Taralucci e Vino and Two Other Great Event Venues In New York City

If you are hosting an event, it is important that you pick the right venue. There are many great spots in New York City. You can find event venues there that have many different types of food available, as well as great drink selections. If you are looking for Italian food, Taralucci e Vino is among the best event venues in the city. Franny’s is one of the best pizza venues in the city, and they also serve various Italian dishes. La Grenouille is a great French restaurant to host your event. All of these event venues feature private rooms with a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.


The pizza at Franny’s is outstanding, and so are the many Italian dishes they serve. You can choose from a variety of different salads. In addition to their great choices for food, they have an excellent drink menu. This drink menu features selections from a number of craft breweries, and they also have different wine and liquor selections.

Their hours are also perfect for most events, as they are open every day. From Monday through Wednesday, they offer dinner hours. However, from Thursday through Sunday, they also offer lunch hours. They close at 11 PM from Monday through Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday they close at 11:30. On Sunday, they close at 10.

La Grenouille:

This restaurant offers some of the finest haute cuisine in the city. For lunch, they have a $38 prix fixe deal. The ambiance is outstanding, but it is quite formal, so plan accordingly. One unique feature is their floral arrangements that add a lot to the atmosphere. Lunch is available from noon until 2:30 from Tuesday through Saturday. From 5PM until 10:30PM Tuesday through Saturday are dinner hours.

Taralucci e Vino:

Taralucci e Vino has several New York City locations(see below), and two of them are set up specifically as event venues in Cooper Hewitt and Union Square. They feature a pleasant atmosphere, in addition to a large menu selection for both food and drinks. Their food and beverages are also reasonably priced.

If you do not wish to have your event at either of their event venues, it is possible to get catering from Taralucci e Vino, and you can have access to menu items of your choosing. If you would prefer to have Hors d’oeuvres instead of regular menu items at your event, that can be possible either at their locations or if you opt to have catering.

Their hours are quite flexible for both catering and hosting the event at their locations. At both of their event venues, you can go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They also are open fairly late into the night at the Union Square location. From Tuesday through Saturday, Union Square is open until 11 at night. On Monday, they close at 10. Cooper Hewitt generally closes at 6, but they are open until 9 on Saturday.