The OSI Group: The Most Sought-After Food Supplier in the U.S.

Founded in 1909, OSI is one of the largest, and perhaps oldest, US-based restaurant food suppliers. In fact, considering client portfolio, there is a reasonable chance that you’re also one of their customers, at least indirectly. How? Well, even if you haven’t heard of OSI, you’re undoubtedly familiar with many of their largest clients including Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Papa John’s. Headquartered in Aurora, IL, the OSI Group is a privately held company that has been consistently fulfilling the needs of their customers by strategically providing products that not only meet customer expectation but also, exceeds those expectations. If you’re curious about the company’s product line, OSI carries quality fish, poultry, and beef products, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables. When it comes to longevity, few companies are on par with OSI; they have been in business for over 100 years, and in addition, have been named the 58th largest privately held company, in the United States, according to Forbes.

From a logistical standpoint, what makes OSI a leading food supplier? Well, it comes down to a number of variables; OSI is headed up by Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald, as well as CEO Sheldon Lavin, both of whom are equally talented stewards of the company. In addition, the OSI Group has an enormous workforce comprising of 20,000 employees, interspersed throughout 65 facilities in 17 different countries. Although based in Aurora, IL, OSI is a global company; in fact, they were one of the main food suppliers for the 2008 Olympics, held in Beijing. The company routinely looks for opportunities to expand their operations, and a result, they purchased the manufacturing plant formerly owned by Tyson Foods. According to Chief Operating Officer David McDonald, purchasing the former Tyson plant was born out of a desire to not only improve manufacturing but also, to facilitate protocols designed to better serve OSI customers. These efforts have rewarded OSI greatly; the privately held company is reportedly valued at $600-billion-dollars.

So, what’s next for the OSI Group? The company plans to continue to improve by adding more products to their already robust portfolio, which includes broadening their breakfast line of foods. OSI will be adding bacon and sausages options that will most likely appeal to McDonald, as well as dough-based products that will appeal to customers like Papa Johns. Basically, the OSI Group will continue to deliver the innovation and quality foods that have made them one of the most sought-after food suppliers in the U.S, and abroad.

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Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors Provide HOPE for Others

HOPE means many things to many different people, but to Troy McQuagge, President, and CEO of UAHEALTH Advisors, HOPE means Helping Other People Everyday.

Troy McQuagge  and it’s parent company USHEALTH Group is the successful President and CEO who has led his company to a growth of approximately ten times that of when he began. His philanthropy and love of community has created a presence that has created trust across the nation turning the company into a household name with the HOPE program.

Initiated in 2010 McQuagges HOPE program brought USHealth Advisor leadership together with those of the Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) organization to aide those ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. While the horrific devastation made thousands homeless, this program brought optimism to those who were hard hit by the storm. With safe housing a priority, Troy, and his company donated hundreds of man-hours to remove storm-ravaged houses and restore those which could be saved. The company’s efforts in the Mid-City area of New Orleans helped to revitalize families who were formerly without a safe place to live.

Continuing to provide HOPE to others has become an annual offering to communities as Troy and USHA continued to provide needed services to many who are in need. Among those include a 2011 donation of clothing and supplies to The Crisis Nursery, a Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area children’s shelter. Troy McQuagge US Health also provided over $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona to aid families of children with life-threatening illness and $45,000 to the same entity the following year in Texas. Other non-profits that have benefited from those such as the Brevard County Homes for Warriors in Brevard County, Florida and many other community services across the United States.

According to Troy McQuagge US Health when asked why HOPE was formed Troy said “Every company has a soul. That soul lies at the very core of who the company and its people really are. Our people have made it their mission to help and serve others whenever and wherever they can. For me, there is no more noble way to run a business or to live your life.” This heart spoken philosophy can only create growth and prestige for the company in coming years as USHA helps thousands to live a better life.

Continuing to provide services across the nation hopefully the selfless philosophy of McQuagge and his compatriots at USHEALTH Group and their dedication to making the world a better place will serve as a model to other corporations around the world.



OSI Industries Is A Great American Success Story

It is healthy for a business to show growth throughout its lifetime. Companies that consistently evolve are doing so based on the successes and learning processes that they have gone through. Good leadership in an organization opens up new opportunity for others. It allows the corporation to take on new challenges and create different types of jobs. OSI Industries began its food manufacturing journey in the early nineteen hundreds. It is now an international organization with a very diverse presence within the industry. The company made news by acquiring other industry organizations. The moves allow OSI to remain a leader in meat manufacturing and set a high standard.

OSI Industries acquired Flagship Food Group. Flagship Food Group is a food manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom. It has a firmly established consumer base and is known for producing frozen poultry, pies, mayonnaise, dressings and sauces. Flagship Food Group is a growing company itself. They made their own acquisition of Calder Foods. The purchase of Calder Foods allows Flagship Food Group to expand their reach within the industry. Calder Foods specializes in marinades, sandwich fillings and dips.

