George Soros Hopes To Bring Future Success To Democratic Party

The election victory of Donald Trump stunned people around the world, but has caused a large amount of soul searching among Democrat’s who face the prospect of four years of Republican rule in the U.S. Democrat donor George Soros is perhaps the best known financial backer of the party and seems to have come out fighting following the shock loss for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election race. The schedule of George Soros was quickly changed the morning after the majority of election results were announced as he decided to make an appearance at the Democracy Alliance meeting of Democrat donors and major political figures from within the party.

The importance of the 2016 Presidential election cycle was not lost on George Soros as he embarked upon a major period of giving to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other major figures within the Democratic party; Soros was an outspoken critic of Republican Donald Trump, and felt the major problems facing Europe and the Middle East required the strong leadership of former Secretary of State Clinton. Soros was so concerned with global events in 2016 that he even passed up an opportunity to attend the Democratic National Convention where Clinton was awarded the Presidential nomination in a bid to stay abreast of developments in the refugee crisis affecting Europe and Syria.

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The return of George Soros to political giving in 2016 saw the hedge fund expert with an estimated personal fortune of around $25 billion provide funding directly to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and a large level of support for various Super PAC’s supporting the former First Lady. The former refugee from Hungary is reported to have provided around $25 million in funding for the Clinton Presidency bid, including around $7 million given to the Priorities USA Super PAC that had courted George Soros and his supporters since he made his first financial donations of the election cycle.

Despite the support George Soros provided for the Clinton campaign and other Democrat candidates found around the U.S. the power of the party was largely reduced, prompting George Soros to make the decision to attend the three day Democracy Alliance meeting in Washington D.C. Among the subjects Soros is thought to be looking to discuss is how the polls were so far out of sync with the victory of Donald Trump, and how the party will move forward in the future. A number of major donors will attend the meeting with George Soros and are thought to be looking for answers from senior members of the Democratic party about how funds were used and where the campaign of Hillary Clinton went wrong; always looking to the future, George Soros is also looking to examine the role he and fellow donors have played in the election to see how the party should make changes to ensure a successful return to election campaigning in 2017 and 2018.

Democratic Contributions Top $25 Million For George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire who enjoys investing and channeling his desires into politics. George recently took on the election campaign by donating over $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton and other democratic hopefuls’ campaigns. His funds help to purchase airtime for campaigning. His funds help to pay the people that are walking door to door campaigning and passing out literature that his funds helped to print. He was instrumental in the recent election campaign on Biography. Unfortunately, the money spent did not allow Hillary to win.

George Soros was born a Hungarian in 1930. HIs family raised him up Jewish. He learned at an early age how to work hard to make his dreams come true. One of his first jobs was working as a waiter. He had another job as a Railroad porter on Investopedia. These jobs were the stepping stones to his banking job later in life. After completing college and studying at the London School of Economics, George began to stress his beliefs to others. He is instrumental in voicing his opinions on refugees and the refugee crisis. According to an article on CNBC, Soros believes the collapse of Europe may end up happening because of how many refugees are entering and able to stay in the area.

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Recently, George Soros was overheard speaking about the mobilization of Puerto Rican refugees into Florida. He was also heard to say he hoped to overhaul and change the way the Justice System of the United States is working. According to his campaign hopes, he may need to approach the political campaign in a different way if he hopes to accomplish these goals. According to the Politico, George Soros was one of Hillary’s biggest investors. Without his donations to the campaign, The Clinton campaign would have had a difficult time doing all of the work that they did. The Soros family stands behind what they believe in and the democratic party is lucky to have him in their corner.

George Soros is one of the richest men in America. He is able to buy and sell as he pleases. He has a net worth of over 24 Billion dollars. This makes him one of the 30 riches men in the world. He has many different hobbies and interests. Politics are big in his life. He works very hard campaigning for the Democratic party. After elections, George works hard for Soros Fund Management. Funds management and investing are a big part of his life and his company. He also writing and giving speeches. Many different YouTube videos are online for viewing. Soros is a very important person for the American economy. He knows a lot about how the economy works and how to make money in a poor economy. George is consistently investing in hopes of making himself and others richer.