True Facet Has True Success Over Thanksgiving Season

TrueFacet, an online retail shop that sells jewelry and luxury watches, announced after busiy Thanksgiving sales period that it is a growing and thriving business. It also believes that it has gone expectations.

Many retail experts have lowered their predictions for the coming holiday season. TrueFacet feels differently having multi-million dollar success from Black Friday to the Cyber Monday period. Their success shows the importance of using a retail platform online to sell luxury goods and watches.

TrueFacet also came up with a report that compared sales growth between 2016 and 2017. If a person looked at overall sales in all 50 states, he or she would see that this online marketplace has grown 3.2 times compated to 2016. The average orders of this company has incresased by about 30 percent as compared to the year before. The average that a customer spent on an item was between 10 and 15 thousand US dollars. More sales are occurring on mobile phones. It believes that over 72 percent of visits to this retail platform are made by mobile platforms.

This online marketplace believes that it is driven data. How the market and consumers behaves determines how competitive they can be with their prices and how good their customer service should be. They want to operate with full transparency and believe that brand marketing is important to their success. For the rest of 2017 and continuing into 2018, it will continue to show its data to important partners

TrueFacet has over ninety thousand items. Most of the brands for these items are made up of the most coveted brands like Rolex and Casio. Every item goes through a thorough authentication process. They believe that they are the most reliable source for sought-after goods in jewelry and timepieces.

TrueFacet should continue to have success n the future.

Australian and Indonesian designer’s involvement in Jakarta fashion week

The fashion industry is one of the most revolutionized industries of recent times competing with other sectors such as technology and business in terms of performance. The industry shows a frequently rising trend over the years having made an approximate of $30 million in terms of profit in both the Indonesian and Australian economies. It also is one of the industries providing employment across all age brackets for residents of Australia and Indonesia.

Chris Ran Lin, one of the most famous and accomplished men’s wear designer recently shared a stage at a fashions event in Indonesia with two other Australian alumni. The Jakarta fashion week is recognized as one of the world’s prestigious fashion events where designers showcase their
<ahref=”//”>creative designer pieces. Celebrities and investors from all over the world also get to attend the event.

Lin’s outstanding designs include some of the best and intricate knitted patterns create exquisite knitwear. The result is masculine pieces that are colorful and cozy which he showcased in the event.His work is a true definition of simple yet sophisticated.

Other participants in the Jakarta fashion week were Jenahara Nasution and Mellyun Xing who are both from Indonesia. Jenahara is known for some of the leading brands in the market such as black label and Monday to Sunday. Both brands incorporate formal and casual wears which are unique and have a touch of class.

Dr. Bradley Armstrong, an Australian government official, recognized the outstanding efforts and talents by the designers and said it portrays the resourcefulness of the designers which would go a long way in creating a brand recognized worldwide. The participation of the designers for the fourth time consecutively in yearly fashion week held by Jakarta portrayed the bond existing between Australia and Indonesia and the role of the fashion industry in both economies.

Who will replace Trabuco? Brazil’s Bradesco looks for new CEO following Brandao’s retirement

Brazil’s second-largest bank, Banco Bradesco SA, is in the midst of a massive transition as longtime chairman Lazaro de Mello Brandao, 91, announced his retirement from the position in October. The move paved the way for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to take over as president of the bank, a position he will hold until March 2018, the date set by the board for when the next CEO elections will take place.

Speaking to journalists about his decision to step down, Brandao said his retirement is set to “ensure its (Banco Bradesco) continuity,” then adding that the decision was entirely his. Regardless, the executive, will remain in charge of some of the bank’s holding companies.

Bradesco will name its new CEO next year in March, although in a conference, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi said that the elections could happen earlier. He emphasized that the succession was a process and assured journalists that a replacement for Brandao hadn’t been chosen yet.

Who is Luiz Cappi?

Born Oct. 6, 1951 in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Mr. Luiz Cappi serves as the president of Banco Bradesco, a position he held since March 10, 2009. Before becoming one of the top executives in Brazil, his career started at Bradesco as a clerk at the young age of 17.

For a span of 15 years since his employment, he was assigned different positions until becoming a marketing director for the bank. It was during this time that Bradesco developed a more open relationship with the media, due to Trabuco Cappi’s modernized approach.

From 1992 to 1998, Trabuco Cappi served as the CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdência, a privately-owned company that catered to pensioners. He proceeded to become the Managing Director of Bradesco, and in 1999, he assumed the position of Executive Vice President.

