to utilize more of the information available for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

Mr. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and a successful business personality. He graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree and later from the university’s W. P. Carey School of Business with a master’s degree in business. He is a business consultant who utilizes his vast knowledge in futuristic technological trends to advice firms and individual investors on different investment issues. Mr. Jason Hope is also a renowned philanthropist whose charitable efforts mostly target the Arizona community.

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