Facebook to Crack Down on Click-Bait Headlines

Facebook will now penalize those publishers who use click-bait headlines to make the users visit their sites, Fortune reports.

Many of such links encourage users to click in order to see more. However, studies done by Facebook show that the readers prefer to decide themselves whether to click on the link, so they prefer headlines with more information about what is available.

In order to avoid being penalized, Facebook requests digital publishers to post links in a “link format” rather than photos and updates of status. To determine who uses click-baits, Facebook will do some analysis.

First, it will check how much time users spend on the page after clicking on a link. What’s undesirable now is when users automatically abandon selected pages. In addition, Facebook will look at a ratio of clicks versus comments, likes, and shares. If there are many clicks without comments and likes, the post could be considered as a click-bait.

Facebook brings lots of visitors to the publishers. So, those who don’t conform to the new standards will be penalized. The social media giant wants good quality content rather than lots of marketing junk.

Facebook is not the only Internet giant seeking to bring better user experience to its visitors. Google frequently makes changes to its search engine algorithms, seeking to bring good quality sites to the top of search lists, while penalizing those which don’t bring much value and use black hat tactics.