Waiakea Water Company Develops an Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Water is one of the world’s leading favorite beverages. However, bottled water has had its challenges, mainly due to the non-degradable nature of its plastic packaging. Waiakea Water Company has recently launched a 100 percent recyclable bottle that might be a big game changer.

It has taken Waiakea five years and over 1,200 trials to develop the new packaging. A major challenge that they experienced during this process was to create a degradable bottle without losing its plastic features as this would affect their sales. They also had difficulties obtaining a United States patent and trademark on the degradation of plastic. Good news is that they managed all these challenges and now consumers can now enjoy their favorite drink without fear of the effects it could have on the environment.

The history of Waiakea Water Company

Waiakea is a Hawaiian company established in 2012. It produces bottled water using exceptional, sustainable and environmental processes. The company’s culture has made it a famous brand not only in Hawaii but also in the United States. The firm’s co-founder, Ryan Emmons, was inspired by the Hawaiian culture, which focuses on the welfare of the people and not accumulating wealth.

Ryan’s family had access to the Mauna Loa volcano. It gave him an upper hand as a source of water which he could use for his company was readily available. So, at the age of 22, Emmons dared an already overcrowded industry. He established a volcanic water company and named it Waiakea Water. The company has since grown by 4000 percent since its establishment in 2012.http://ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/RyanEmmons-Waiakea17.htm

How Waiakea water is collected and processed

The water Waiakea package originates from Hawaii through both rain and snowmelt on the pristine peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano. It is one of the purest environments on the planet. After collecting the water, it undergoes filtration through 14,000 ft of porous lava. The process enhances the water with minerals and electrolytes thus making it delicious and naturally alkaline.

Waiakea’s philanthropy

Besides Waiakea’s environmental consciousness, it also focuses on philanthropy. For instance, through the company’s partnership with Pump Aid, it donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter it sells to regions in need. It has given several hundred million gallons of water to needy areas. It is the company’s focus to donate as much as they can without limit.

In Illinois Aloha construction is doing more than just construction.

The recent boom in construction has seen a steady increase in the jobs being delivered by this sector.It is a positive development as it shows that there is growth taking place in the economy. Construction companies are however under increased pressure to give quality services now more than ever this is mostly due to the fact that clients are far more exposed to international designs and preferences are changing with a need to be unique, Trendy yet reliable being a key factor. This has led to the specialization by a lot of construction companies with some choosing to focus solely on particular and intricate areas and read full article.

When it comes to Illinois, there are is Aloha construction company this is the company that recently opened its arms and gave back to the community they came together with Learning Express Toys Company sponsoring kids to a toy shopping spree which saw children enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity.This is the kind of spirit that has seen the Aloha become a favorite among the locals where it is held in high regard led by its current CEO Dave Farbaky who also run the Farbaky foundation a charity organization that helps he less fortunate in society and what Aloha Construction knows.

Aloha is part of the community where they offer various specialized services.They are a family company meaning that they value-creating relationships with there clients and this is what has seen them handle over seventeen thousand projects to date and Aloha Construction’s lacrosse camp.

Aloha offers various services including roofing where they have been able to gain expertise working on numerous types like Cedar Shake, Asphalt, Clay or good old Metal this can be placed on a Flat or Steep slope as well as other futuristic designs as per the client’s needs.

Aloha also offers gutter services.They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and range from K-style, Seamless Aluminum or Omni-style this diversity in their line of products ensures that every client is cared for and http://www.pantagraph.com/places/business_professional_services/consultants/construction/aloha-construction/business_1145307057.html.

Siding is also an area of there specialization its something that they pride themselves on having fully certified technicians qualified in diverse siding materials.This has seen the level of detail in there work enviable and impressive.

Elysium Health’s Dream of Coming Up with New Supplements

Elysium Health is using technology to come up with solutions that will create pills to hopefully increasing longevity. The chemicals that are used have been tested in animals such as mice and worms. The results in these animals have been positive. The company has come up with supplement pills that will be available over the counter. The person who is behind the project and steering the ship, so to speak, is Leonard Guarante who is a Biologist from MIT. He firmly believes that effects of growing old can be minimized by altering the body’s metabolism.

The supplements that are produced by Elysium Health hav a chemical originator NAD that is used to affect metabolism in some living organisms releasing energy and glucose. This NAD causes the body to have effects that are similar to one eating a low caloric diet. This form of diet in mice and worms has enabled them to live longer.