Baho Foods is a Dutch based food manufacturing company. They concentrate on deli meats and several other types of snacks. Baho Foods owns several subsidiary companies. The merger with OSI Industries gives them access to the resources of a multi-billion dollar organization that has been in business for decades. Baho Foods leadership is expected to stay in place and work closely with the OSI team in order to diversify their presence throughout the European region.

OSI Industries began as a family-run organization in the Chicago, Illinois area. The company operated for many years under the name Otto and Sons. Otto Kolschowsky was an immigrant from Germany who ran the company with his children. By the 1950s he had begun to settle into retirement. His sons were handling the day-to-day operations when they met a businessman by the name of Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was expanding his McDonald’s business into the local region and needed to partner with a meat manufacturer that he could trust.

Otto and Sons took on the task and immediately started to show the signs of an innovative company. They introduced new concepts to food manufacturing such as the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. This allowed them to cater specifically to the needs of McDonald’s. Investors recommended that Otto and Sons become the primary meat supplier for McDonald’s.

Otto and Sons took over all responsibilities for supplying meat to the McDonald’s Organization. Around this time they became known as OSI Industries. OSI Industries is now an international enterprise of its own. It caters to several other major food companies. Their clientele includes Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. OSI was named the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes Magazine. The organization has plants operating throughout the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

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Troy McQuagge: The Leader Who Redefined USHealth Group

Troy McQuagge is one of the most inspiring and promising names in the insurance sector as the visionary leader of USHealth Group. The Chief Executive Officer of the insurance group is known for innovating the firm to provide individualized product solutions that helped it to grab the market significantly. Having more than three decades of experience in the health insurance industry, especially in insurance sales, McQuagge knows the challenges and opportunities of the industry better than anyone else. This helped him to strategize long-term growth goals with excellent customer relationship. As the CEO of the premier insurance firm, McQuagge takes the vision of USHealth Group forward and creates a new definition of quality insurance offering. Visit to know more about Troy McQuagge.

His contributions to USHealth Group helped the insurance industry to advance further. This made him get multiple accolades from governmental agencies and industrial bodies. McQuagge was the winner of One Planet Awards for the year 2016 for showcasing professional and business excellence. The award program is established to recognize professional and business excellence in all the industries across the world. Interestingly, different types of organizations, including profit, non-profit, start-ups, private, public, large corporations, and more can send their nominations for the coveted award program. McQuagge expressed his happiness over the feat and said that he greatly values the recognition for the esteemed insurance industry. He also added that he wanted to dedicate the achievement to his colleagues in the USHealth Group.

McQuagge also added that the recognition is a testimony to the firm’s commitment to providing affordable healthcare programs to customers of different needs with innovative coverage. He also stressed out the firm’s efforts to solve the concerns of customers considering their healthcare needs grow. Interestingly, One Planet Awards is touching every major segment of each industry and known as a comprehensive recognition program. It recognizes different categories in each industry including leadership, teams, marketing, PR, new products and services, corporate communications, organizations, and more around the world. The award program is considered as one of the premier peers to peer recognitions across the industries.

Troy McQuagge started collaborating with USHealth Group in the year 2010 when he joined as the CEO of its captive wing called, USHealth Advisors. He was tasked to remodel the sales division and introduced new training plans for the advisors, modified their compensation plan, and provided greater support. It helped the division to report record sales and profit in the later years. His thoughtful leadership in USHealth Advisors helped McQuagge to be promoted to the CEO of USHealth Group in the year 2014. In the later years, he focused on growth strategy and profitability of the firm. Earlier, McQuagge began his career with Allstate Insurance and later worked with UICI/Health Market, before collaborating with USHealth Group. Visit Troy McQuagge at Twitter.



Reaching Life’s Full Potential Through Healthy Living-IDLife

Recently Center for Disease Control gave out a record according to their research of the number of men and women affected by obese or overweight in the United States of America. The number of women affected is about 65% while that of men is about 70%. Obese or overweight is not only a physical appearance issue but can also affect an individual’s work, social life as well as health. Some of the health risks that an overweight person faces include arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and cancer among many others. The health and the wellness industry in the United States have been investing a lot of money in the sector to develop new products that will help people deal with weight issues as they help reduce the conditions that come with the overweight and obese.

On the contrary, many people who have used the health products have expressed disappointment, at the end of the day, the products have not been of great help to their physical appearance as well as health. But there is still hope for the persons if they use personalized nutrition. For those who are searching for results, supplements are the response to their weight as well as fitness issues. IDLife is one of the organizations which were established to deal with the medical issues of people in the United States. The firm can be described as a unique wellness firm due to the following factors.

