Whitney Wolfe Strikes Gold with Bumble

There is so much talk about Whitney Wolfe and the excellent app that she has created for singles that are trying to find the love of their life. The dating world can be very difficult to navigate if you don’t have a sturdy app that is going to give you access to the right people. Many women may have thought that they were coming across the wrong man over and over again. With most apps people may have felt like they were not getting anything new, and some people may have even become discouraged with dating apps.

It is very possible that Whitney Wolfe may have changed the way that women are able to control the situation in dating. With her Bumble app there is a 24-hour window when a message is sent. This is not exactly speed dating, but it is the closest thing to it in the app world. When ladies get a message they have a 24-hour period to respond. If they do not respond to this the message is gone forever. This is what Whitney Wolfe has improved upon and this is a concept that was already prevalent in dating apps.

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This works for Whitney Wolfe because it marks a new era in what was a common complaint in the dating world. There were always men that were wondering if women were getting the messages that they were sending. There were women on the other side that were wondering how they could avoid repetitive messages from men that did not take a hint. Whitney Wolfe has resolved all of this awkwardness with the Bumble app.

So many people have become comfortable with this because it allows people to get the hint without getting their feelings hurt. The 24-hour period for responding to messages sets the tone.

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