The Many Endeavors of Dr. Mark Mckenna

When it comes to medical doctors, the United States has its fair share of these medical professionals. New Orleans-born Mark McKenna just so happens to be one of the most versatile medical doctors in the Southeast. The Tulane University Medical School graduate is licensed in surgery and is licensed in medicine. This board-certification comes from the Louisiana and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna began his medical career soon after graduation by working with his father in the same profession. Thanks to Dr. McKenna’s strong ambition to achieve other things, Dr. Mark McKenna launched a boutique real estate development company by the name of McKenna Venture Investments.


This extraordinary man’s educational-base comes from many different business sectors. McKenna Venture Investments provided great closing services for the general public, but he also launched other thriving businesses following this time. The other businesses were Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. Being such a remarkable and likeable guy, many people have idolized Dr. Mark McKenna. He has remained in contact with his community even after relocating to a different city. This loving husband and nurturing father of a little girl is truly dedicated to his work, but he still finds time to spend with his family. His day generally starts at 6:30 a.m. After work, McKenna enjoys training in Jiu Jitsu. After making it back home, he enjoys meditating in his free time. Unlike the average person, there are many layers to this guy. See Related Link to learn more.


Dr. Mark McKenna is a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, he has worked in the aesthetics medical industry for 10 years, and he has been the chief executive officer for many successful health and wellness companies. This guy has had a full-time schedule, but he has persevered through it all. Only time will tell what this remarkable guy has up his progressive sleeves in the future.


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Matthew Autterson is One Persistant Businessman

When it comes to Mr. Matthew Autterson he is known for being one very persistent businessman. For well over 25 years now he has proudly held different positions in the financial services industry. This happened to be an industry that he is very passionate about and that he knew he wanted to dedicate his career too. Even though he knew that the business road would be a very bumpy road he knew that in the end, it would all be worth it.


Autterson first took a leap into his career when he obtained his B.A. in finance from Michigan Stet University. It was shortly after he obtained his B.A. that he went on to take part in the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. Through both of these achievements, Autterson was able to learn many new things in his career field that allowed him to continue growing his career. These were both extremely helpful positions that really help Autterson learn the next steps that he needed to take in order to continue growing his career in a positive direction.


It was in 1982 that he decided he wanted to make a change in his career position and joined on with Integrated Resources, Inc. This was one position that Autterson knew was a good move for his career. However, his career achievements do not stop here. There are many more positions that he has proudly held throughout his career that he is extremely proud of to this day. Go To This Page to learn more.


Autterson currently is still working towards new goals but already has many positions that he is proud of. One of these positions happens to be the one that he holds as being a member of the Board of Directors for the Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Along with holding this position, Autterson is also the President, Chief Executive Officer and also a Board Member for CNS Bioscience, Inc. This is a clinical-stage drug development company that happened to of been first founded in 2013. Holding these positions at this company really helped him to be able to see exactly where he was wanted his career to go in the future.


Mr. Autterson is one businessman that has never been known to have slacked while on the job. Throughout his entire career, he has always made sure to put as much effort as he can into his work. He did this so that he could advance as fast as he possibly could up the career ladder.

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Troy McQuagge – Awarded the Best CEO of the Year 2017 at One Planet Awards for his work with US Health Advisors

The insurance market of the United States is one of the most competitive especially due to the presence of so many insurance companies. The insurance enterprises in the United States try out new marketing techniques and come up with unique insurance products to attract the attention of the public and grab the significant market share of the multi-billion insurance industry of the United States. One of the leading insurance companies in the United States that have been consistently delivering on its promises and has served more than 15 million customers so far is USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of the USHEALTH Group and has helped in taking the company to new heights of success through his strategic direction and business initiatives. Troy McQuagge USHealth knows how to stay ahead of the competition, and he has been able to achieve that successfully from the time he has taken over as the company’s CEO. One of the first things he did after taking over as the Chief Executive Officer is to modify the business structure of the company to modernize it and make it more efficient.

The efforts put in by Troy McQuagge USHealth for the success of USHEALTH Group are widely recognized, and it is also one of the reasons why he won the award for the Best CEO of the Year 2017 at the One Planet Awards. There are many other leading executives of other major firms from across the globe that participates at the One Planet Awards, but Troy MCQuagge managed to beat the competition single-handedly due to his long list of achievements since he joined USHEALTH Group in 2010.