Production of the supplement has attracted accolades from many prominent people in the field. The list of supporters includes Daniel Fabricant who was the Director of the FDA’s dietary supplement division, and is now the CEO of Natural Products Association. The firm has managed to acquire a large team of world-class scientists who are positive about the drug. http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/08/is-elysium-healths-basis-the-fountain-of-youth.html

The establishment, Elysium Health was started with an objective of forming pills which increase the chances of a healthy living and a more extended life using basic science that is free from strange chemicals present in other compounds that make similar claims. The company does not carry out research alone, but they involve seasoned scientists who are distinguished in the field of medicine. Advances in science and technology are the backbone that guides the process of coming up with the new supplements. Supplements and pills that are created by Elysium are made available to the public and are to be consumed with ease without necessitating directions from doctors.

The people who lead the company are cutting-edge thought leaders who fight for a better approach to life that is simple yet effective. The board gives direction to the people who are looking for new products, and they ensure that the correct path is followed while inspections are carried out by governing institutions. The team ensures that the end products have the required ingredients with no additives that will alter the targeted effects. Senior board members provide for safe, efficient and well-tested merchandise.

Elysium Health has products which contain daily doses of required multivitamins. They are general supplements that boost health and help the body in functioning resourcefully. These supplements are not used to cure a specific disease but rather keep the body functioning optimally.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Lazaro Brandao, Bradesco, and Who Recently Stepped Down from President

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco and has been since 2009. He was appointed by Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao eight years ago in that calendar’s month of March. Mr. Brandao, at the time, was President of both the Board of Directors at Bradesco and the bank’s entire operations, having served in the role since his appointment in 1991.

Brandao was the second person in the bank’s history to be named President, a position he was promoted to after working as CEO for some ten years – similarly, he was only the second CEO in Bradesco’s history to work in that capacity.

Unfortunately for Banco Bradesco SA, the full legal name of the second-largest private financial institution in all of Brazil, Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao stepped down from his longtime position at President. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi announced in their press release for Bradesco that he would immediately assume both roles of CEO and President, although he will hand over Chief Executive Officer to another candidate starting sometime in March of 2018, when Mr. Trabuco and the board of directors at the bank will make a final decision.

Although nobody with a name at Bradesco indicated how many people would be considered for the title of chief executive, a few unnamed sources said that there would be seven people already on Bradesco’s inner circle. The names of the seven potential choices for CEO are listed below, as originally released and detailed by financial news media giant Bloomberg:



  • Andre Rodrigues Cano – This potential Chief Executive Officer is 59 years of age and is currently over the human resources functions at Bradesco, a truly difficult job to maintain. However, he has been with the financial institution since 1977, making him one of the oldest choices to select from. He was hired onto Bradesco’s team of upper managers in December of 2016, less than one full calendar year ago.
  • Octavio de Lazari – Mr. Lazari is 54 years old and similar to the above Mr. Cano, he was hired onto Bradesco in 1978. He is over insurance at Bradesco, formally titled Bradesco Seguro, and is held to about one-third of the bank’s net income.
  • Marcelo de Araujo Noronha – This executive is only 52 years old, making him one of the youngest – if not the youngest – people to choose from for Chief Executive Officer. He’s over investment banking and credit card issuance for the established Bradesco BBI. Mr. Noronha is also over credit card issuance.
  • Josue Augusto Pancini – Mr. Pancini is 57 years old and is over high-dollar customers at the bank. He has worked for Banco Bradesco longer than any other candidate on the list. He was first hired for the financial institution in 1975 and is also over Bradesco’s intricate, heavily detailed line of banks throughout the large country of Brazil.
  • Domingos Figueiredo Abreu – Mr. Abreu is one of two executives on this list of seven under consideration for CEO that is known to be integral in the takeover and purchase of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian retail unit of banks. He was hired in 1981, placing him near the middle of people being considered for hire. He is 58 years of age and is over treasury functions and consumer and business lending.
  • Alexandre da Silva Gluher – Mr. Gluher is the one other person in this list of seven that was greatly involved in buying HSBC Holdings’ retail unit in the Portuguese-speaking country of Brazil for a whopping 5.2 billion United States Dollars. Mr. Gluher is 57 years old, was hired in 1976 by Banco Bradesco, and is the Chief Risk Officer of the organization.
  • Mauricio Machado de Minas – Although he was only hired in 2009, Mr. Minas is a technological guru that is over information technology for Bradesco. He founded Next, a spinoff of Bradesco that can only be accessed through a computer, tablet, or mobile device with a connection to the World Wide Web. Mr. Minas joined the deep ranks of Bradesco in 2009 and has been at a cornucopia of other information technology firms, properly preparing him for a long-term career at Banco Bradesco. Visit:https://www.bradescori.com.br/site/conteudo/interna/default3.aspx?secaoId=572


A Review Of Daniel Mark Harrison’s Illustrious Career

Daniel Mark Harrison is a bitcoin enthusiast. Over the years, he has created a name for himself in the field of crypto-currency. Moreover, Harrison is a shrewd entrepreneur and an author. He has achieved tremendous success in every field where he has invested his time and resources. Many financial magazines speak greatly of him.