Having held several positions in a period of 40 years, he was finally appointed President of the Bank, becoming the fourth president since the death of Amador Aguiar in 1991, the bank’s founder.

Perhaps the highlight of his career was the acquisition of HSBC in Brazil in 2015, the country’s biggest year in business and the bank’s largest acquisition so far. This was the reason why he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category, by Isto É Dinheiro Magazine.

In October 2017 upon the retirement of Lazaro de Mello Brandao, Trabuco Cappi had become appointed Bradesco’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, making him the current President of the Bank.

The executive’s skills was honed at the Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de São Paulo de Marília, now called UNESP. He also has a postgraduate degree in Socio-Psychology at the Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo.

The Future of Bradesco: Possible Candidates for Bradesco’s New CEO

As one of the biggest banks in Brazil, the question as to who will fill in the position as Bradesco’s CEO has boggled many, as Trabuco Cappi will be only taking charge until early next year. However, several names have already popped as potential CEO, one of them being Mauricio Minas, the bank’s current VP of Technology. Minas also worked with Trabuco Cappi on the acquisition of HSBC.

Other names in consideration are from the bank’s own — Bradesco’s other six vice presidents from their respective departments. They are:

Octavio de Lazari, in charge of the lender’s insurance unit, and has been with Bradesco since 1978.

Josué Augusto Pancini, responsible for the bank’s service network, and has been with Bradesco since 1975.

André Rodrigues Cano, head of Human Resources and one of the few who has attained a position in the higher management. He was first employed with the bank in 1977.

Marcelo de Araujo Noronha only joined the bank in 2003, and currently manages Bradesco’s investment and corporate banking.

Alexandre da Silva Gluher is the most experienced of the VPs so far, playing an essential role in the multi-billion acquisition of HSBC. He is Bradesco’s chief risk officer.

Domingos Figueiredo Abreu started working for Bradesco in 1981 and is currently VP for Treasury and Lending.

There are seven candidates running for CEO overall, including Minas, and predicting who will assume Trabuco Cappi’s current role continues to be difficult. However, should we rely on several reports and the word of analyst themselves, Trabuco Cappi will have a strong influence in choosing who Bradesco’s new CEO will be.

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Reaching Life’s Full Potential Through Healthy Living-IDLife

Recently Center for Disease Control gave out a record according to their research of the number of men and women affected by obese or overweight in the United States of America. The number of women affected is about 65% while that of men is about 70%. Obese or overweight is not only a physical appearance issue but can also affect an individual’s work, social life as well as health. Some of the health risks that an overweight person faces include arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and cancer among many others. The health and the wellness industry in the United States have been investing a lot of money in the sector to develop new products that will help people deal with weight issues as they help reduce the conditions that come with the overweight and obese.

On the contrary, many people who have used the health products have expressed disappointment, at the end of the day, the products have not been of great help to their physical appearance as well as health. But there is still hope for the persons if they use personalized nutrition. For those who are searching for results, supplements are the response to their weight as well as fitness issues. IDLife is one of the organizations which were established to deal with the medical issues of people in the United States. The firm can be described as a unique wellness firm due to the following factors.

1. Change the appearance of the supplement market: the supplement industry has been growing in America due to the high demand of loss weight as well as healthy living. IDLife has been doing things differently by delivering targeted nutrition option.

2. Supported by researched science: Before development of any of their products IDLife must conduct extensive study.

3. Prevailing administrators and motivated stockholders: for a business to be successful it must have powerful leaders, and this is how IDLife is and also it is backed with investors who have a desire of assisting others.

4. Quality ingredients obtained dutifully: IDLife supplements are of high quality due to the research and the effort put to source the raw products.

IDLife is a wellness and health firm that is created to distribute nutritional supplements to their clients depending on their needs which the organization trusts are unique. IDLife can well be described as a unique fitness company which knows that two people are not the same and their fitness and health requirements are totally different. IDLife was founded by Logan Stout for the purpose of assisting individuals to reach their full potential as they promote good health.

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Embracing Online Marketing as Any Other Business Venture

Online marketing is the process of marketing products and services via the digital advancements using digital technologies. The internet is the leading platform in which all this is laid upon. This marketing paradigm was invented in the 90’s. Over the years, it is the marketing methods and products by various companies that have been changing. But also the means of advertising the company’s goods and services have as well changed. Many sites have been brought into existence after many businesses embarked on this grand marketing strategy. Shop visitations have drastically reduced since online shopping has been well taken to use.

