How Waiakea Water is Helping Those Less Fortunate

When Waiakea Water made the announcement that they had developed a plastic additive that would allow their water bottles to fully degrade 97 percent faster than other bottles, it certain got the attention of an industry. Although the development of the additive will benefit generations hundreds of years into the future, it is what Waiakea Water is doing today that really is helping to change the way those less fortunate are able to access a most basic resource.

Going back to 2012 when Waiakea Water got their start, they already were focused on helping others less fortunate. The company would donate 3 percent of their revenue to local Hawaiian communities and organizations. Waiakea Water was blessed to have access to millions of purified water each day, and knew from the start it was all about giving back in order to thrive. As the company began received awards for water taste and one of the fastest growing companies in America, they knew they had to do more.

Waiakea Water then partnered with PumpAid to be able to reach a global audience that were in need. These communities needed one thing, clean water, something many take for granted each day. Waiakea Water would not only donate money to these communities, they would donate their time, something that wound up being more valuable. Teams of employees would decend on these communities and help with the installation of the water pumps. Once installed, the communities were taught how to maintain the pumps, how to repair them, and how to preserve the water so they had access to clean water whenever they needed.

Each time a bottle of volcanic Waiakea Water is sold, the company donates a full week’s supply of fresh water to a community in need. There are more of these communities than many even realize, part of the reason millions die each year from lack of fresh water. There are newborn babies dying every day from water-born illnesses, something Waiakea Water is hoping to bring awareness to and eliminate at the same time. Waiakea Water hopes the development of the fully degradable water bottle brings more awareness to the lack of water many communities are dealing with.


OSI Group Has a Proven Track Record of Success

It seems like some companies struggle just to make a name for themselves while others find that method for success and never look back. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out why one company manages to do so well while another one fares rather poorly. One company that has managed to do far more than merely make a name for itself is OSI Group ( It is a food and beverage company that is based in the United States, but to simply state that as a fact would be downplaying everything that this company is about.

The truth of the matter is that OSI Group is one of the top 100 food and beverage companies in the country. This is not something that happened overnight, but something that the company and its chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin, have worked diligently to achieve for a number of years. They have obviously found the recipe for success. In reality, it is a blueprint that a lot of other companies of all types could follow as they search for their own level of success.

This company has managed to do so well it has even been listed on the Forbes 100 Largest American Companies list. In reality, this is a list that is not that easy to make. When you stop and think about it, 100 companies is a very small number when you consider the millions of companies that exist throughout the United States alone. Having a company that started out rather small and then manages to make this list is a testament to its overall success in and of itself. In addition, it speaks volumes about the way that a particular company does business.

The thing that really sets this one apart is that it still manages to do business in the old fashioned way. They conduct their daily business operations more like a small business when you consider the way they treat their employees. However, OSI Group has continued to grow into an extremely large company without losing the things that made them successful in the first place.

Perhaps this is the thing that so many other companies lack. Most companies struggle to get started but then when they finally start to find their footing, things begin to change. It is usually when they start changing the way they conduct operations, especially with regard to their staff, that things begin to fall apart.

OSI has never done that and as a direct result, they have managed to enjoy an overwhelming degree of success. This is largely due to the standards that have been set forth by Sheldon Lavin. As the chairman and CEO of the company, he has guaranteed that the company continues to do things the right way. Everyone is held to a high standard, including the top management.

OSI recently acquired Baho Food, something that will allow them to grow even more. When all things are considered, this is indeed a company that has a proven track record of success and there is no indication that this will change anytime in the foreseeable future. They are definitely doing several things right and as long as they continue to operate their business in the same way as they always have, they will likely continue to enjoy a similar level of success.

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