Shea Butter Can Make an Incredible Difference On Your Skin


Shea butter is a luxurious, all-natural beauty product made by cold-pressing the seeds of the West African shea trees (sometimes called “ori” or “karite” in harvestable areas).


Once refined, the resulting shea butter has many uses as a beauty product. A small amount rubbed into the ends of hair can lock in moisture and, if run gently throughout the length, can be used to tame pesky flyaways. The same properties that make it a fabulous moisturizer for your hair make it an excellent nail care product, too; just rub a bit of shea into your hands each night, massaging it gently into your nails and cuticles, and you’ll soon have longer stronger nails! Whether as a lip balm or an eyelid soother, shea butter can ease discomfort and, if you add a bit of powder before applying it to your eyelids, creates a smooth, long-lasting cream shadow that doesn’t crease or look “pasty.”


Shea butter is a perfect body health product, too! Smooth it each night over skin that feels rough, areas like elbows or dry, chapped heels – just apply generously and then slip on a pair of comfy socks to sleep in. In just a week, you’ll notice a profound difference as the vitamins and naturally intense moisture work overnight to heal your damaged skin. The natural oils of shea butter make it a great shaving balm, as razors will glide across your skin without nicks while the natural oils moisturize your skin to leave it silky to the touch. Finish your beauty regimen each morning and night with a quick application to your lips, and you’ll never feel chapped again!


One company that offers a lovely selection of shea butter products is EuGenia Shea. Established by a mother and daughter team in 2014, EuGenia Shea’s commitment is to providing end consumers with the very best shea butter products available while using EuGenia Shea to help the women of Ghana in West Africa to provide a stable income for their own families.


EuGenia Shea provides fair wage opportunities to their workers and donates 15% of their profits on shea butter to a Ghanan education fund.