3 Strategies In Marketing Online That Every Business Must Know About

The worst thing a business can do is endure a lack of knowledge for developing their company. Without a good understanding of their goals, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Online marketing is no different than any other form of traditional marketing, but there is a learning curve. Understanding these three type son advanced technologies meant for the world of the Internet is surely going to help open doors for you to further the development of your company.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the sole specific forms of advertising to better improve what you are capable of. Email marketing is so important to do if you want to grow and witness potential development with your brand. It simply involves taking people’s private information and building a list to further promote to them what your company has to offer. There is a good reason why stores sometimes ask people for their emails to send receipts, because then they could send them other offers.


Conversion Optimization


There are tons of people who visit a site and never complete an action or don’t bother to purchase anything. This basically means you don’t earn a thing and you also lose a potential client; hence why email marketing is good. They say the average people may take about 5-7 times to see the same offer to finally make the decision to make the purchase. To go back to conversion optimization, it’s annoying to have 5,000+ visitors and yet so little visitors become clients or customers. The way to do this is to optimize the site using efficient strategies like coupon codes, discounts, and other enticing offers to get people interested.


Mobile Marketing


After you have thought about grabbing their emails, you can also stay connected with people via mobile marketing. Mobile marketing involves breaking out into the world of text messages and texting them updates about your business. Create a very personal connection with your customers.


These three techniques are just a few of the things discussed on ValueWalk and their main forms of technologies used in online marketing. In this industry, it’s all about using the Internet to its maximum potential to help further your brand effectively.


Social Intelligence To Shape Hospitality Industry Marketing

Modern travelers do more than packing a suitcase when they want to travel. The travel review sites such as home sharing services and fare aggregator engines have become part of a travelers plan, experience, and a platform to evaluate their trips. Social media has become a critical part of each phase of the travel experience. For instance, consumers can share photos from their excursions, use social channels to seek advice on locations for honeymoon from people with previous experience, or voice comments about the five-star meal they enjoyed at a resort.



Social media is the ultimate forum for consumer opinions because it offers the users a wealth of unbiased insights to marketers on the different factors that influence consumers to travel decisions. Social media gives the hotel owners a clear idea about brand loyalty and the factors that would influence consumers to love a brand. Therefore, it is the task of hotel marketers and hospitality brands to understand customers’ opinions, affinities, conversations, and trends as expressed on social media to inform business strategies.



Recent reports show that there are three ways that hospitality industry players can use social media insights to shape hospitality marketing. One of the ways is to understand the travelers and what they like. It involves understanding the type of travelers your hotel attracts and ensuring on-target marketing efforts. Women’s social conversations focus on family-friendly travel which could encourage an extended stay.



Social media intelligence can help the hotel managers understand the guests compared to those of other competitors. For instance, marketers may use the affinities of consumers talking about particular brands to understand their key influencers for a specific audience. The second benefit of analyzing social media is to know where the right customers for the business are to reach them. Think about Flyertalk as a top forum for travelers’ comments. The site is a gold mine for marketers who need such information.



The third reason social media forums are important is that conversations on social media are about rewards, credit cards, and points. Travelers discuss the rewards programs, and the purpose of forums are to evaluate the rewards and decide whether to switch plans or get credit cards. Marketers can use these forums to uncover the feeling of customers about rewards programs.


Twitter Offers 70% To Creators For Video Ad Revenue

Facebook has time and time again proved to be the king of social media. The social media war between the biggest companies Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube has been in the form of acquiring the largest share of the market and generating revenue from advertising. Twitter currently offers creators 70% of the revenue from ads generated from their videos. The high percentage of the pay from Twitter was meant to attract video stars to help build its video business.



The Industry analysts are, however, raising eyebrows about the pay structure being used by Twitter to a product being offered by its larger rivals. Twitter’s strategy raises the question whether the advertisers will have to pay more for the ads than on Facebook and YouTube. Twitter opened the video ad program last year for publishers and on Tuesday, it extended the program to individual creators who want to make money from the program the same way people earn on YouTube and Facebook.



