How Facial Recognition May Shape the Future of Digital Marketing

Reaching consumers requires more than the ability to deliver a high-quality good or product to your user base. Tapping into the needs and desires of individuals is an extremely important factor to keep in mind any time you are promoting a new product or brand. With facial recognition technology today, there are many new routes available to take in order to truly reach and resonate with any demographic.

Gender-Based Advertisements on the Fly

One method of putting facial recognition to use is to do so based on the gender of the individual you are targeting. Facial recognition is capable of determining an individual’s gender based on overall looks, facial structure, and biologically-based features that are prevalent in either men or women. By having the ability to immediately capture and assess an individual’s gender, a more relevant advertisement that is likely to have an impact can be shown.

Eye Movements and Blinks

In 2013, one marketing campaign hosted by Verizon utilized facial recognition to capture the eye movements and blink rate of individuals in order to show their advertisement properly and in full. When a user blinks or moves their eyes in a specific direction, the advertisement is able to follow and show its message in its completed form.

The Future of User Data

While it is currently possible to implement facial recognition into today’s marketing strategies, the technology is still growing and expanding immensely each day. Soon, experts estimate that it will also become possible to extrapolate personal data and deliver targeted advertisements to individuals based on their profiles, interests, and even their current financial status.

Using facial recognition in digital marketing is not brand new, but it has come a long way in the past decade alone. Learning about various ways to truly integrate facial recognition into your own digital marketing campaigns is a way to stand out amongst competition while also successfully reaching those who have an interest in your products, services, or brand as a whole.

Improving Your Digital Marketing Strategy Today

With the advent of the Internet and social media, traditional marketing strategies continue to evolve each year. Whether you are a new brand on the scene or trying to build an existing company you manage, improving your digital marketing strategy is a key factor in determining the amount of success you are capable of achieving.

Implement A/B Testing More Often When Using Social Media to Market

A/B testing is not a new technique but is often thought of as a tool utilized when placing advertisements on websites and blogs. However, A/B testing is also vital when running social media campaigns on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. With the right analytic tools and various advertisements sharing the same message, learn more about what your followers and customers are truly seeking from your company and the goods or products you offer.

Avoid Dismissing Email Marketing Opportunities

While social media marketing has taken the advertising industry by storm, it is important to avoid dismissing email marketing campaigns. In many cases, email marketing shows more interaction, engagement, and ultimately, conversions to sales. Using an email marketing campaign manager is ideal to keep track of what works for your audience and demographic and what falls flat.

Research Third Party Advertising Platforms to Expand Your Reach Online

Although there are plenty of large advertising companies waiting to take your money, there are also thousands of third-party alternatives available for smaller companies, start-ups, and those seeking additional outlets when showcasing products and services. Using a third-party advertising website to host and promote your advertisements is a way for you to better gauge what works and which audiences are reacting best to your promotions and ads altogether.

Implementing a few tips and tricks while staying on top of current technological changes and advances is essential for any type of entrepreneur who is looking to stand out from the crowd, regardless of the market you are working in or represent.

White Shark Media Has Become a Leader in Online Advertising

White Shark Media is online advertising and marketing for small and medium businesses. Most online business owners do not have the time to manage their ad campaigns. White Shark Media, which was founded less than a decade ago, has rapidly risen to the top of the industry using strategic campaigns, excellent customer service and state-of-the-art techniques for managing your campaign and sending traffic to your site.

If you have an online business, it is essential that you have a relevant advertising department to reach a high level of success. White Shark is determined to be a leader in every area of online marketing and advertising for your company, and they began by becoming a visible partner with Adwords six years ago.

Adwords is the largest and most effective venue for online advertising, and White Shark Media is proud to partner with them. White Shark Media and Adwords work together to achieve Google’s eligibility and other requirements with expertise, and this makes White Shark’s clients more visible.

PPC is another significant area in advertising, and we offer a risk-free assessment from our specialists, which creates a directed strategy that coincides with the growing business goals of your business. It is pertinent that you are aware of your businesses strengths and weaknesses, and our team will discuss those and the best strategies and techniques for your company to grow. We are always looking for more effective ways of helping you to accomplish your goals.

The growth of your business and a substantial increase in clients is our main goal with each and every client. We incorporate unique, state-of-the-art perspectives and instrument your plan to the smallest detail to make it successful. Some of our clients have seen their business triple and quadruple within the first year in White Shark Media.

Our clients represent over 180 digital markets, and White Shark offers personalized service in each field. We have clients who have been with White Shark since we began, and they know first-hand the dedication and commitment we put into helping our clients succeed in their individual venues.

Client testimonies tell the story of our progress and how we consistently increase your business while focusing on excellent customer service.

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Conversion Rate Success is Rare

Hubspot released some statistics that most start-ups won’t find surprising. Of the businesses surveyed, only 22% were satisfied with their conversion rates. When developing a digital marketing strategy there are many pieces that can easily be overlooked which will result in low conversions. Matei Gavril, a creative marketing manager, recently outlined some areas where start-ups and other organizations should focus when they attempt to strengthen their digital marketing strategy. Some of the ideas aren’t new but a few stand out.