Harrison holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in theology from the prestigious University of Oxford. He enrolled in the university in 1998 and graduated in 1999. He spent a couple of years building his career before returning to school for his Masters of Business Administration at the esteemed BI Norwegian Business Schools. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in journalism (business) from the New York University.

Besides having a sound educational background, Harrison has created a business empire. The businessman and executive leader is the brain behind Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. He incorporated the firm in October 2015. Daniel Mark Harrison serves as the company’s chief executive officer and chairman. The firm has opened new offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Moreover, he uses the company to manage estates belonging to him and his family. The quality of the company’s investments has earned it a position as one of the most recognizable global investment companies.

Harrison renders his services for Monkey Capital as the managing partner. The fin-tech firm invests in digital assets and serves investors as a block-chain investment company. It is for this reason that the firm is described as a decentralized digital asset and block chain investment bank. Monkey Capital was incorporated in March 2016.

The investor has been an active contributor to CoinSpeaker. His invaluable insights have helped CoinSpeaker to gain many readers. Presently, almost half a million people read the site monthly. The entrepreneur is also using search engine optimization to make the site available to more Google users. Harrison is also the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of a renowned brand, Marc Rand. This publication is known for unearthing several secrets such as the fact that an FBI undercover agent heads Ku Klux Klan. Over the years, Harrison has been featured on leading media corporations, including Bloomberg and CNN.https://www.crunchbase.com/person/daniel-mark-harrison


The Innovation of Elysium Health

Health supplements have long been a lucrative industry, as many individuals are very interested in trying products that can give them more energy and vitality. This basic human trait has led to a myriad of purported health products on the market that have largely overwhelmed many individuals who are looking for the right product that could produce the desired result. That overall desired result most often comes down to feeling well enough to enjoy life actively with minimal side effects of aging. Up until now, that has often been a combination of health supplements that are chosen based on claimed properties of each supplement. That may become a thing of the past for many with Elysium’s new product that has been generally termed by many as the pill. The product name is Basis, and it may be poised to change the entire landscape of over-the-counter dietary aids.

Basis is a supplement that was developed by MIT biologist Leonard Guarente using NAD+ that is extracted from plants and converted into a pill that can be used by humans converting glucose into energy at the cellular level. NAD+ has long been recognized as a very important component of how humans convert sugar into energy, as it also exists naturally in the human body. The problem is that levels of the molecule decrease as individuals age, which is often why people become less active as they grow older. And, the issue is not necessarily just energy, as the new Elysium product shows properties of slowing the aging process. The impact Basis could have on society in general could be enormous with Elysium Health positioned to grow exponentially.http://www.businessinsider.com/elysium-health-supplements-2016-3

Elysium Health is a startup company that was founded by Guarente along with former JP Morgan investment banker Eric Marcotulli and technology specialist Dan Alminana. Marcotulli and Alminana will serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively, and have obtained the funding necessary to put Basis on the market in a significant way. While they are careful to not make overstatements concerning the effectiveness of the new supplement, they are adamant that this is just the beginning of the company focus on using cutting edge technology in the health supplement market.

Although Basis is still relatively new and unproven regarding long-term results, it still appears as a major breakthrough in the aging process that could result in an entirely new line of health improvement supplements from Elysium. The mission statement from the company is developing new affordable dietary aids using contemporary verifiable scientific information that will allow humans to live a more active and productive life naturally. Basis is apparently the beginning of that mission.

Talk Fusion is Helping Businesses Reach New Market

Talk fusion recently took online marketing to another level through the launch of Talk fusion University. To make their company’s services even more efficient, Talk Fusion released the program in, which Bob Reina will be giving step by step videos to the users. That will make things easier for his numerous followers since they will now know where to find the videos. In the past, they would have to ensure that they keep up with him when he is on Facebook live chats or corporate broadcasts to avoid missing out on any new tips that he will be offering. However, Talk fusion University enables people to watch the videos later. Nevertheless, to access these tutorials, you ought to be a member. The program was launched on a live broadcast and had hundreds of spectators and is free for its associates. The program is currently available in English and Bahasa only but is soon to be translated into other languages to ensure that there is no barrier, acting as a hindrance to users. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an online system, which helps businesses promote their products through the use of videos. It is an online marketing platform, which mainly uses videos in advertising. Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Through it, the users can send newsletters, blogs and even have live chats with their current and potential customers. That usually works to their advantage since it tends to create even more impact in the promotion of their services and products since the prospects remain with a vivid memory of the interaction.


