How Businesses can benefit from Facebook Video Marketing

Many businesses use commercials to reach out to their loyal clients as well as recruit new ones. Since advertising is visual, it is possible to reach out to many prospective customers by enhancing the visual impact utilizing video marketing. Carefully chosen text combined with high quality moving images not only advertises the business but also entertains. Businesses that use video marketing and capitalize on the popularity of digital ventures like Facebook have high chances of realizing immense profits.

Benefits of Facebook Video Marketing


Millions of people across the globe use Facebook on a daily basis. Therefore, entrepreneurs can create Facebook pages for their companies. The pages should target their potential clients and update them on new and existing products or services that are available.

Increased visibility

Facebook videos are searchable on modern search engines like Google. The video will be available on both Facebook and Google. Thus, businesses will have a fantastic online presence. Customers will access information about a particular company easily.

High conversation rate

Apart from increasing the number of people who visits a particular website, social media can boost the conversation rate. Business owners can post interesting videos and still manage to convince their audience to buy their products or services. Originally published on Forbes

Incredible social connectivity

Facebook is debatably one of the most famous and fastest growing social media platforms. The number of users keeps increasing as each day passes. Therefore, entrepreneurs should communicate with potential and existing clients, offer ideal customer services, and strive to build a fantastic relationship with their target audience.

Amazon Prime Day Will Probably Benefit Other Companies Too

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s annual day to give massive discounts to a wide number of products from a plethora of different companies, and it looks like this year’s will benefit other companies as well, at least in terms of online traffic.

A company is lucky if it can direct 15% of internet traffic to its website to make an actual purchase, but it is an absolute truth that you make more online sales when you get more online traffic to your website. Certainly, it matters that you get high-income viewers to come to your website, but it’s equally important that you just get more people to view your site at all. So, Amazon offering deep discounts to many products offered on its platforms means that customers will potentially end up going to the websites of the producers of products they first viewed on Amazon. The average American consumer is just fascinating.

This, of course, is an unintentional but still free and beneficial service to other businesses that Amazon provides on its Prime Day, which gives Amazon itself millions upon millions in additional revenue due to Amazon’s ability to control its own prices. This increases Amazon’s market share, and it deepens the average consumer’s business relationship with Amazon as well. Overall, Amazon Prime Day is an economic blessing that benefits almost everyone involved, all the while giving customers lower prices that at almost any time during the year. How can you beat that?

Alibaba and The Fight Over Counterfeits

Alibaba, the Asian online juggernaut combining search engines with businesses and organizations, is rolling out a new counterfeit detection tool, according to a report today from Business Insider.

Alibaba hopes this will help increase the integrity of their trading platform as well as the goods and services that are exchanged every second. More importantly than for Alibaba’s business prospects, this is an important step in developing technology to protect the integrity of online businesses, and it’s something all businesses should keep a watchful eye on.

It’s important for online businesses to be able to protect against counterfeit products because they can’t guarantee a product’s genuineness in the way a brick and mortar store can, which leaves them with a confidence gap among the consumer base that they need to be able to overcome. Overcoming that confidence gap means that online businesses have to sell a better product at a lower price while guaranteeing confidence in the process throughout the way.

That’s a tall order for companies like Alibaba who are breaking new ground in developing markets in Asia, but it’s also difficult for retailers who do business in the Western world as well. When you buy a bag from a Louis Vuitton, you can reasonably expect that the bag you’re buying is an actual Louis. When you buy from an online retailer, you can’t realistically have that same expectation. That’s a universal problem, and it’s one that Alibaba just may have a solution for.

Article Analyzes E-Commerce Trends

Business Insider has an interesting research-based article on their website analyzing the latest trends in e-commerce. Consumers made clear during the 2015 holiday season that shopping online is becoming increasingly popular, and the Business Insider article is an attempt to get a handle on how the online marketplace is evolving; specifically, it looks at how retailers are trying to adjust to e-commerce.

Key Points of the Article

Businesses are increasing their budgets for online advertising and marketing. Notably, retailers are spending more money on paid search advertising. This type of advertising, also known as pay-per-click, grew 18% in 2015.

Mobile phone is the fastest growing platform for online shopping; however, shopping by mobile phone is still less popular than shopping by laptop and desktop computers. Because webpages for mobile phones must be formatted differently than for traditional computers, the rise in mobile phone use for shopping has led to a corresponding increase in the amount of money retailers must spend on web development.

The rise of e-commerce is badly straining the shipping and logistics industry. Companies like UPS are having trouble keeping up because their networks are not designed to handle the amount of volume e-commerce is creating. Companies such as Newgistics, which assists retailers in managing e-commerce, are doing extremely well.


E-commerce is rapidly changing how people shop. Everyone agrees that retailers able to adapt are at an advantage, and they are scrambling to do so.