The Brazilian Law: Ricardo Tosto the Law Profile

Brazill is known to have most lawyers. These lawyers are either training or professional lawyers. The Federal Constitution determines the Brazilian legal system. The federal constitution has been in application since October 1988. Brazilian Legal System is composed of the Superior Justice Court as well as the Supreme Court. These two courts have a massive contribution and control the law application all through the country. Brazilian court systems are formed by the Ordinary in conjunction with the Specialized Courts. These courts are both run by the Federal government. The Brazilian courts are comprised of the Electoral Courts, Military Courts, and Labor Courts. The primary duty of the Supreme Court is to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency mandate focus of the Federal Constitution.

Ricardo Tosto is one among the many prominent Brazilian lawyers. He is certified expert as he has over 15 years’ experience in Business Law. He has portrayed outstanding prolific results in bankruptcy, credit recovery as well as bank drafting recovery. Ricardo Tosto is one among the founders of the Tosto e Barros Advogados. The top areas of specialization of Ricardo Tosto include Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Election Law, Civil Law, Acquisition Review, Bank contracts, and Credit Recovery.

In his profession, Ricardo Tosto has served the Legal as well as the HR Management of many Brazilian Companies and Organizations. He served these companies and organizations as the advisor. During the Who’s Who Legal nominations for the Commercial Litigation Category, Ricardo Tosto was awarded as the top Brazilian lawyer. He has also popped in Brazilian Legal Publication Analise 500and Legal 500 where he has marked outstanding for his unique skills in law and his professionalism I this field.

Ricardo Tosto was awarded his undergraduate law degree at the Mackenzie University. He later pursued Business Administration Extension. In his profile, he has served in the government legal service department and other various companies. He was the chief executive of Judicial Reforms Committee at Brazilian Bar association (Sao Paulo section) as well as in the Judicial Modernization Committee. He is a member of the IBA (International Bar Association), A member of the IMD (Institute for Management Development –Lausanne-Switzerland) Steering Committee, a BOD member of CESA(Study Center for Attorney Partnerships).

He is legal and political re-known author. He has composed various articles that are documented in newspapers and specialized magazines. He is the “O Processo de Tiradentes” co-author. This is a Brazilian book.

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The Popularity of Market America Events Keeps Growing

Market America Events are becoming more popular every year, as the numbers of new people attending them grows. The popularity of these events is only eclipsed by the grand world of opportunities the attendees are afforded. This is what makes Market America different from other unique business organizations, because they are about their membership being raised up and allowed to succeed financially without limits. The goal of Market America is dream building for a better future, and everyone can be a part of it. So why doesn’t everyone know about this great opportunity by now. The answer is not simple.

Perhaps it is because some people don’t want to believe they deserve everything they want from life. Maybe it is because Market America sounds too good to be true, and it probably does. But the facts are evident, members and those who attend Market America Events have changed their lives financially and economically. There is no other program that is making a difference in more lives, as quickly and effectively as Market America. So if this sounds like an experience worth taking a chance on, then come attend an event when it comes to a city where you live or near you. It will be the best day of your new life.

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Bob Reina: He Believes In The Good Of The World

Right now, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the negativity that is happening all around the world. It would only be natural and normal. However, sometimes people have to be mentally strong and they have to push through that. They can’t give in to it and they can’t allow it to consume them each and every single day of their lives. They need to start looking at things a little bit differently. Once they break out of that mindset, truly wonderful things can start to happen for them in their lives. Bob Reina believes in the good of the world and he believes there are good things in the world.


It is just that right now, they are getting lost in the shuffle and they are getting overlooked. Bob Reina is trying to bring attention to all of the good things in the world such as Talk Fusion for example. This is not just because he is the CEO and the founder of the company. He started the company in 2007 and it has grown a lot since then. However, the goals of the company have always stayed the same, which is to change lives. When people use this state of the art technology, they will start to see possibilities. When they see these possibilities, they will see the world is not such a bad place after all.