One of the significant accomplishments of Troy McQuagge has been to turn around the business of the subsidiary firm of USHEALTH Group, named USHEALTH Advisors. The firm was running in loss before Troy joined, but he managed to study the business strategy of the company carefully and make necessary changes, which has helped the firm to become one of the most successful arms of USHEALTH Group today. One of the reasons why Troy has been able to achieve huge success for USHEALTH Group is because he is passionate about the insurance industry.

Even at the award ceremony of One Planet Awards, he said while receiving the award that one of his primary aims is to make insurance affordable for everyone. He mentioned that health care is expensive, which makes insurance necessary for every individual. It is for this reason he has been able to devise and market some of the most affordable insurance plans in the market. Troy MCQuagge is committed to penetrating the insurance market and making it accessible to the people, and he continues to implement new and unique strategies to make it happen. Read more:



Matthew Autterson Journey Through Career

Matthew Autterson serves as board member of CNS Bioscience, Inc. in Denver, the company in which he is also the Chief Executive Officer as well as the president. CNS Bioscience was established in 2013 as a subsidiary company of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB), founded by Scott Falci, M.D. It is a drug development company, for neuropathic pain drugs.

Autterson attended Michigan Stet University, right after graduating from Brother Rice High School. By 1980, he graduated from the Michigan Stet University with a bachelor’s Degree in Finance, and went for a Graduate Tax Program, thereafter in the University of Denver.

To start off his career, Autterson joined a subsidiary company of Fiserv, First Trust Corporation, where he worked until 1982, when he got a chance to work with Colorado State Chartered Trust Company, in a chartering team that was to charter the company as a satellite company of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc. Mr. Autterson was made the president of Resource Trust Company in 1986. Resource Trust Company and all its assets and employees were purchased by Broad Inc, in 1989. Broad Inc., was changed to SunAmerica before AIG acquited it in 1998. Go To This Page for additional information.


Before Resource Trust Company was fully acquired from AIG by Fiserve in 2001, it was among the largest state-chartered companies, that was also insured by FDIC as a depository trust company in the nation. It dealt with offering both custodial and depository services to its clients, who were more than 200,000 who had become part of the company’s client-base through the over 15,000 dedicated and registered financial advisors who served the company independently. The company had 700 employees, held custodial assets of over $20 billion, and deposits of more than $1 billion, all under the presidency of Matthew Autterson. It was after the acquisition of Resource Trust Company by Fiserve, that Mr. Autterson and other company employees lost their jobs.


Autterson 25 years of working with Resource Trust Company, made him gain much experience financial services industry.


Today, Autterson is much interested in philanthropy, which is evident through the several years of leadership in the Denver Zoo Board, Webb-Waring Foundation, Denver Hospice and Denver Zoological Foundation. In fact, even after losing his job, Mr. Autterson was still very supportive of the Denver Zoo annual event, not only through his financial support but also in bringing in more sponsors.


Autterson, lives in Colorado, together with his wife Lori. He is also a father of grown-ups.


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Troy McQuagge – HOPE in US Health


Helping other people everyday is what Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program stands for. It was started in the year 2010. USHEALTH Group is benefiting from Troy McQuagge’s program one hundred percent and visa-versa. HOPE assisted the Hurricane Katrina victims by partnering with Phoenix of New Orleans and by rebuilding homes. They donated shoes and accessories for babies during the Phoenix crisis. The HOPE program is people centered.

Troy McQuagge US Health believes that HOPE is their conscious providing a roadmap to how each day will go. They transform the lives that are served by HOPE. The Soul of HOPE is provided by the people. USHA gives more attention to helping other over counting the amount of money that is spent. HOPE allows people to have peace of mind. HOPE is all about loving them and allowing the steps of the program to work in their lives. Troy McQuagge believes it is how one does it. The fieldwork of feeding people in a homeless shelter to the rebuilding of the hardest hit areas are equally the soul and life’s breathe back into HOPE.

They help the Veterans. USHA and HOPE are one in love. There is no dictation. The devastation and suffering that HOPE fixes is their own. The employees love the HOPE organization because of its normal values and mission. Troy McQuagge notices that his field agents bring the help and the HOPE mission into their local communities. Mr. McQuagge is very proud of his agents and the fact that he does not have to say any words. The company speaks for itself and relays the message to the field agents that life is about the big picture. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

USHEALTH advisors were also very impressed with the natural love shown. They presented two checks, one for $25,000 and one for $45,000, to HOPEKids Arizona. Children in this group have heartbreaking and life threatening sicknesses that would make you cry. They laid cash on the stage in the check giving ceremonies.

