Chris Burch Explores Tech Fashion For The Connected World

Chris Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, explores an overlapping point within two of his favorite interests: fashion and technology. In a world in which more and more everyday objects are becoming connected to networks which can send and receive data, the fashion world is undoubtedly going to be taking on more technological advancements as well in the near future.


Chris Burch reminds us that technology has been a fashion staple for decades in the form of wearable accessories which are capable of playing music. In the 1970’s, we had the boombox, which could sit on our shoulder while we walked down the street, and this image became an iconic fashion visual in of itself. In the 1990’s, we had the ubiquitous Walkman, which kept us connected to our favorite tunes and instantly became an in-demand fashion accessory as essential as the right purse or hat.


With endless technological developments occurring daily, innovative fashion designers are dreaming up ways to incorporate technology into fashion. Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, for instance, has notably created dresses which perform technological functions such as making drinks and self-painting.


Not all tech fashion creations are mere gimmicks, either. Designer Soledad Martin is currently developing a shoe which can also charge a cell phone. Legendary New York-based fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg sent her fashion models down the runway wearing Google Glass glasses in support of the remarkable technological innovation Google unveiled before the world just months earlier. And several designers are using technology to incorporate recyclable materials into their work, whereas years ago these old materials could not be turned into desirable textiles, thus ushering in a new era of sustainability within the fashion industry.


Chris Burch is no doubt deeply passionate about this concept of tech fashion innovation. He has been investing in fashion companies since 1976, successfully predicting fashion trends based on consumer behavior as well as developing creative innovations. He also has a long list of investments in very successful technology brands.


Currently, Burch is co-founder of Tory Burch, the luxury fashion brand. His keen branding ability and deep understanding of what consumers want has kept him above the rest in the fashion industry for 40 years.