The strategy by Twitter will be similar to what Facebook and YouTube are offering. Twitter will place ads alongside creator’s videos, and the creators will benefit from the 70% of the ad revenue and Twitter will keep the remaining 30%. While Twitter is paying better than its rivals, this strategy might not end up making more money for the company than its competitors. Reports indicate that advertisers are pressing Twitter to lower its video rates.



YouTube and Facebook offer creators 55% of the revenue. The recent push by the advertisers to force Twitter to reduce its prices may impact negatively to Twitter’s revenue, and the company may be compelled to reduce the percentage given to the creators. There is also the number of people targeted by these videos. Facebook and YouTube have more users and hence more people are expected to watch the videos than Twitter. Creators may be forced to make a choice between going to Twitter for higher revenue or remain on Facebook and YouTube for a bigger number of clients.



Twitters strategy is still a big idea considering it is a platform that will offer a supplementary revenue stream for creators. Producers stand to benefit even more because they have the option to place the same videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It is yet another platform for diversification for creators which means more revenue for them.


Entrepreneurs Are Seeking Economical Branding and Marketing Alternatives to Grow Their Small Businesses

Internet Businesses have taken over the cyber world using different marketing and branding strategies to grow their small companies. Many owners realize advertising expenses to brand and market a small business can be just as costly as large corporations in the startup phase. In today’s economy, with much uncertainty of its outcome, entrepreneurs are looking for economical services and ways to create their presence on the web. It may seem difficult to accomplishment, but some small business owners are finding success using different strategies to develop reputation, growth and customers’ portfolios at reasonable prices.



The first step in the process of branding a company is creating a logo that mesmerizes its audience. Hundreds of freelance technology designers offer their services at low costs and produce quality works. An article posted on Huffington Post suggests that small businesses consider partnering with a designer and work out an agreement to trade services. In the branding process, ask the designers for samples of prior works before hire. The designer and owner should collaborative together to ensure the logo is creative and matches the theme of the company.



Next, create social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other media channels for branding and marketing. This step is important because it develops presence and reputation online of the business and entrepreneur. Social medias are used for free and only require users to possess knowledge of its procedure to implement marketing strategies for growth and exposure. Another advantage using social media is small businesses are able to create customer service by interacting with customers.



Small entrepreneurs should create their own marketing skills based on type of service or produce provided, budget and target audience. If a company’s budget permit, after creating the logo, start developing a website by hiring a technology creative designer. Most logo designers also create websites under the same terms described above, partnership or trading services.



The last step requires small businesses to create a blog, obtain Google Place, and sign up with local listings sites. Blogs offer customers valuable content pertaining to the company, products, services, customer relations, and latest news. Google Place and local listings sites are free and convenience way for consumers to find businesses on the internet.


Email Marketing Set For A Revolution In Five Years

Email marketing is about to change how businesses view email as a marketing tool. Email marketers tend to be very conservative, and there are good reasons they do so. First, the limitations of the client software and email standards mean they cannot push the customer to get the point of the email in the first place. Also, email marketers tend to evaluate their businesses and tend to prefer what has worked in the past.



The biggest challenge for email marketers is the fact that they fear to make a radical change because that would, therefore, send mixed signals to the consumers amid the risk of deliverability challenges. Therefore, most businesses choose to stay on the safe side of the box and closely to the established playbook. The problem is that most of the marketers have no idea about the impact of trying something new. The short-term impact of technology changes may be much lighter than most of them ever imagined.



Think about the world of social media and how it has changed the way people do business. Think about how people have adopted a new way to consume information and news. If you are still asking what will trigger this radical change, think about data and the systems ability which continues to offer new abilities to make automated inferences on people’s needs and behaviors. People who still view marketing as more of art than science need to re-evaluate their opinions and see the other side.