Troy McQuagge displayed amazing leadership as the president and CEO of the USHEALTH Group and therefore of the HOPE program. In 2017 Troy McQuagge was the winner of the Gold Winner award for his amazing achievements and his leadership with the HOPE program. HOPE is an amazing program. HOPE’s leaders and workers are very talented to make it run.

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State Of Healthcare Technology with Entrepreneur Drew Madden

About all hospitals in the US were nonprofit institutions established by religious agencies in the 1900s. These hospitals today have sprouted into developed healthcare facilities caring for people with different types of infections. The large healthcare industry grew from inexperienced people in the field of healthcare, solving health problems from experiences they undergo daily. For instance, an entrepreneur John Crowley, founder of Amicus Therapeutics and Novazyme Pharmaceuticals and Drew Madden.


Drew Madden is a successful entrepreneur who has specialized in dealing with healthcare IT. He has spent the past couple of years trying to create exceptional teams, and excellent company culture, and dependable customer partnerships. In 2010, Madden was hired by Nordic Consulting Partners and was made to be its president as from 2011 to 2016. Nordic Consulting Partners is ranked as one of leading EPIC consultation firms. KLAS has offered it a couple of awards for the outstanding guidance that it gives to clients. The company managed to be ranked as the top provider of Epic implementation.  Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry.


As entrepreneurs seem to have interest in the healthcare industry, some tips may help inspire the coming generation to have their personal aid to the system. They include revisiting the evolving care strategies, improving post-acute assessment and medical appointment forms, wise use of health tracking systems and immediate logistic follow-up within the healthcare facility. Again, a pocket-friendly alternative to the ambulance responses, scheduling, and communication mean for every resident, constructing an electronic verification machine during visiting and straightforward connection for insurance reimbursement.


In the past few weeks, two reports indicated that Amazon and CVS are on the front tow in acquiring pharmacy licenses in distributing healthcare equipment in different states in the US. With Amazon getting closer to acquiring the license, it has put other agencies under pressure on modifying their services to be better than before. Both institutions are at their best to have the right in distributing these tools of which Amazon is inching much closer. Healthtech platforms are working with technological agencies in ensuring healthcare services are effective. With both companies having a stronger connection to their users across the states, the technological means of delivering healthcare services to millions in the US will encourage a healthier life across the country. Visit This Page for additional information.

Drew Madden Is Making Headlines Again

Within the last ten days, Amazon and CVS both invested a combined 200+ million dollar. This investment was made to healthcare companies that they purchased. Though they’re going to compete, spokesmen for both Amazon and CVS stated that they are thinking about America as a whole. These spokesmen went on to say that Amazon and CVS are tired of seeing so many American people hurting due to either not having insurance or because they pay an expensive health insurance bill every month.


The healthcare world cannot believe Amazon and CVS made this transition. Healthcare providers are afraid of losing customers. People in the community are excited about this situation. Several individuals stated that they believe health insurance companies are going to lower their regular monthly plans now that they have secure competition.


To make things fair, Amazon and CVS are accepting people who currently do not have health insurance. The plans offered by both Amazon and CVS are expected to be as low as a copay. Additionally, Amazon and CVS are going to try and include as many benefits as possible. In addition to making sure people have health insurance, Amazon and CVS also want to save people from being penalized on their taxes for not having health insurance. The government made over eight million dollars during last year’s tax season from punishing people who did not have health insurance, and that number is expected to double this year. See This Page for more information


Drew Madden is also involved in this situation. Amazon and CVS contacted Drew Madden in order to get his opinion on the situation. Drew Madden is planning on establishing an IT department within both corporations.


Drew Madden began his career serving several different healthcare companies within their IT department. Drew Madden brought forth innovative ways to transform technology so that services would be cheaper while people would still receive maximum benefits.

Colorful Dreaming With Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

How does a big dream begin? For Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, her dream began with color, she experimented with lots of unusual makeup colors and textures. She built her company on the bet that women wanted the freedom to wear gorgeous, outrageous colors and purchase them conveniently online at prices that didn’t break the budget. Ms. Deere is an animal activist so naturally, her products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


Doe Deere’s approach to makeup is different. In her opinion, makeup is not just something to use to disguise flaws, it’s a playful artistic expression.

Why settle for boring when you can stand out and be fabulous? And stand out she does, as she often sports pink, purple or blue tinted hair and wears makeup colors that formerly only existed in dreams. The Venus Eye palette collection features shades like “shell” pink to “mustard” and “brick” brown. Lime Crime lipsticks includes colors with names like “psycho” and “blood moon”. For those who dare to go as far as candy color hair, Lime Crime also offers shades of pink, blue, green and purple “Unicorn” hair tints.


