Google in the Dog House; Non-Compliance Issues

Google is ‘the man’ in the Internet-world. The company started it all and continues to

bask in all of its glory as billions of virtual-world surfers enjoy the web and

all that it offers 24/7. As the Internet giant, it is usually Google that dishes out punishments for those non-compliant with rules and regulations, terms of service, and other virtual-world laws. But now it is Google that is wearing the Duntz hat and taking a timeout in the corner.


The Media Rating Council, or MRC, suspended Google for non-compliance issues stemming from the company’s method of counting ad impressions. The suspension was placed against Google DoubleClick for Publishers in September, 2016.


With the suspension, Google is no longer able to offer customers any services that into those categories, putting many customers into a bind as they are now forced to look elsewhere for results. MRC says that they’ll reinstate Google as compliant again in

compliance with the regulations. Google plans to resolve all matters related to

the non-compliance standing by the end of the 2016 year.


Despite the fact that Google is now on the naughty list, it is in no way sign that the

company has turned into one of the bad guys they warned us about for so long. The

non-compliance issues likely stem from a technicality related to the April,

2016, updated guidelines from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Interactive Advertising Board (IAB) and not misdeed on the part of Google.


Nonetheless the suspension happens at a bad time for Google, just one month after Facebook was found to inflate their video viewing metrics. Consumers are no longer trusting large companies to handle their analytics and measurements due to what seems like an increasing number of violations and misrepresentations.


At a minimum, Google now has a big mess on their hands they must deal with as they restore trust in the increasing number of people losing it by the minute. Only time

will tell how greatly Google will actually be affected by this temporary suspension.


Selling Tech For Business

One of the most lucrative opportunities for aspiring business men is selling technology. Technology is very popular these days among people. One of the most popular pieces of technology to sell are cellphones. Both men and women are into cellphone technology such as smartphones. For one thing, people need phones in order to keep in touch. However, the technology companies were very smart about adding some entertaining and desirable features to the smartphone so that people will be more inclined to use it. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies like Amazon that sell some of the greatest gadgets that people could put to great use.


To go along with smartphones, there are plenty of accessories that one could use in order to make sure that they are able to be more productive. Among the devices that are very useful with smartphones are on-ear headphones. While people could use ear buds, there are some that prefer to have the full sound that could only come with headphones. Therefore, they pay for some of the bigger counterparts so that they can get the full and rich sound that they could enjoy. Businesses like Amazon can sell a lot of innovative products.


One thing that could be said for Amazon is that they have a lot of the best products for people to buy. Among these products are protective cases for laptops and other devices. This is so people can make sure that they are taking good care of their devices. One of the best things about computers and other devices is that it is not just made for entertainment. These devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops combine entertainment with productivity. It shows that they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. For one thing. people can take a break from their work and go to one of their favorite sites in order to watch some of their favorite videos or listen to their favorite music. This is one of the reasons that Amazon has come to be a very successful and trustworthy business.


Build Your Dream Business

Certainly, it is the dream of millions to start their own business venture online. However, most of those would be entrepreneurs fail to get the business off the ground and on the Internet. Generally, this is due to a number of factors. However,  business experts state that 2017 is actually the time to start making those business dreams a reality. One thing to note is that a lot of people give up too soon because they are not earning profits. One expert states that it might take several years before the business actually begins to show a profit.


Building Your Dream Business

Business experts state that in order for the business to develop properly, a plan is required. Certainly, a significant number of people start a business without really considering their long term goals and their short term goals. The short term and long term goals are the foundation of the business. Determine your ultimate goals in the beginning. For example, is the business a full time venture or part time venture? Are you going to hire employees or work solo?


Financial Plans

Every business requires a sound financial plan and start-up money. The fact is that most financial institutions are not going to provide a new startup with launch money. Therefore, the new business might require unconventional sources for the startup money and to keep the new business operational. For example, some new entrepreneurs might keep their regular job and launch their business with their salary. Some might borrow money from relatives or even borrow off their credit card.


Getting Started

Of course, there is much more that goes into starting a new business online. For example, it is a good idea to determine if there is actually a market for your goods or service. Determine the best way to reach those that might be interested in the business. Of course, social media plays a part in branding, online marketing, and getting the word out about a new startup.


Build your online strategy before venturing onto the Internet to succeed and keep the business profitable well into the future.


Google Is Working On A New Operating System

Google is working on a new operating system. It is not based on Android. This is a totally new operating system called Fuchsia. This one is going to be different from the smartphone based operating system. It is also a lot different from Linux. For people looking for detail, it is important to note that there is no official announcement from Google about the project. It is in fact apparently in the early days of development. Therefore, Google needs a lot of time to develop its project so that it can become something worth looking into for users. Google is not even responding for requests for more information from sources like Business Insider.