They also see that someone like Bob Reina is a good person. Since he is a good person, he does good things. His employees get the chance to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. When they do this, they are really opening up a ton of doors for people out there that need it during desperate times. They don’t have to feel desperate anymore. They can feel like someone is helping them, which is another example of something good. Learn more:


Bob Reina also made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It is the kind of donation that gets people talking and it gets things changing in the right direction for these animals.


Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions And The Significant Answers It Offers

Wealth comes with talent, luck and a lot of hard work. Wealth is a secret of many powerful men and women. Wealth doesn’t only come in the form of money but also in emotional richness, available time and abundance of ideas.


In the financial wealth department, many firms offer an infinite set of advice for portfolios to grow and managers to expand their market reach. Companies need the advice of these experts to get the maximized potential of their growth.


One of the many companies today that can provide the best solutions for businesses’ wealth management strategies is Wealth Solutions.


About Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions would in the future turn out to be one of the well-trusted firms that can transform the portfolio of today’s biggest companies and brands. Right now Wealth Solutions can offer the various services to corporations and individuals who are always looking for solutions to manage, protect and diversify one’s assets. Asset Protection would turn out to be one of the best-packaged solutions in Wealth Solutions’ array of services.


The founder of Wealth Solutions is Richard Blair, the man who would be taken to be the person who can advise many companies for the many challenges in investments and other wealth management problems.


What makes Wealth Solutions stand out from the competition is that it has the ability and capacity to get the uncertainty out of the retirement packages of the firms today that attempt to solve many wealth management issues but fail to do so. Learn more:


There’s no more guesswork with how your money grows with Wealth Solutions’ help. In fact, collaborating with the partners in Wealth Solutions demystifies all the nuances and gray areas in property management.


About Richard Blair

Richard Blair decided to create, build and grow Wealth Solutions with the intention and goal to make a significant difference in the lives of many people. He wants to be the man to establish an advisory firm today that can help small business owners maximize their earnings and revenues.


Based in Austin, Texas, Richard Blair continues to draw inspiration from his mother and grandmother who both are teachers in making sure that he sticks with his vision when providing service for clients.


Over the countless days and hours that Richard spent to serve his customers, he’s able to learn the extensive knowledge in everything that involves retirement packages and wealth security. Without the passion for quality service that Richard Blair has for the people, he wouldn’t be able to offer these packages.


Richard Blair Takes Away The Guess Work

Finances are a very tricky thing to navigate by itself. Many people who try to figure out their own finances find themselves in a tricky situation. For one thing, life is very unpredictable. They can find themselves faced with some unexpected expenses. For instance, it can be very hard to come up with a good plan for retirement, especially for people who only have one source of income. This is one of the reasons that people need financial advisers. They can find financial experts like Richard Blair of Wealth solutions who will not only help them come up with a solid financial plan, but also give them insights into the world of finances.

One thing that people will learn about is the importance of having more than one source of income. Even people with really high paying jobs can benefit from alternative sources of income. One of the reasons that alternative sources of income can help is that it gives people something to fall back on. Among the many alternative sources of income are investments and other jobs. Some of these alternative forms of income take a bit of time to build up. Fortunately, Richard Blair is available to help with the choices on alternative sources of income.

One of the issues that many people are faced with is finding out what type of source of income is right for them. If they try to guess at it, then they could take a wrong step. Richard Blair is there to educate his clients on all of the different opportunities that are laid out before them. This not only gives his clients the insight but also gives them the confidence to move forward with their choices.

Richard Blair is willing to help his clients with every aspect of their financesso that they can make the right choices in saving for their retirement. One of the common occurrences in the financial world is that people have more assets than they know what to do with. Richard Blair teaches them what they can do in order to put it to work for them. Learn more:


The lawyer and Pilot Beer Brewer, Eli Gershkovitch

An In-depth Look at Canadian Craft Beer


Craft beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in Canada and comes with different flavors, tastes, and colors. In the market, one can get both innovative and traditional beers available to suit the customer’s tastes and preferences.

The major types of Canadian craft beer are Red racer pale ale, Glutenberg Belgian Double, Saison Station 16, Nutcracker, Weissbier among others. The major ingredients in making these beers are wheat, grapes, barley, citrus, clove, black oak among others. The concentration and selection of different ingredients provide different flavors. For instance, for figgy pudding, Nutcracker Potter would be a good option since it has the cinnamon spice and black oat as one of its ingredients. The major brewing companies include Hopefenstark Breweries, Black Oat, Central City Breweries, Denson’s brewing companies, and others.