Online marketing has aided in saving much time. Clients have to just visit the internet sites and purchase items they need without going for window shopping. Different firms also offer customer care services to the entire customers waiting to be directed and explained for specific issues. Therefore, online marketing does not necessarily mean that clients always have to be purchasing goods and products. It means that also different clients can be asking questions concerning different products, organizations and so much more. The good thing about online business operations is that it is easy to use and cost-friendly.

Online marketing has also offered job opportunities to the technology experts who are jobless. Organizations and businesses that venture into this technique always hire or look for computer experts who can create websites and social media pages for the companies. Another advantage of this strategy is that it portrays a unique picture of the organization such that when a client sees the websites and other online pages of business, he creates that mentality that the company is not only dangerous with its operations but also it is full of professionals in it.

All businesses that have marketed themselves via online platforms have enjoyed better business control, reduction in extreme business expenses, elegant communications and so much more. Online marketing is better in operation of every legal business activities.

Online Marketing Trends That Businesses Should Consider Adopting in 2018

The importance of online marketing in today’s competitive business environment cannot be gainsaid. It has proven to be much more effective than traditional forms of marketing such as the use of banners and other print media. Online marketing strategies keep changing by the day, and businesses that do not stay up to date on the trends risk sinking into oblivion.

Social media marketing

Businesses should pay more attention to social media marketing. With the ever growing number of social media users, businesses cannot afford to ignore these platforms. Using email campaigns and social media marketing together has been shown to be very effective at reaching a business’s target audience.

Video marketing

Use of video marketing is one strategy that has been used a lot throughout 2017 and its popularity is still growing. Businesses have many options when it comes to use of video, from Facebook videos to YouTube and so much more. And the best thing about this strategy is that it is no longer expensive to make quality videos.

Content is king

The content that businesses share with their audiences needs to be interesting, informative and engaging for it to sell. While sharing basic information about a business’s products and services worked before, this is no longer as effective as it once was. Customers are demanding a lot more from businesses in terms of content and any business that does not pass muster is bound to lose business to its competitors.


The above are just some of the strategies that businesses should consider including in their online marketing strategies in 2018. These strategies will help them reap more in terms of conversions from their marketing efforts. Whatever online marketing strategies a business chooses to use, the content provided must be relevant and of high quality for them to be effective.

Understanding the Services Provided by the USHEALTH Advisors Insurance

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance collaborates with insurance companies to provide multiple health covers. The company offers insurance against critical illness, temporary disabilities, accidents, and other specific illnesses. The company offers its services to small business owners and self-employed individuals.

The company has a reliable customer service that ensures all your questions are answered and that you understand the available policies before committing. Most important, the business is operated under a strong mission, which is represented by the acronym HOPE (Help Other People Everyday).

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance Products

For over 50 years, USHEATH Advisors Insurance has been offering their services and have served more than 15 million people. Their products include PremiumVision, SecureDental, life protector, accident protector, essential life benefit, salary protector, premier choice, and MedGuard.

Each product as specific features and you can choose the one that meets your needs. To ensure you have chosen the most appropriate cover, an advisor will take through each product and make sure you understand all the details.

Success Stories of USHEALTH Advisors

After being in the industry for over five decades, USHEALTH Advisors have experienced numerous successes. They have also served and helped millions of people get affordable insurance cover. They have been awarded severally with the most recent award being the One Planet Award.

The company was chosen as the best in accounting, banking, and insurance category. The award was a prestigious recognition since nominations are done worldwide and are open to both big and small, private and publicly owned companies.

In addition, the company’s CEO, Troy McQuagge, was awarded the best CEO of the year. Troy joined the company in 2010. He has played a significant role in ensuring that the company lives as per their mission. When he first joined the firm, he worked on the restructuring of the USHEALTH Advisors, re-tooling of the advisors, and the distribution agency.

USHEALTH Advisors operate under USHEALTH Group Inc., an insurance company based in Texas. Over the years that the company has been in operation, it has realized massive success and accumulated significant profits in the insurance sector. Read more:


Life Insurance Premimums Vary Wildly – Be Carfull What You Choose!

One fact you should know about life insurance is that all insurance companies are, or should be, state regulated. So your criteria in picking the right insurance company should include two valuable items:

* How long the company has been in business?

* Is the company of choice AAA rated by Fitch, Moodys or AM Best?

The reasoning here is that if the company is not well rated, chances are it may not last long in a competitive society. On top of that, Freedom Life Insurance suggests that any claim may not be paid leaving you with a waste of money. Also, if there has been pages full of complaints or bad experiences keep your distance from these life insurance companies.