Five years from today, email marketing will undergo personalization driven by the Big Data revolution that will become the baseline standard for most marketers. The marketers of today have failed to use the available systems to adopt personalization, but they will be forced to adapt to it in the future. The culture of sending batch-and-blast emails is expected to be outdated in five years. Pinterest, for instance, has already announced its intentions that it will drop the batch-and-blast email for personalization by the end of 2016.



The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning is expected to bring broader integration of AI into email marketing and marketers are projected to benefit from the technology. When AI is integrated into an email, it will be crucial to lighten the burden on marketing automation and serving personalized emails to millions of customers.


Nine9’s Solution for Helping Newbies Succeed

Anthony Toma is the man behind Nine9. He always struggled growing up in school because he wasn’t the popular kid who would be seen as a reliable athlete. He struggled with not being chosen for anything. As he grew older in the acting industry and what not, he noticed it was the same for actors. Nine9 of Facebook, Only one tiny percent of people will be represented by an agent. Only the select few who are scouted or discovered are ever able to move forward in this industry. He was tired of it, so he decided to create Nine9 and give people a place to get represented and actually get auditions and be seen by casting directors even if they didn’t have the most perfect look.

Nine9 is the solution for helping newbies succeed and getting in this industry. It’s not about having the perfect look or being the perfect age. Nine9 can help you move forward and land jobs even if you aren’t exactly “young” anymore. They have talent from all aspects and walks of life who are booking gigs and landing roles. It’s about being trained and knowing where you fit in this industry. Nine9 has professional acting coaches who can help better train and prepare you for the future in this specific industry. They know and understand all aspects of this business even for newbies so they don’t have to make silly mistakes to get started and read full article.

The first step is getting into commercials as an extra, and eventually it’s gonna get more serious and you’ll gain more auditions, take classes, and be considered for a wide array of jobs in this industry. With their help and being on their website, you’ll get the chance to actually have casting directors be able to find you, so it’s definitely worthwhile to be part of this and what Nine9 knows.

Want to Work in Business? Nail Your Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be extremely nerve-racking, and this is especially true if the job that you are preparing for is your dream job. With that being said, there are certain things that you can do to make your likelihood of success more possible. Here are the best ways to nail any job interview.


How to Do Great at Your Job Interview


  1. Look the part.


First, you need to look the part. This means dressing appropriately for a business setting. If you want to work in business, you’re going to need to dress like a business person anyway, so you might as well start now.


In order to dress your best for any job interview, you should wear a suit or at least a professional and modest pair of slacks with a freshly pressed button-up top. In fact, all of your clothing should be freshly cleaned and pressed. Women may wear professional skirts.


  1. Learn how to shake hands properly.


Shaking hands will likely be the first thing that you do with your potential boss, and you need to know how to do it properly. Whether you’re a man or woman, always shake with the right hand, and use a firm grip. As a general rule, pump the person’s hand two times before releasing. Never do a double hand shake, and never linger with your hands for more than three seconds as this will appear odd.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions during the interview.


Finally, make sure that you have some questions prepared to ask the people who are interviewing you. Even if these questions aren’t actually about something that you want to know, it’s important that you appear interested and curious about the new position, and the best way to do this is to ask questions. Prep at least three questions before the interview.


If you want to do great on any business interview, these are just a few of the habits that you should adapt as soon as possible. You’re going to be nervous during this process, but that’s okay. Follow the rules above and you should do fine.


The Top Habits That Will Ruin Any Business Interview

If you would like to work in business, it’s important that you start preparing yourself for interviews now. Interviews will get you your first job, and interviews will get you your dream job as well.


With that being said, not everyone is prepared for a successful interview. Many people have numerous bad habits that can hurt their chances of having a successful interview. The following article will outline some bad habits that you should avoid if you want to do a good job on your interview and make a solid impression to your potential boss.


