Andrew Rolfe: Putting Others First

Reasons abound as to why education is such a concern receiving varied amounts of attention in countries around the world. In the United States, education is a big concern, yet in other countries, it is not so much of a priority. That said, the wealth of those in the United States finds it’s way to many charities and foundations that benefit millions in other countries. The Ubuntu Educational Fund, a not-for-profit organization that provides both health and educational support to the people of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The children in this area are regarded as being particularly vulnerable, so this charity goes a long way here. The mission of this fund is simple: to provide what all children deserve, which is everything.

Inclusion is the hallmark of this fund. Andrew Rolfe, a noted financier, is Chairman of the Board of this venerated, purpose-driven charity. A lot of people will donate money to charities, but when someone actually gets involved, especially at the level Andrew Rolfe has with the Ubuntu Educational Fund, it shows a different level of commitment. He invests his time and money into this charity making sure that his vision for the fund is executed.

Perhaps even more important to Andrew Rolfe is that he sets an example, encouraging others to get involved as well. If someone as busy and accomplished as Mr. Rolfe can make time for this fund, then most everyone with an interest in participating in a charity can do the same. Mr. Rolfe has explained his interest in galvanizing others to start investing in the future by doing what they can now, while they are here.

At some point, life becomes about your legacy. It is no longer about what accomplishments you have successfully achieved, or how much money you have made, but it becomes more about the work that you do and what the world will say about you after you are gone. Andrew Rolfe has done a lot in his lifetime and yet he remains deeply committed to continuing to work at helping others. This ultimately says he has not just been in it for accolades or as a fleeting interest, but rather that he is in it for the long-term, committed to making others lives better.


Andrew Rolfe, Working with Jacob Lief to Help the Citizens of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The Ubuntu Fund, located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa is dedicated to addressing the educational crisis in South Africa. They believe that the children who are vulnerable and the orphaned are deserving of having all that children should have and that is everything.

The Ubuntu Fund is a non-profit organization that was founded by Jacob Lief, who is also the chief executive officer. He has realized that there was money coming in from donations but it wasn’t doing anything to change people’s lives and circumstances. It seems that the donations and grants that they were receiving oft times came with restrictions attached from the donor as to how the money was spent. He was focused on looking for and finding the best way in which to support the children that he set the charity up to help.

If the donor is serving on the board of the non-profit it does allow them some say on the operations of the organization, and if that donor has any experience that is relevant, it can be very beneficial. This simply means that the foundation can use the expertise of the donor and in the meantime, the donor will feel that he is in the loop.

Charities, in general, are often in need of a source of money that is ongoing, which allows them to spend it on the items needed to make the organization run smoothly. That can be anything from Internet Technology systems to finding new ways to train the staff, which in turn will make them more efficient and be able to expand their programs.

Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund also works for the community of Zwide, Port Elizabeth, South Africa to improve the health care, social welfare and the education problems. He has very impressive credentials, having received his B.A. from Oxford and attended Harvard Business School where he earned his M.B.A.