Through Talk fusion, business owners can attract even more clients from more than a hundred countries and most importantly keep them. They are also able to stand out from their competitors who use ordinary methods of product and service, hence, increasing their sales and market base. Despite being a successful firm, Talk Fusion is known for its efforts in giving back to the community through donations and participation in charity events. Talk Fusion impacts positively in the community through its donations to various deeds.


The Brazilian Law: Ricardo Tosto the Law Profile

Brazill is known to have most lawyers. These lawyers are either training or professional lawyers. The Federal Constitution determines the Brazilian legal system. The federal constitution has been in application since October 1988. Brazilian Legal System is composed of the Superior Justice Court as well as the Supreme Court. These two courts have a massive contribution and control the law application all through the country. Brazilian court systems are formed by the Ordinary in conjunction with the Specialized Courts. These courts are both run by the Federal government. The Brazilian courts are comprised of the Electoral Courts, Military Courts, and Labor Courts. The primary duty of the Supreme Court is to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency mandate focus of the Federal Constitution.

Ricardo Tosto is one among the many prominent Brazilian lawyers. He is certified expert as he has over 15 years’ experience in Business Law. He has portrayed outstanding prolific results in bankruptcy, credit recovery as well as bank drafting recovery. Ricardo Tosto is one among the founders of the Tosto e Barros Advogados. The top areas of specialization of Ricardo Tosto include Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Election Law, Civil Law, Acquisition Review, Bank contracts, and Credit Recovery.

In his profession, Ricardo Tosto has served the Legal as well as the HR Management of many Brazilian Companies and Organizations. He served these companies and organizations as the advisor. During the Who’s Who Legal nominations for the Commercial Litigation Category, Ricardo Tosto was awarded as the top Brazilian lawyer. He has also popped in Brazilian Legal Publication Analise 500and Legal 500 where he has marked outstanding for his unique skills in law and his professionalism I this field.

Ricardo Tosto was awarded his undergraduate law degree at the Mackenzie University. He later pursued Business Administration Extension. In his profile, he has served in the government legal service department and other various companies. He was the chief executive of Judicial Reforms Committee at Brazilian Bar association (Sao Paulo section) as well as in the Judicial Modernization Committee. He is a member of the IBA (International Bar Association), A member of the IMD (Institute for Management Development –Lausanne-Switzerland) Steering Committee, a BOD member of CESA(Study Center for Attorney Partnerships).

He is legal and political re-known author. He has composed various articles that are documented in newspapers and specialized magazines. He is the “O Processo de Tiradentes” co-author. This is a Brazilian book.

To Learn More : https://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/escritorio-fundado-pelo-advogado-ricardo-tosto-foi-indicado-no-analise-500-2015-dino89091776131/

The Popularity of Market America Events Keeps Growing

Market America Events are becoming more popular every year, as the numbers of new people attending them grows. The popularity of these events is only eclipsed by the grand world of opportunities the attendees are afforded. This is what makes Market America different from other unique business organizations, because they are about their membership being raised up and allowed to succeed financially without limits. The goal of Market America is dream building for a better future, and everyone can be a part of it. So why doesn’t everyone know about this great opportunity by now. The answer is not simple.

Perhaps it is because some people don’t want to believe they deserve everything they want from life. Maybe it is because Market America sounds too good to be true, and it probably does. But the facts are evident, members and those who attend Market America Events have changed their lives financially and economically. There is no other program that is making a difference in more lives, as quickly and effectively as Market America. So if this sounds like an experience worth taking a chance on, then come attend an event when it comes to a city where you live or near you. It will be the best day of your new life.

About Market America: www.marketamerica.com/site/product-brokerage/

Bob Reina: He Believes In The Good Of The World

Right now, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the negativity that is happening all around the world. It would only be natural and normal. However, sometimes people have to be mentally strong and they have to push through that. They can’t give in to it and they can’t allow it to consume them each and every single day of their lives. They need to start looking at things a little bit differently. Once they break out of that mindset, truly wonderful things can start to happen for them in their lives. Bob Reina believes in the good of the world and he believes there are good things in the world.


It is just that right now, they are getting lost in the shuffle and they are getting overlooked. Bob Reina is trying to bring attention to all of the good things in the world such as Talk Fusion for example. This is not just because he is the CEO and the founder of the company. He started the company in 2007 and it has grown a lot since then. However, the goals of the company have always stayed the same, which is to change lives. When people use this state of the art technology, they will start to see possibilities. When they see these possibilities, they will see the world is not such a bad place after all.


They also see that someone like Bob Reina is a good person. Since he is a good person, he does good things. His employees get the chance to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. When they do this, they are really opening up a ton of doors for people out there that need it during desperate times. They don’t have to feel desperate anymore. They can feel like someone is helping them, which is another example of something good. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/


Bob Reina also made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It is the kind of donation that gets people talking and it gets things changing in the right direction for these animals.