Your Insurance Choices Are Not Complicated!

Basically a Freedom Life Insurance Company client will have three insurance choices from witch to choose: Term Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Which one you choose should depend on why you want Freedom Life Insurance in the first place. Yes, if you are still confused and still tossing darts at your new dartboard, allow Freedom Life to help your out with a quick primer:

* A whole life policy will last for as long as you live and pay the principal amount upon your death. However, keep in mind your premiums increase as you age; a portion of which accrues to “Cash Value” and if you live long enough or the policy lapses, you collect the “Cash Value.”

* Term Life is different from whole life in that you purchase the policy for a certain period of time. There is also no cash value to be concerned with.

Permanent Life is insurance that remains active until the policy expires or the owner fails to meet his or her payment obligations.

Note: Freedom Life Insurance wants all future clients to know that life insurance can be affordable. If you buy early in your life this move can be the most important factor in determining final costs. Staying healthy can also be a factor in buying life insurance; overweight and smokers will usually be more costly. Visit:


USHEALTH Advisors Is Enhancing The Careers Of Its Employeees

For over 35 years, USHEALTH Advisors, the marketing agency of the health insurance company, USHEALTH Group, has marketed the company’s products and services widely. The agency focuses on marketing innovative health coverage plans, which are underwritten and insured by USHEALTH’s group of companies. USHEALTH Advisors is committed to serving the unique needs of individuals, self-employed persons and small business owners in America. The company has a great team of talented sales agents who enhances the buying experience of the customers. As America experiences rising health costs, citizens struggle to find affordable health coverage plans that suit their diverse healthcare needs. USHEALTH Advisors offers affordable healthcare services. The company’s experienced agents help clients through the buying process to ensure that they settle for appropriate coverage plans that meet their healthcare demands and financial abilities.

Besides their broad affordable portfolio of coverage plans, USHEALTH Advisors (USHA) is dedicated to the success of its people. Their innovative compensation plan features the percentage of weekly commissions of issued business in the first year, as well as the commissions earned monthly and vested renewals. The compensation plan gives USHA agents an opportunity to earn decent salaries. The agents guarantee quality corporate support to their policy holders through USHA’s real-time and accurate response regarding policies and claims concerns. High-performing agents are awarded with incentives after reaching the attainable minimum thresholds. The agency facilitates prompt communication with the sales force through various avenues to ensure that they are updated on all developments. To ensure that the agents succeed in the competitive health product market, USHA assigns them marketing leaders who mentor and enlighten them on important issues in the field.

USHA’s outstanding profile is enhanced by the various awards and recognition that they have received over the years. The most recent award is the 2017 Stevie Awards where USHA was named the Gold Winner of National Sales Team of the Year Award. Between 2015 and 2016, the marketing agency grew its sales staff by 41 percent. The highly trained team of sales agents has recorded an increase of 8 percent in the average number of sales per agent. This impressive performance shows a 59 percent growth of submitted health policies. In 2016, USHA emerged as the Company of the Year in the Insurance category. The company strives to provide strong value propositions for their customers through innovative product designs.



Impressionable Facts about Avaaz

Avaaz has seen a significant number of individuals come together and raise their voices for all undesirable activities that take place in their countries. The online platform has united millions of people from a vast number of countries and efficiently promoted activism against unworthy leaders. Besides, Avaaz has not only played a huge role in bringing people together but has also advocated for their rights as well as equipped individuals with enough information on whatever is expected of their leaders. The profoundly active group has seen people shape up their countries as well as the entire world into one which they desire and

Since the launch of Avaaz in 2007, it has grown into one whole dominant and unprecedented global democratic force, through which people can freely express themselves as well as air out all the issues that bother them, particularly those concerning their leaders. The firm has successfully settled the gap between where people are initially, and that which they always crave for in their daily lives. The organization has conducted a vast number of campaigns in significant parts of the globe with the aim of bringing change in the countries and freely talking out on specific pressing issues and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

The Paris climate accord activism is one of the most significant achievements of Avaaz and through the movement, Avaaz saw a substantial number of individuals in the country get aware of the negative impacts of not conserving the environment. Avaaz has always exercised equality in their operations and does not discriminate their members regarding age, race, origin and many other attributes. The firm has a significant commitment towards creating a better world for everyone by pointing out bad traits among leaders and probably electing honest and competent ones to take their place. The firm has brought hope to people, and their operations have been a significant form of encouragement and inspiration to many people and more information click here.

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