A digital marketing plan is almost as important as a start-up’s service or product. As such, a business needs to develop their marketing plan early on and dovetail that plan to the business’ overall growth plan and mission. Gavril also suggests hiring the people you need before you need them. In other words, build up a team or find a skilled individual who is capable of providing digital content, tracking conversions and analyzing metrics. Hubspot’s statistics showed that less than half of all marketers surveyed said “they were able to measure their social activities.” Start-ups should find and hire people who can do the job. Without accurate measures of investment returns, a digital marketing strategy can become a loss rather than a gain.

Another insight that is rarely discussed is the need to focus on one concern. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of areas, including shifting demographics, multiple platforms, various ad payment options and that’s only a few of the pieces needed for successful marketing campaigns. The options are overwhelming. Gavril suggests sticking to one aspect at a time and doing it well. If you know your industry appeals to a certain demographic then spend your time researching that demographic and establishing a niche. Focus on building that campaign, monitoring its effectiveness and nurturing conversion rates before moving on.

Digital Marketing and Apps that Power Them


Marketing takes into play many variables, and only experience prevails over learned skill sets, predictive capabilities, and business sense. Marketing of today, namely digital marketing, encompasses being innovative and taking first moves to succeed. Companies have developed digital marketing tools, from small, one-man shows, to Google and Facebook, the largest companies in the world. Google recently developed Unique Reach, an application that informs companies and their marketers when potential customers have seen the same advertisement more than once.


Unique Reach collects more than just advertisement viewing data: this program harvests impressions made; differentiates between users, even on the same computer; and provides feedback on goals reached in respect to marketing campaigns. Save money by not engaging with clients you have already sent numerous offers to online. This program also works with AdWords and DoubleClick and eliminate the need for physical data entry by employees.


Marketing is more than advanced computer algorithms and matching up commonly used search terms. A marketing assistant program named Atomic AI that provides live assistance to those who write digital marketing entries. This program suggests words and phrases to use instead of currently typed ones, based on previous ads your group has created and what is currently popular in the marketplace online.


Atomic AI also differentiates between short- and long-run strategies in the recommendations it provides users. Some words are trendy and do not stay as the most often used; others are staples in searches and have been for years. Rather than manually researching the pros and cons of each individual word, its context, and how they change based on product, service, and field, Atomic AI makes marketing a breeze for users.


This content writing assistance program has a mobile app, numerous web extensions, and other layouts for company’s employees utilize them most effectively.


Unique Reach and Atomic AI are just two of the many digital marketing programs that advanced digital marketers use to stay ahead of competitors in the rough online marketing space. Digital marketing changes nearly as often — if not more often — than the weather changes. Innovation is key to success in digital marketing, a trait that Unique Reach and Atomic AI utilize to the fullest in its digital competitive space.


Digital Marketing Trends Teeter on Uneasiness

Digital marketing is a term we all see advertised online for companies to take advantage of their potential. Many support digital marketing because of its buzzword characteristics that many business owners, writers, and other related to business write about quickly and easily online. Digital marketing is very popular, and the only one to top this popularity with top competition is through innovation.

Nearly the only trend in online marketing is the trend of rapid change. Short videos have had stints in being the most popular online ads, social media ads have had a short run as the most popularly consumed digital marketing, and augmented reality marketing is on the rise too. These three things are grossly unrelated to one another, illustrating exactly how different things in digital marketing are in relation to one another. The only thing shared between these today is the innovation.

Business owners may have trouble understanding what the hottest trends are in digital marketing, for good reason. Many turn to online resources that provide digital marketing know how. Because of it being hard to understand, many businesses do not take full advantage of their online marketing potential.

Another trend in the ever-changing field of digital marketing is viral marketing. Some companies have emerged simply to provide likes, comments, shares, and other social media happenings to help a video grow to viral status. Seeing videos or pictures on one’s social media feed are more likely to be found as funny or interesting because, unlike commercials, the consumers did not expect those ads to show up on social media. Creating content that forges emotional relations between your company and its customers is an important aspect of having long-lasting customers.

Search engine optimization is an important part of digital marketing, but has taken a backseat to today’s more popular trends. SEO is still vital to companies because competitors are researching commonly searched trendy terms to better match average customer profiles in relation to using a powerful search engine. Behavior-based emails are also distributed to consumers who are more likely to prefer certain words, phrases, and mannerisms other others, to strike lasting relations.

Digital marketing is always changing, but trends such as virtual reality and social media have helped cement innovation’s fame in digital marketing.

The Power of a Simple Review

According to an article recently published in the Huffington Post, business people should be encouraging reviews as it helps them build their business in many different ways.

The first thing that online reviews do is help you increase your click-through rate. This is the number of people that click on your listing when they enter words into a search engine. By simply using schema markup on your site, you can get your reviews to show alongside your listing. More people will be encouraged to click on your link even if it is not the first one on the page.