  1. Not getting enough sleep the night before


The first rule of preparing for an interview is to not lose sleep the night before. Not only should you not be so worried about your interview that you actually lose sleep over it, but you should also avoid being so flippant that you don’t get to bed at a decent time. Make sure you get between seven and nine hours of sleep before the big day.


  1. Not eating a good breakfast


Just as not getting enough sleep the night before will make it difficult to be awake and alert during your interview, not eating a good breakfast will have the same affect. That’s why it is crucial that you take the time to eat a healthy breakfast before heading off to your interview. Just make sure that you don’t eat too much or this may cause digestive problems that are definitely unwanted during a face-to-face with your potential boss.


  1. Not dressing appropriately


Finally, let’s talk about the way you look. Of course, you know that you should dress your best for your interview. This is true whether you’re interviewing for the job of your dreams or a standard restaurant waitress job. Make sure that all of your clothes are freshly cleaned, that they match and that they are newly pressed.


It is essential that you do well on your interview, but this can be hard if you’re not prepared or if you’re too nervous to act normal. Fortunately, the tips above will help you make a good impression to your future employer.


Tips for Bringing In More Business

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely experienced inevitable times of slow sales. Whether this occurs because of the season or there’s a decline in the economy overall, it’s important that you know how to react effectively.


Don’t panic during these times, but use this as an opportunity to review your business activity and products. You may also find that you should set new objectives and goals for your company to help boost sales.


Here are some helpful tips.


Review Your Marketing Strategies


Even though you may be tempted to reduce your marketing efforts, this is the time to ramp up your advertisements. When you see that there are less customers, the best thing to do is increase your communication with them. Find inexpensive ways to appeal to consumers, such as social media, so you can connect with customers while staying in your budget.


Networking Events


Even if networking isn’t your favorite activity, you should make sure you attend networking events or have a representative from your company there. Don’t isolate yourself from others in your industry when business is slow. Networking events are often beneficial for making sales and forming potential business partnerships.


When you go to a networking event, you’ll also have the opportunity to make more contacts and get potential leads for your business. Just remember to have genuine conversations and use the event as a learning experience. If you’re simply focused on gathering phone numbers and email addresses, people can sense that and may not be willing to engage with you.


An Online Presence


Finally, remember that social media and websites are pretty much a necessity for businesses these days. Even when sales are slow for you, make sure that your social media pages are active. Communicate with followers on a regular basis and be open to questions and comments. Try to respond to consumers as soon as possible and exhibit stellar customer service so that people will remember this when they’re ready to purchase from you.




How to Take Your Social Media Game to the Next Level

As a business owner, it makes sense that you want to attract as many customers as possible to purchase your services or products. With that being said, it’s important that you know a few key tips for doing this online because almost everyone spends their time online these days. Furthermore, social media is where you should put your focus.


To help you attract the most customers with social media, use the following crucial tips.


  1. Understand that you need to have an intense posting schedule.


The first thing to understand about social marketing is that you need to do it every day. In other words, you absolutely must post regularly or you will lose followers and won’t attract new customers and clients. You should be posting at least once per day to social media platforms in order to attract the most customers possible.


  1. Use helpful management tools to post to social media.


As stated in the first tip, it’s important that you post regularly to social media, but this can be difficult when you’re also trying to run a business, which is why you should take advantage of management tools that post for you. You can batch posts and plan them to be released at certain times during the day.


If this doesn’t work for you, you still shouldn’t let your social media posting go by the wayside, and in this case, you may need to hire a social media professional to take over this part of your business.


  1. Offer useful information


Your followers don’t simply want to hear about all the great things that your business is up to. They want something valuable out of the posts that you share, and this will keep them coming back for more. In any way that you can, offer useful information, insider tips and tricks or coupons and discounts that they can apply to your services or products.


Social media is an important part of marketing whether you like it or not. If you haven’t already signed up for the major social media platforms, you should do so as possible in order reap the maximum benefits from these marketing tools.