There is a lot of speculation as to what the new operating system is going to be used for. A lot of people are noting that Android and Linux are not very ideal for smartphone usage. Closer looks at the OS in development reveals the possibility that it is designed for use across a wide variety of systems which include mobile systems, embedded systems as well as other systems. It is possible that it is made to unify all of the systems. Therefore, this new operating system might be a solution that mobile and computer users are looking for.


One thing that a source is speculating about the operating system is that it might be used for augmented reality devices. As of right now, there is no telling what this new operating system is going to be used for. However, it is likely that all of these speculations could be right. One thing that Google is known for is being innovative. A large part of its innovation is the integration of many features and convenience for users. Then there is the possibility that Fuchsia is going to turn out to be nothing. It could actually be a project that never sees the light of day. There are tons of projects that get toyed with which don’t actually get realized.


A New Technology Company Focuses On Giving People Control Of Their Online Data

A technology company called Digi.Me is trying to give back control of people’s online information back into their own hands. Digi.Me, which was founded in 2009, has a very simple business model. It blocks all third party data collection that companies currently use to gather information about prospective clients. Instead, it offers the chance for its clients to choose which data to share with companies and which to withhold. It also gives people the option of withdrawing all information on the web completely.


So how does Digi.Me, which was founded in 2009, make money? The answer to that is by acting as a broker between the customer and companies that want information about potential customers of their product or service. Companies currently spend lots of money trying to collect information about people such as their habits, interests and hobbies. Part of that process involves bulk data collection. Unfortunately for these companies, this data is often incorrect, being wrong up to 70% of the time. This is money and time that could be much better spent and utilized.


If a person directly decides they want to share some information or browsing habits of theirs with a company, then Digi.Me allows that to occur. Digi.Me allows people to share information with potential companies that could offer them a product or service they may like. In exchange for acting as such as a broker, Digi.Me will charge a small commission to the company and not the person for allowing the sharing of information to take place. This is how Digi.Me plans to make a profit.


It is important to point out, says Digi.Me founder, Julian Ranger, that his company does not sell any data. Instead his startup acts as an intermediary between a person and companies. His company acts as a secure and private medium of exchanging information. Customer have the ability to set which info they share. Companies have access to info that is almost guaranteed to be 100% accurate and reliable. Both sides in the business of marketing seem to benefit.


Digi.Me can have other positive benefits as well. Medical services, financial services, IT services and even healthcare service can then be better suited or custom tailored to people if they agree to give certain information to these sectors. The result could be better offers or deals that reflect the person’s interests. Digi.Me also allows people to store their online footprint and back it up.


Knowing Your Target Audience in the Digital Age of Marketing

Marketing your business in the digital age of smart phones has never been easier. There are all types of free resources for people that want to build an online marketing campaign. The social media arena is filled with a broad spectrum of different apps and services for people that want to market to various crowd. This should make the possibility of

digitizing your brand easier.


The reality, however, is that online marketing is not always so easy. This may have to do with the fact that there are so many different marketing avenues to consider. The same abundant number of platforms in social media that make marketing easier are also making marketing harder. A person that is starting a new business does have access to customers through social media for free, but they will have to comb through the best avenues to promote their businesses. Some entrepreneurs with small businesses abandon their websites altogether for Facebook accounts. Others may find that Instagram is a better platform for showing off products in a visual way. There are so many people that want to utilize their free resources, but most of them do not know what resources they want to use.


That is the thing that has made people much more conscious of the way that they approach online marketing. It makes no sense, for example, to build up a blog if you don’t really have blog writers. Entrepreneurs that are trying to tap the younger crowd that respond to most of their issues in 160 characters or less may fair much better on Twitter. These are the types of things that people have to sort out when they are trying to build bridges for their customers. The business has to stand out, and that is much easier said than done.


In most cases there will be times where the business model changes largely because the scope of the customer base changes. As long as you are focused on a niche market you are locked into a certain category. When you move to a bigger general marketing arena, however, you will need to sort out the methods that can help you reach a bigger crowd. The audience may expand beyond Facebook to Pinterest and other websites.



Uber Legal Battle Heats Up

Uber is an on demand transportation network of private drivers that act as a taxi service. The private driver will pick the passenger up at their location and deliver them to their destination. The  Uber application that people download to their smart-phone or tablet makes this process extremely easy for people to get a ride. The service also provides a way for thousands of drivers to earn money, driving for Uber. However, a legal fight is heating up in New York over Uber being declared a legal employer of the on demand workers.


Uber Drivers

In the beginning, Uber claimed that their on demand workforce were simply independent contractors or private drivers that earned compensation for picking up passengers and delivering them to their destination. They did not work for Uber. However, a situation that is developing in New York might change the way that Uber views their drivers. A case is currently being heard by the New York State Workers Compensation Board about this matter. If the Board finds in the favor of the person filing the claim, Uber will have to dish out a ton of money to compensate claims that have been filed over the years.