Reviews are also useful in increasing your search engine optimization allowing your site to show higher in search engines. In fact, you can visualize it as one leg of a three-legged stool. The second leg is your on-page search engine optimization like choosing great keywords and providing outstanding content. The third leg is the number of times that you appear in social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Pinterest.

Reviews also provide social proof that other people like your company. Humans are social beings. We tend to like what other people like. These reviews encourage others to like your company.

Reviews build a level of trust with a potential customer. They can often be used to turn that customer into a paying customer. Even if you get a negative review, it is not the end of the world. It is imperative that you respond immediately in a calm professional manner. Customers realize that you cannot please all of the customers all of the time or that even the best of companies have a bad day.

While many people fear reviews, they also provide great feedback. They let you know what your company is doing great, and what your customers would change if they could. Instead of fearing reviews, embrace them because they are helping you build your online reputation. While they cost you nothing, they may make you a millionaire.

Bluecore Expands Its Email Marketing Platform To Include Advertising

Bluecore has long being known to make its revenue from sending emails that are triggered by the user behavior. Recently, the company announced that it is considering moving into the advertising platforms using the Bluecore Ads. Bluecore has been used by many marketers to follow up website visits using their personalized emails tied to the user behavior. For instance, a registered user who visits a product page of a particular retailer’s site might receive an email detailing the price of those products.

With the new move, Bluecore will allow the marketers to choose to show a display ad about their products to the same user both on mobile and desktop or on Facebook. To achieve its objective on this strategy, Bluecore is planning to tie the mobile device IDs and cookies to the email addresses to ensure it recognizes the users even when they are not logged in.

Bluecore will undertake the role of handling the creative and ad delivery, but the ad bidding will be managed through integration with Google and Facebook. Bluecore will rely heavily on the previous click on a link in a retailer’s marketing email to identify the user. Max Bennet, the co-founder and vice president of product, said that 40 percent of the anonymous traffic can be identified with particular users. Bluecore also revealed another milestone referred to as Predictive Audiences, which will be used to send emails and issue ads to user’s based on their predicted behavior. The recent announcement shows Bluecore’s effort to expand beyond its primary product to email marketing.

Facebook’s Giving Advertisers A Powerful New Tool

Facebook is about to take on Google by going after more of the digital advertising market. If anyone can grab more of the market, it’s Facebook; the social media network earns billions of dollars each quarter by ensuring users are not bombarded with irrelevant ads, and by offering marketing professionals the ability to select a very specific audience to view their message. Facebook’s Audience Network extends advertiser’s reach to third-party apps and websites, but until now, only Facebook users who were logged in saw the ads on third-party properties.

Now marketers can reach their desired consumer audience using Facebook’s Audience Network, even if the consumers don’t have a Facebook account. The social media network has a wealth of data about today’s consumers that will allow them to make educated guesses about what people are interested in, just like other advertising networks do, except Facebook has more data to draw on. More than one billion people use Facebook, sharing their age, gender, interests and more, which makes it easy for Facebook to deduce which ads are relevant for non-Facebook users.

If Facebook’s plan for off-network advertising to consumers without an account works out as expected, online marketers could find themselves allotting the social media network the largest share of their advertising budget. Facebook’s made this very easy; advertisers have to opt-out of targeting non-Facebook users when setting up ads in the Audience Network.

Missouri Professor Strives to Overcome Adversity

In November of 2015, University of Missouri assistant professor Melissa Click was suspended from teaching and criminally charged with third-degree assault when she was caught on camera calling for “some muscle” to forcibly remove a journalist covering student protests on the university campus. The protests were in reaction to the way black students were being treated at the university and ultimately forced both the president and the chancellor to turn in their resignations under the pressure. Since then, Click has become the target of more than 100 Missouri lawmakers who are calling for her immediate termination as they see her actions on that day as a direct attack on the First Amendment.

The case has become more complicated due to a new video which subsequently surfaced from an October 2015 protest which shows Click shoving a police officer who touched her while she attempted to act as a human barrier between students and law enforcement officers that were attempting to move the protest to the sidewalk during the university’s Homecoming Parade. The release of the October 2015 video has further upset interim chancellor Hank Foley intends to discuss the matter with the Board of Curators while they conduct their investigation into Click’s actions. After three months of relative silence, Click has hired the services of Status Labs to help repair her tarnished reputation and attempt to save her otherwise unblemished career.

Status Labs is a Texas-based online reputation management firm headquartered in Austin which helps clients manage both their public relations image and boost the online digital footprint of a brand. With additional offices in New York and Sao Palo, Brazil, Status Labs has worked with thousands of clients which include public figures and Fortune 100 companies across the globe to meet their public relations and marketing objectives. Status Labs offers clients data privacy protection solutions that cover a wide spectrum of online platforms which include online banking, search engines and social media.

Status Labs aids clients in orchestrating successful PR campaigns by helping thoroughly research subject matter before going public. Status Labs assists in creating effective and robust marketing campaigns which target the appropriate audience and engages them using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.