Spring Cleaning For Those Who Don’t Have The Time

Winter has finally given way to the subtle changes of spring which means that its that time of year where people break out their rubber gloves and clean every inch of their home. From wiping grim hiding under the microwave to taking apart your vacuum and giving every inch of it a good soak people across the nation take cleaning to a whole new level when the flowers start to bloom. Unfortunately in today’s busy society not many people have the time to deep clean every room. That’s where Handy comes in to save the day.

Handy is a mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms and acts as the Uber of home services. The tech start up has flourished into one of the nation’s leading cleaning and home services app in just three short years. Last year the New York based company celebrated their one millionth booking. While other competitive services have fallen short Handy has managed to gain so much popularity they’ve begun offering their services over seas and have even added a home furniture delivery and set up service.

Handy understands the nervousness when hiring a stranger to come clean your house but their hiring process ensures each professional is reliable and safe. Their app features company and individual profiles as well as user reviews and ratings. Each freelance worker goes through extensive background checks, reference checks, and multiple interviews before they are even considered. When the company first launched many people compared getting a job at Handy to getting into an Ivy League school. Not only does Handy offer great rates they give their employees the ability to create their own schedules which keeps everyone happy.

The app is simple to use and you can complete every needed action all within a few minutes. After the app is downloaded you simply choose a service, browse profiles, pick a cleaner, book, pay, and even tip! Handy also promises a full refund if the services are not adequate. So if your house is in need of spring cleaning but you haven’t got the time Handy can help you out.