The Charity Work Of Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah son has autism and, this is why he began Autism Rocks based in the United Kingdom. To raise money for research which is done by the University of Cambridge( here they try to understand what cause it and why does it happen),Shah had an invitation only concert. Some of the world’s top entertainers were there, people like Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and more. The venue was well attended. Shah said that all the proceeds from the concert will go directly for the research. He has also up a “go fund me” page. This is a web site that allows people to raise monies for worthy causes.

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Autism Rocks is trying to find why this disorder happens to some children. In Autism the child withdraws, finding it difficult to talk to people, keeps doing things over and over and don’t really like changes that occur around them. The experts says that anyone with this disorder, seems to turn inwards.

Sanjay Shah is an investment banker, he did this for almost twenty years. He also worked at Morgan Stanley, but after he found himself unemployed, he decided to open up his own investment firm, call Solo Capital. He started small at first but was able to grow the company to one hundred financial experts, with location in London and Dubai. This firm made him a multimillionaire. In 2011, because he was doing so well, he was able to purchase two mini buses for the Dubai Autism Center.

He is proud of his hard work that he has done to get the Charity started. Shah said he can put the monies raised to whatever research project is being done with Autism, and wants to remind us that he has other people who work with him on the decision making. To find out more about Autism Rocks, go to their website.