Equities First Holdings: The Solution to All Loan Related Woes of Investors

Equities First Holdings offers financial services to individuals with high-net worth and small businesses who are looking for non-purpose capital. It aims to provide an alternative source of capital. Their stock loan promises security for the borrower because if the stock invested in any company has been appreciated during the loan term, the borrower receives full market value at maturity. When it comes to capital, seeking flexibility, dependability and ease can be hard because liquidity costs very high. Equities First Holdings offers lending with the promise to deliver services with security that allows its clients to have flexibility in pursuing their own interests in the business. They offer stock loans that are non-purpose which allow their clients to invest in a business/company of their own choice, hence proving that Equities First Holdings is the number one option for loans.

Equities First Holdings is an expert of empowering its clients by providing them with capital with publicly traded security that allows them to pursue their personal and professional goals. By being a client of Equities First Holdings, they receive many benefits like a non-recourse loan, high loans to values, low and fixed rate, fast and efficient process, upside market appreciation and freedom to use the funds for any purpose. Its widespread global business in over nine countries since 2002 shows how successful it is.

Amongst many advantages and benefits of using Equities First Holdings, some are mentioned below:

  • Institutional security is offered to all borrowers i.e. professional legal and accounting partners are present for the process, and they follow the industry standard for all proceedings.
  • A fixed-term facility and interest rate of 3% applies to all services.
  • Non-recourse loans, which limit the lender’s recovery to collateral pledge, are provided. This implies that only publicly traded stocks mentioned on the biggest exchange are included in the collateral pledge, which is returned in full amount to the borrower at the end of the term.
  • It is fast and efficient with a loan-to-value ratio of 75%.

These stock-based loans can be beneficial for those who want to make use of Equities First Holdings’ promise to offer a high loan to value ratio and fixed interest rates. These rates guarantee trust building during transactions and have minimum restrictions. Moreover, the company is the answer to all loan related problems for investors around the world, with its perks that will allow lenders to grow more capital in a short time, as the process of getting the loan is fast and one does not have to provide a mountain of documentation to acquire it. Finally, Equities First Holdings offers loans to those who do not qualify for loans from other banks, and this eases their path to fast and easily made capital.

Todd Lubar Professional Life and Career

Todd Lubar is a graduate of the Washington-based Sidwell Friends School. He studied in this school from 1977 to 1987. He also attended the New Jersey-based Peddie School when he attended the high school during those years. After graduation from high school, Todd Lubar proceeded to commence his higher education at the Syracuse University in 1995 where he studied a bachelor’s degree in speech and communication in human beings. When he graduated from university, he was employed to work with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. For more than four years, he worked in the company leading it t greater success through his work and innovation. In 1995, he also worked to join the Arlington-based Legacy Financial Group which helped to grow the Maryland-based office where there was the production of more than $100 million annually in volumes of loans.


When he decided to move forward and accept an offer to work at the Arizona-based Charter Funding Corporation dealing in financial services including loan production as the Senior Vice President, he had worked with the Legacy Financial Group till 2005. For more than two years, he held this position serving as the president of the company until 2007. During this time, the mortgage industry had numerous changes. The financial crisis underwent a big change in the mortgage industry making it more expensive for their customers to continue with their daily investments. For this reason, Todd wanted to go back and start working with the production of loans and services which aid in the development of mortgage industry services. During these times, he went to work with the Priority Financial Services in the mortgage industry. For most of his life, he has worked to focus on the mortgage origination of the banking services he rendered in his career.


While mortgage banking has been his main focus in his entire career development cycle, he has founded and owned numerous companies in the Industry of Demolition, Recycling, night club, and also the Real Estate industry. For many years, he was ranked as one of the 25 best mortgage originators in the United States. For the sake of his business extension, he has a vast experience in many industries.