Worker’s Compensation

The fact that Jorge Washington, a courier for Uber’s Rush and Eats delivery services filed a claim for workers’compensation is definitely going to change the way that a lot of on demand services operate. Consequently, Uber is definitely up in arms about the entire matter. They are struggling to make sure that the claimant does not get a second hearing about the compensation matter, because it might be approved by th New York State Workers Compensation Board. Uber has taken several steps to make sure that the second hearing is delayed or suspended. They’ve actually offered to settle with Washington. Washington would have to drop his compensation claim and end his contract with Uber to settle. However, it is reported that Washington rejected Uber’s offer.

Twitter Rival Officially Announces Shutdown

Once seen as an ambitious project with the potential to overtake Twitter, has finally released an official announcement that they’re shutting down. When it was first launched, was intended to be a website where developers could show off their applications. However, the focus of the new online service soon changed after Mixed Media Labs, the company behind the project, wanted to try something more ambitious. was transformed into a social microblogging service that let users share messages of up to 256 characters, with a design that is very similar to Twitter. One difference is that was ad-free, with the owners believing that they could generate enough revenue through subscriptions from users and developers. The project was funded by a highly successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $750,000 in pledges.


While the microblogging service was highly similar to Twitter in functionality, it brought a unique approach to social media. would only provide the basic framework for the service to work, while encouraging independent developers to create their own applications that would work with the social platform. To make the service more accessible to all users in the beginning, a simple web-based interface named Alpha was provided.


Despite the innovative concept, the social platform ran into the same problem Twitter is now trying very hard to solve: it just wouldn’t make any money. CEO Dalton Caldwell and Co-Founder Bryan Berg tried various approaches, including a free trial program and a switch to a freemium model in 2013. Unfortunately, despite attracting over 100,000 users by the end of 2013, still couldn’t bring in enough funds to pay for a full-time development team, resulting in the service being put in “maintenance only” mode on May 6, 2014.


In an official announcement posted on the blog, the two founders informed users that they have until March 14, 2017 to export their data, after which it will be deleted. The code powering was made open-source and is now available on GitHub.


How to Overcome Common Video Marketing Mistakes

Video marketing has unanimously been one of the rising techniques in the marketing field thanks to integration and investments by Internet giants. This technique is obtaining a significant place in the marketing strategies of businesses to connect and engage with customers.


The advancements in technology and professional video equipment have made it possible for almost anyone to become a video marketer. However, this does not mean that all video marketers can create quality videos that will be appealing to consumers.


Here are some common mistakes that aspiring video marketers make and how to avoid them:


1) Focusing on Products Instead of the People


When creating a video of your product, focus on telling stories about individuals using the product and the benefit they get from using it. Concentrating on your product is not the way to go. This is because you are probably not selling what people want to purchase and people want to purchase the benefit and not the product. Make the video about other peoples’ stories and not a list of facts about your item.


2) Too much Hard Selling


Applying the ‘hard sell’ technique may alienate some consumers who consider it off-putting. The tactic can overwhelm a customer to the extent that they dismiss the video or turn away from the advertisement altogether.


It is best to create a relationship step by step. Coming up with teaser videos will intrigue potential customers who will share the video and create a relationship.


3) Very long videos


Today’s world is that of immediate gratification and little attention span. This gives you the trick to capturing the attention of your audience in a comprehensive, entertaining way. Many successful video marketers use this as their top technique in marketing.


4) Videos are not Part of a Campaign


Companies may have only one opportunity to make a first impression. Because of this, they tend to pile their customer base with information. It is essential to pace your message and let the client obtain curiosity and imagination without exhausting their short attention span.

Silicon Valley Companies Oppose Donald Trump’s Proposition

Many Silicon Valley companies are concerned about Donald Trump’s decision in making policies such as creating a Muslim registry for their staff. The companies held a secret meeting to discuss the issue. It was the second gathering of the group of tech employees. The attendance of Alex Stamos made the meeting imperative.


There were approximately 150 men. 30 of them were engineers and a group of activists. At the meeting, there were snacks from Trader’s Joe and Peppermint Joe-Joe. However, there was no alcohol. The attendees were allowed to eat during the bathroom break. Maciej Ceglowski organized the event. He is a Polish-born developer. Heather Gold helped him.


At the meeting, Gold was the first one to address the gathering. He said that the tech business world should not let the political administration have their power. San Francisco Bay is a liberal region. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see people organizing meetings to oppose some policies. Engineers of Silicon Valley are known for their political apathy.


Some of the big companies that were in attendance are Google and Facebook. There were also numerous startups. The labor organizers were also present. They were represented by a young lady who asked whether she would be fired for opposing the political administration. She stated that she was on an H-1B visa. Many tech companies rely on foreign labor because they feel the nation does not produce enough people. Therefore, they have to seek engineers and developers from abroad. The effect of the meeting is likely to be felt as the developers said that they would not aid in creating a database for people affiliated to any religious belief. They also agreed not to assist in any mass deportation plan by the incoming government.