Eli Gershkovitch Success Story


Eli Gershkovitch is the chairman and CEO of the Steamworks Brewery Company that brews its own craft beer for profit. Unlike the other entrepreneurs of fortune 500 companies who exhibit haughtiness and high-class kind of an approach to life, Eli is a casual and sociable individual who enjoys his own freedom without being fixed in a daily routine. That need for autonomy was most probably the motivation towards starting his own brewing company.


One may mistake the collected and calm personality of Eli Gershkovitch as one that lacks strategy. However, he is a strategic business person who believes that if a company does not grow to meet the current demand, then demand will, in the long run, diminish to meet the company. Thus, he remains strategic in ensuring his company meets the demand and when appropriate create demand for craft beer.


Eli Gershkovitch is committed to improvement, growth, and motivation in his company ( As such he adopts the newest technology for the company that will increase efficiency and reduces losses. Notably, Eli has been consistent in maintaining a business model that is innovative and allows tremendous growth. The reason for this model is his economic persuasion stagnation in business will result in the death of a company.


Interestingly, Eli Gershkovitch is also a lawyer, brewer, and a pilot who has worked in various corporate organizations over time. Currently, he is Vancouver, Canada.

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Glen Wakeman Is A Businessman With Elevated Work Ethics

Glen R. Wakeman has over thirty years of financial experience. His educational career is outstanding including his background of having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Scranton in 1981 and a Master of Business Administration in finance from the University of Chicago.


In his early work career, Glen worked at GE Capital and was responsible for its exponential growth. He has been Chief Executive Officer at Doral Financial Corporation since 2006. He is also President of the Doral Bank and Chairman of its Board of Directors.


When Glen Wakeman took over at Doral Financial, it was in a bad state, but under his leadership, he vastly turned its assets around (NewsSky). Glen was also Chief Executive Officer of General Electric Consumer Finance Latin America from 1999 to 2005. As CEO of GE Latin America, he set-up nine country financial operations all from a humble beginning.


Glen is also named as the Founder and President of Nova Four. Nova Four was founded in 2015 and it offers strategic advice to start-up businesses and mid-level businesses ( Glen Wakeman is a mentor for new company heads and shows them how to promulgate their business.


As a successful entrepreneur, he founded his own company called LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. LaunchPad Holdings is a company that Glen Wakeman co-founded in 2015 and which also helps young entrepreneurs increase their sales and record rates by using their online planning platforms and services.


Glen Wakeman’s financial successes, especially in early start-up businesses, has given him a reputation of being a go-to master and a mentor in the field of finance, especially his management skills at providing all types of global financial leadership advice.


He continues to help financial and business entrepreneurs by offering advice in his online blogs on his website concerning growing markets, leadership tips, business changes, and global business events. Glen Wakeman is touted as being a professional with a positive work ethic that never changes.


Fashion industry- Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Starting a business as a young person can be overwhelming as most people do not believe that the young generation can make in the world of the entrepreneur. However, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not shy away from trying their luck in the business sector. The two young investors decided to establish an online subscription; Justfab Inc. Justfab Inc is an online retail subscriber which has been in operation for an extended period of time. The online fashion business has been delivering a custom-made shopping experience to their clients all over the United States of America. Some of the items the fashion firm deals with include; shoes, denim, handbags, jewelry among others.

Justfab was established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2010, later Kimora Lee Simmons joined the group and served as the Creative Director and the President. Before their name to Techstyle; the clothing firm received funding support from Matrix Partners back in 2011. The firm later expanded their portfolio by acquiring one of the children’s subscription companies; Fabkids in January 2013. TechStyle has been expanding their business since it began operations in other regions in the world including; Spain and France. Ever since their inception the online fashion subscription firm has been growing its brands and recently they introduced a ready to wear collection which includes all sizes.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the Co- Chief Executive officers of TechStyle which is an online subscription firm. Adam began his business career at the very young age of 13. He has been in business for over 20 years now and he is also the Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle which was formally known as Justfab. At the age of thirteen; Adam began his online game bulletin which he called Gamer’s Alliance and later sold it at the age of 17. Mr. Goldenberg became a Chief Operating Officer at a very young age of 19 serving at Intermix.

