Goodbye Dumb Phone, Hello Facebook Messenger

A recent media report released by the communications measurement firm Comscore shows that nearly 80% of United States adults own a smart phone. While this certainly is bad news for the phone book industry and rotary phone manufacturers, big technology firms must be applauding their success.

Apple has captured the largest segment of the smart phone market, with roughly four in ten smartphones in the US being produced by them. Android is currently holding the top spot as the most-used operating system, with the Apple exclusive IOS system coming in shortly behind. Microsoft has been rumored to be discontinuing their Windows phone, so these two companies will likely be holding this spot for the conceivable future.

The report also breaks down the ten most distributed smart phone applications, with Facebook and Facebook messenger claiming the top spots. Nearly three in four smart phone users has downloaded this application, which is a tremendous success for Facebook. Youtube also has been incredibly popular, with a distribution rate around sixty percent in the United States market. The other most popular apps are a split between Google affiliated apps like Gmail and Google Drive, streaming apps like Pandora Radio and Apple Music, and social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This list provides an interesting breakdown of digital consumption habits, a growing market segment that is seeing huge amounts of investment from technology start-ups and established technology players alike. While the revolution might not be televised, it certainly will be live-streamed and re-tweeted at an ever-increasing speed.