Talos Energy LLC and Partners Start Drilling Work in the Zama-1 Oil Well in Mexico

Talos Energy is a veteran oil and gas exploration company operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Using sheer innovation and cutting-edge mining technology, the company has prospered beyond the investors’ expectations. The energy firm has swallowed up smaller independent oil and gas companies in its path to the top. For instance, in 2012, Talos Energy LLC successfully acquired Gryphon Exploration Co and Phoenix Exploration Co.

Opening up the Private Energy Sector

In May this year, the Houston-based Talos Energy, LLC started drilling at an offshore oil deep in the Mexican Gulf waters. It’s the first offshore well sunk by a privately run oil and gas giant in the last 80 years. Previously, the state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos enjoyed a substantive monopoly in this vital sector. The move falls in line with a broader agenda by the Mexican government to attract more local-based firms to invest in the lucrative albeit struggling energy sector. The milestone deal brought together three companies: Sierra Oil and Gas Inc., Premier Oil PLC from the UK and Talos Energy LLC. The deal saw Talos acquire a 35% stake while Sierra and Premier Oil hold 40% and 25% respectively.

Drilling is already in progress at the Zama 1 well in Tabasco. Experts estimate that the well holds up to 500 million barrels of crude oil valued at billions of dollars. The cost of drilling the 500 million barrels is set at a modest $16M. Elaine Reynolds, an energy analyst based in London, asked his clients to invest quickly in the deal to profit later. Edison is a consultant with the Edison Investment Research Ltd.

About Talos Energy LLC

Talos Energy LLC is an independent and devoted oil and gas production company with a startling track-record spanning back decades. The company stands out tall for its above and beyond sustainable models. The oil company employs the latest and the safest technologies to produce final products. The firm has expanded to now control well over 33,000 square miles of potentially oil-rich acreage. Talos is heavily invested in community development and empowerment causes in the Louisiana regions and in the Gulf of Mexico areas. To learn more about the impressive CSR programs and careers available at the oil and gas conglomerate click here.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Lazaro Brandao, Bradesco, and Who Recently Stepped Down from President

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco and has been since 2009. He was appointed by Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao eight years ago in that calendar’s month of March. Mr. Brandao, at the time, was President of both the Board of Directors at Bradesco and the bank’s entire operations, having served in the role since his appointment in 1991.

Brandao was the second person in the bank’s history to be named President, a position he was promoted to after working as CEO for some ten years – similarly, he was only the second CEO in Bradesco’s history to work in that capacity.

Unfortunately for Banco Bradesco SA, the full legal name of the second-largest private financial institution in all of Brazil, Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao stepped down from his longtime position at President. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi announced in their press release for Bradesco that he would immediately assume both roles of CEO and President, although he will hand over Chief Executive Officer to another candidate starting sometime in March of 2018, when Mr. Trabuco and the board of directors at the bank will make a final decision.

Although nobody with a name at Bradesco indicated how many people would be considered for the title of chief executive, a few unnamed sources said that there would be seven people already on Bradesco’s inner circle. The names of the seven potential choices for CEO are listed below, as originally released and detailed by financial news media giant Bloomberg:



  • Andre Rodrigues Cano – This potential Chief Executive Officer is 59 years of age and is currently over the human resources functions at Bradesco, a truly difficult job to maintain. However, he has been with the financial institution since 1977, making him one of the oldest choices to select from. He was hired onto Bradesco’s team of upper managers in December of 2016, less than one full calendar year ago.
  • Octavio de Lazari – Mr. Lazari is 54 years old and similar to the above Mr. Cano, he was hired onto Bradesco in 1978. He is over insurance at Bradesco, formally titled Bradesco Seguro, and is held to about one-third of the bank’s net income.
  • Marcelo de Araujo Noronha – This executive is only 52 years old, making him one of the youngest – if not the youngest – people to choose from for Chief Executive Officer. He’s over investment banking and credit card issuance for the established Bradesco BBI. Mr. Noronha is also over credit card issuance.
  • Josue Augusto Pancini – Mr. Pancini is 57 years old and is over high-dollar customers at the bank. He has worked for Banco Bradesco longer than any other candidate on the list. He was first hired for the financial institution in 1975 and is also over Bradesco’s intricate, heavily detailed line of banks throughout the large country of Brazil.
  • Domingos Figueiredo Abreu – Mr. Abreu is one of two executives on this list of seven under consideration for CEO that is known to be integral in the takeover and purchase of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian retail unit of banks. He was hired in 1981, placing him near the middle of people being considered for hire. He is 58 years of age and is over treasury functions and consumer and business lending.
  • Alexandre da Silva Gluher – Mr. Gluher is the one other person in this list of seven that was greatly involved in buying HSBC Holdings’ retail unit in the Portuguese-speaking country of Brazil for a whopping 5.2 billion United States Dollars. Mr. Gluher is 57 years old, was hired in 1976 by Banco Bradesco, and is the Chief Risk Officer of the organization.
  • Mauricio Machado de Minas – Although he was only hired in 2009, Mr. Minas is a technological guru that is over information technology for Bradesco. He founded Next, a spinoff of Bradesco that can only be accessed through a computer, tablet, or mobile device with a connection to the World Wide Web. Mr. Minas joined the deep ranks of Bradesco in 2009 and has been at a cornucopia of other information technology firms, properly preparing him for a long-term career at Banco Bradesco. Visit:https://www.bradescori.com.br/site/conteudo/interna/default3.aspx?secaoId=572


Talk Fusion is Helping Businesses Reach New Market

Talk fusion recently took online marketing to another level through the launch of Talk fusion University. To make their company’s services even more efficient, Talk Fusion released the program in, which Bob Reina will be giving step by step videos to the users. That will make things easier for his numerous followers since they will now know where to find the videos. In the past, they would have to ensure that they keep up with him when he is on Facebook live chats or corporate broadcasts to avoid missing out on any new tips that he will be offering. However, Talk fusion University enables people to watch the videos later. Nevertheless, to access these tutorials, you ought to be a member. The program was launched on a live broadcast and had hundreds of spectators and is free for its associates. The program is currently available in English and Bahasa only but is soon to be translated into other languages to ensure that there is no barrier, acting as a hindrance to users. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an online system, which helps businesses promote their products through the use of videos. It is an online marketing platform, which mainly uses videos in advertising. Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Through it, the users can send newsletters, blogs and even have live chats with their current and potential customers. That usually works to their advantage since it tends to create even more impact in the promotion of their services and products since the prospects remain with a vivid memory of the interaction.


Through Talk fusion, business owners can attract even more clients from more than a hundred countries and most importantly keep them. They are also able to stand out from their competitors who use ordinary methods of product and service, hence, increasing their sales and market base. Despite being a successful firm, Talk Fusion is known for its efforts in giving back to the community through donations and participation in charity events. Talk Fusion impacts positively in the community through its donations to various deeds.