On the other hand, the Co-founder and the Chief executive Officer of TechStyle Don Ressler is the well described as the pioneer in the online business. For an extended period; Ressler has been involved in business and has successfully operated several businesses including Fitness which he later sold to Intermix Media in 1997. Mr. Don was the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the Fitness Heaven before joining Intermix where they meet with his co-founder, Adam. At TechStyle, Don is responsible for overseeing the customer’s experience as well as the vision of the firm.

Daniel Mark Harrison – Investing in the Future

Daniel Mark Harrison grew up all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, and the United States. Due to constantly moving around he attended more than 8 different schools in his earlier years. He began his higher educational training at St. Peter’s College, Oxford in the late 1990’s, where he studied Theology for one year before he left school to start a hedge fund. Harrison also holds an MBA from BI in Oslo, Norway.

Daniel Mark Harrison is presently the Chairman and CEO of a global investment company named after him – Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (“DMH&Co”). The company operates in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. He is also the Managing Partner of FinTech and the blockchain venture capital firm Monkey Capital. He is also a 2015 published author of a novel entitled “The Millennial Reincarnations.”
Given the major impact that the DMH&Co made in Asia, he further partnered with an innovative financial and tech engineer called Marcelo Garcia-Casil. As owner of DX Markets, Marcelo joined with Harrison in acquiring a Series A raise. It is with Marcelo that he co-founded a block chain-based hedge fund called Monkey Capital (‘MNY’) which is a unique ICO ‘Monkey Tokens’ and is the first of many unique value-added emergent in the token market.

Monkey Capital recently went into partnership with Digital Developers Fund (“DDF”), another successful blockchain-based trading platform for high growth digital assets like cryptocurrency and domain names. DDF and Monkey Capital will be a burgeoning merge of ICO crowd-sale campaigns. This merge helps to secure Monkey Capital’s investment in the latest rare innovations like space travel and harnessing the last vestiges of the global Industrial Revolution by purchasing defunct manufacturers. Harrison is rumored to try to raise over a billion dollars in a crowdfunding campaign which will be the first 10-digit figure ever raised.

Ricardo Tosto Plays Law, the Flute and More!

Ricardo Tosto

Listen to Ricardo Tosto on all matters legal. Ricardo Tosto knows Brazil. Ricardo Tosto knows law.


Ricardo Tosto on Flutes

Getting a sound on that flute is easy! Simply take the head joint — that section you blow hard into. If you own a one-piece flute, then just leave your fingers off of the keys or holes while laying your lower lip over mouth hole’s peculiar edge and blowing it through like a pop bottle and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


Do you get it? “What is that”, you may say? You have never blown a pop bottle? Well, then, let’s approach it another way. Here follows a description of basic flute embouchure — the way in which you hold your lips or mouth while playing. Also, looking in a mirror as you do this will help and and more information click here.


First, the flute’s mouth hole must be pointed directly upward as your head should remain in a straight up position. Next, simply lay your bottom lip in loose succession over the mouth hole’s edge once more but not in a manner that’s pulled up or curled underneath itself or unevenly pressed down against the flute with hard force; easy and gentle are the key words here. It must cover nearly one quarter of the mouth hole.


Next, press those lips together at each corner and side, leaving a slightly oval opening by the front of your mouth. Then, center the opening above your mouth hole —even if it isn’t within the center of your mouth. Point your lips downward; then, blow a stream of air at the mouth hole’s opposite edge. Do not lift up your bottom lip when you blow! and Ricardo Tosto’s lacrosse camp.


If the blow is soundless, then check that bottom lip to ensure that you aren’t unconsciously pulling it up. Lastly, rotate the flute to make a change in angles, by which your breath will best hit the blowing edge. Try to vary both the shape and pressure of each blow. On any flute but a thick-walled one, do make sure that your bottom lip is relaxed. Remember: Pressing it down will only tire your lips and