1. Change the appearance of the supplement market: the supplement industry has been growing in America due to the high demand of loss weight as well as healthy living. IDLife has been doing things differently by delivering targeted nutrition option.

2. Supported by researched science: Before development of any of their products IDLife must conduct extensive study.

3. Prevailing administrators and motivated stockholders: for a business to be successful it must have powerful leaders, and this is how IDLife is and also it is backed with investors who have a desire of assisting others.

4. Quality ingredients obtained dutifully: IDLife supplements are of high quality due to the research and the effort put to source the raw products.

IDLife is a wellness and health firm that is created to distribute nutritional supplements to their clients depending on their needs which the organization trusts are unique. IDLife can well be described as a unique fitness company which knows that two people are not the same and their fitness and health requirements are totally different. IDLife was founded by Logan Stout for the purpose of assisting individuals to reach their full potential as they promote good health.

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France Plans Establishes a Startup Hub to Mentor Business Owners

France has taken its entrepreneurship mentorship efforts to another level. It is launching a startup hub, expected to be the largest one in the world. The campus already exists and it’s referred to as Station F. Previously called the Freight Hall Halle Freyssinet, the space is located in Paris at a railway depot. France intends to use Station F to help entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds. The space has 3,000 desks. It covers an area of around 366,000ft2. Those using the space will have access to 8 event halls, a bar and restaurant.

Station F is part of the French government’s efforts of fostering homegrown business. The space will be home to 26 international programs. France has already made plans to build more housing units around the campus. The new residential houses will accommodate those undergoing different programs at the startup incubation center. France wants to establish a tech incubation culture similar to the Silicon Valley of California. The government has partnered with French entrepreneur Xavier Niel to build Station F. Mr. Niel has already put in a quarter billion pounds into the project.

The startup campus is offering two programs: The Fighters Program and Founders Program. The Fighters Program is free for those accepted into the institution. On the other hand, The Founders Program charges a monthly fee of around $200 a desk. More than 200 startups have already enrolled for the Founders Program. The majority of programs at Station F are offered by big tech firms like Microsoft.

The Fighters Program was introduced for aggressive entrepreneurs with limited resources. The businesspeople accepted into this program include refugees, immigrants as well as entrepreneurs from French suburbs. According to Station F’s website, anyone can start a company as long as they can take the initiative to do so. The startup hub will change many lives and boost entrepreneurship in France.

Startups Following This Model Can Succeed

A common criticism about startup companies is that they are far too risky to begin and far too poor an investment for outside capital. Companies that are just beginning are often touted as only having a one in ten chance of still being around after a few years. No one knows the perfect formula of things to do in order to be a successful business. But one thing we can do is look at all of the startups that have succeeded as of late and notice some very common characteristics between all of them. This is by no means a guarantee that your business will succeed but it certainly is comforting to know that your doing everything possible to mirror the most successful businesses around.
A recent article claims that there are six main characteristics that successful startups tend to have in common. The first is seed money from well established companies such as Google or Oracle. The second is a partnership with Universities all around the globe. The remaining four characteristics include human capital, investment capital, mentoring and values. One reoccurring thing in successful startups is capital capital capital. Very infrequently do startup companies with a low total capital value mature into adulthood. Partnerships with Universities usually aid in developing a new research method or help the company get over an issue with creating a prototype that they could not have otherwise created on their own. The final two characteristics, mentoring and values, often come as package deals associated with garnering capital and a relationship with a University. As more people come into your inner circle you will have more mentors at your disposal and if these people have been in your respective industry for a long time, will undoubtedly have the values to make your startup business succeed.

Podcast Advertising is effective, says PodcastOne CEO Norman Pattiz

The results of a study that has been analyzing the effectiveness of Podcast advertising have been released. Podcast CEO Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, the VP of Edison Research Strategy, declared the outcome of a progressive study that was conducted countrywide among five of the most popular brands. The research, which got done between July and December 2016 illustrated a significant effect of Podcast advertising with increased scores on brand recall, intention to buy and remembering of precise messaging.

The survey showed that at least 60% of Podcast listeners could refer to a particular grocery after an Ad about it had run, a significant margin of the 7% among the spectators included in the pre-study. There was a significant increment in the product responsiveness between the research, with financial services product raising by 47% after the intervention, 37% for car after-market goods, with grass and garden products registering an improvement of 24%.

Post-research analysis showed that more than 33% of the respondents affirmatively to the question whether they had a ‘positive, view of a car after-market merchandise, a significant raise from 18% in the pre-research score. The percentage of the test-takers who reported to be ‘almost convinced’ to use a garden lawn product increased by 8% to 22% after the Ad.