One hundred years ago, the idea of wearing flame red lipstick was taboo. Makeup trends have come and gone, from the glamour days of the thirties and forties to the “no makeup” makeup looks of the sixties and seventies. Since the millennium, bold colors have made a comeback and are not going out of style anytime soon. On the Lime Crime website, and Instagram page (which has over two million followers), fans of her products post selfies of the unique looks they create using Lime Crime products.


In a recent interview featured on Guest of a Guest,, Ms. Deere, born Xenia Vorotova in Russia, shared how, like many young girls, she loved to experiment with her mother’s makeup kit. This creative spark, combined with an ambition to be her own boss, helped her achieve her dream and she encourages others to follow their passions and dare to be different. Doe Deere, now a resident of Los Angeles, is also a musician and has collaborated with her husband writing and playing music during her years in New York City before starting her cosmetics company. One look at the photos of Ms. Deere modeling her products shows how much fun colorful dreaming can be. Learn more:

Felipe Montoro Jens Government Projects to Be Passed in Second Half 2018

The Federal government announced an auction to be held in August 2018. About 57 projects will be given to the Private sector. These projects will be worth an investment of R$ 44 billion and a total of 22 sectors were listed by Program of Partnerships and Investments( PPI).

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, some of the projects will take place in the second part of the year. These projects include sale of stake in Brasillia airports, airport auction in Sao Paulo among others. The Public Company has 49% interest in these projects.

BR-153 project is also listed by the federal government, though the concession was previously revoked. Bidding on these projects is scheduled in the later months of Michel Temer’s government. The private sector will also be granted the BR-364 project, which is scheduled by end of 2018. The BR-364 stretch is nearly 800 kilometers and it is between Porto Velho and Comodoro.

The auctions that will not be affected are those of port terminals concessions namely Vila do Conde, Vitoria, Belen and Paranagua.

State-owned companies were announced to be privatized though how this will be done was not explained. The companies to be privatized are Mint, Docks of Espirito Santo, Casemg and Ceasaminas.

Moreira Franco, the minister of Secretary General explained that Mint Company’s sale is because of the need to advance in technology.

Contribution of the Investment Partnership Program (PPI)

PPI plans to widen and strengthen the state’s and private sector’s relationship. This will facilitate creation of jobs and ultimately enhance the growth of the state overall.

Public infrastructure will be assured of expansion by the PPI. Through this, quality and sufficient tariffs will be made available. The legal security together with stability of the projects will also be maintained by PPI. The greatest thing is that the state guarantees minimal intervention when it comes to investment.

The Success Attributed to Matthew Autterson

After his successful completion of his undergraduate degree in Arts, Matthew Autterson was fortunate enough to start his career in First Trust Corporation. In this company, Matthew utilized the opportunity he had to serve well until he acquired the appropriate skills and experience in his career. This made him leave the company the in the year 1982, to join high a profile group that would launch a new charter of Integrated Resource. The branch of the company was referred as First Trust Corporation. Using the skills and experience that Matthew had received in his previous job, he worked exemplarily in his new company until he was endorsed to be the president of the entire group (Resource Trust Company).


As the president of Resource Trust Company, Matthew Autterson excellent leadership skills made the company develop to be more exceptional levels. For example, in 2001, it was one of the most critical FDCI depository companies in the United States. Additionally, the company had over 200,000 clients, who would receive the appropriate services they needed from it. Due to this high success, the company attracted many investors who showed interest in it. One of them (investors) was Fiserv, which bought the business from AIG in 2001.


Currently, Matthew is one of the executives of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). In this firm, his philanthropic ambitions are well represented since the company is non-profit making firm, which offers support to people with neuromotor challenges. He also serves in CNS Bioscience Company as its chief executive officer and its president too. Click Here for related information.


Matthew has also invested in other sectors such as real estate. In this sector, he managed to sell one of the coveted mansions in the streets of Old Cherry Hills. According to Wofle, the villa was the most desired home by many people due to its location and structure. This made it sell at a price that was over 4 million dollars, three months after it was constructed. Other features that the mansion had were more than five bedrooms and bathrooms and its ample space that occupied more than 1-acre land.


As a lover of sports, Matthew joined a Holly Kynbern in the Baja off-road race. Other participants in the race were his daughter, Madison Autterson, Buzz Wieking, Rich Kylberg and Dutch Rebun.


As a philanthropist, Matthew has been involved in the victory of Do at Zoo by seeing that the firm received more than 50000 dollars from well-wishers.


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