Three types of research were conducted for PodcastOne by Edison Research Strategy in 2016 to observing the effectiveness of market promotion using podcast advertising for five different brands. The study involved established brands which were launching new campaigns and also upcoming brands that were trying to enhance their popularity. After 4-6 weeks of podcast campaigns analysis were done on the respondents and compared with their responses before the promotions. The results showed a rise in the consumer’s perception of the products after the podcast campaigns. It got indicated by a higher receptivity to and willingness to purchase the advertised products.

In addition to being the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has experience in radio syndication that spans over 40 years. He is also the brains behind America’s leading provider of news, entertainment and related content, Westwood One. He also founded Courtside Entertainment in 2010 with an objective of producing and distributing quality programming.

Pattiz has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, the authority that is in charge of overseeing all non-military broadcasting. He was appointed to the board by presidents Clinton and Bush in the years 2000 and 2002 respectively. Learn more:


The Formidable Philanthropic Acts of George Soros

One of the most renowned and celebrated philanthropists that have ever traversed the surface of the earth is the phenomenal George Soros. Not only is he a philanthropist but also one of the finest authors and most successful investors in the entrepreneurial sector. Through his brainchildren, the Open Society Institute and the Soros Fund Management, he has given over $10 Billion to charity. His funding has not only been channelled towards supporting organizations but also individuals who have been outstanding as vanguards in the fight for equality, justice, the freedom of expression, accountable and transparent governments and read full article.

Born on 12th August, 1930 in Hungary, George Soros emigrated from his motherland into London where he joined the London School of Economics and graduated with both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Philosophy. His magnificent entrepreneurial career kicked off when he worked as an employee of Merchant Banks in England and the US. However, his career as an exceptional philanthropist was only about to kick off and learn more about George Soros.

The breakthrough dawned in 1969 when he founded his first hedge-fund that was referred to as the Double Eagle. This proved to be an excellent venture when the profits that George Soros earned were enough to enable him establish another hedge-fund in 1970 known as the Soros Fund Management. The second hedge-fund was started, however, as a subsidiary of the Double Eagle which was thereafter renamed as the Quantum Fund.

Under the superb leadership of George Soros, the Quantum Fund garnered assets whose worth totalled $25 Billion. His name gained a resounding popularity during his career thus making him more successful in entrepreneurial field. Some of the reasons for his spectacular success in this sphere is the fact that he intellectually applied the Theory of Reflexivity by Karl Popper to capital markets thus making him an A-list entrepreneur with a firm grasp and understanding of the stocks. As a matter of fact, George Soros defied all odds during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis of 1992 as he made a profit of $1 billion and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Some of his most significant philanthropic activities were exemplified in 1970 when he funded several black students to attend the University of Cape Town, South Africa during the infamous apartheid regime; this was one of his outstanding acts of dissonance with the Iron Curtain. In February 2017, George Soros was shortlisted in the Forbes Magazine at position 19 among the world’s richest people with a net-worth of up to $25 Billion. It is in all manners of fairness to aver that George Soros is quite an iconic person in the modern world as his life and career lays inspirational imprints to everyone to make the society a better place and Follow him

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A Review Of Daniel Mark Harrison’s Illustrious Career

Daniel Mark Harrison is a bitcoin enthusiast. Over the years, he has created a name for himself in the field of crypto-currency. Moreover, Harrison is a shrewd entrepreneur and an author. He has achieved tremendous success in every field where he has invested his time and resources. Many financial magazines speak greatly of him.

Harrison holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in theology from the prestigious University of Oxford. He enrolled in the university in 1998 and graduated in 1999. He spent a couple of years building his career before returning to school for his Masters of Business Administration at the esteemed BI Norwegian Business Schools. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in journalism (business) from the New York University.

Besides having a sound educational background, Harrison has created a business empire. The businessman and executive leader is the brain behind Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. He incorporated the firm in October 2015. Daniel Mark Harrison serves as the company’s chief executive officer and chairman. The firm has opened new offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Moreover, he uses the company to manage estates belonging to him and his family. The quality of the company’s investments has earned it a position as one of the most recognizable global investment companies.

Harrison renders his services for Monkey Capital as the managing partner. The fin-tech firm invests in digital assets and serves investors as a block-chain investment company. It is for this reason that the firm is described as a decentralized digital asset and block chain investment bank. Monkey Capital was incorporated in March 2016.

The investor has been an active contributor to CoinSpeaker. His invaluable insights have helped CoinSpeaker to gain many readers. Presently, almost half a million people read the site monthly. The entrepreneur is also using search engine optimization to make the site available to more Google users. Harrison is also the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of a renowned brand, Marc Rand. This publication is known for unearthing several secrets such as the fact that an FBI undercover agent heads Ku Klux Klan. Over the years, Harrison has been featured on leading media corporations, including Bloomberg and CNN.