Elysium Health’s Dream of Coming Up with New Supplements

Elysium Health is using technology to come up with solutions that will create pills to hopefully increasing longevity. The chemicals that are used have been tested in animals such as mice and worms. The results in these animals have been positive. The company has come up with supplement pills that will be available over the counter. The person who is behind the project and steering the ship, so to speak, is Leonard Guarante who is a Biologist from MIT. He firmly believes that effects of growing old can be minimized by altering the body’s metabolism.

The supplements that are produced by Elysium Health hav a chemical originator NAD that is used to affect metabolism in some living organisms releasing energy and glucose. This NAD causes the body to have effects that are similar to one eating a low caloric diet. This form of diet in mice and worms has enabled them to live longer.

Production of the supplement has attracted accolades from many prominent people in the field. The list of supporters includes Daniel Fabricant who was the Director of the FDA’s dietary supplement division, and is now the CEO of Natural Products Association. The firm has managed to acquire a large team of world-class scientists who are positive about the drug. http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/08/is-elysium-healths-basis-the-fountain-of-youth.html

The establishment, Elysium Health was started with an objective of forming pills which increase the chances of a healthy living and a more extended life using basic science that is free from strange chemicals present in other compounds that make similar claims. The company does not carry out research alone, but they involve seasoned scientists who are distinguished in the field of medicine. Advances in science and technology are the backbone that guides the process of coming up with the new supplements. Supplements and pills that are created by Elysium are made available to the public and are to be consumed with ease without necessitating directions from doctors.

The people who lead the company are cutting-edge thought leaders who fight for a better approach to life that is simple yet effective. The board gives direction to the people who are looking for new products, and they ensure that the correct path is followed while inspections are carried out by governing institutions. The team ensures that the end products have the required ingredients with no additives that will alter the targeted effects. Senior board members provide for safe, efficient and well-tested merchandise.

Elysium Health has products which contain daily doses of required multivitamins. They are general supplements that boost health and help the body in functioning resourcefully. These supplements are not used to cure a specific disease but rather keep the body functioning optimally.


Market America Offers Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing has vastly grown into an embraced, preferred business for channeling consumer products and services. To most business professionals, this is the easiest way to reach out to clients because of the social media platforms that most have embraced. It takes more than passion to succeed in internet marketing. In fact, it is vital to consider getting a reliable marketing platform to showcase your products. That is why Market America offers a chance for entrepreneurs to launch their products and services online.


Market America is prominent for offering product brokerage as well as internet marketing services. The firm boats of being able to distribute supplier’s products across several geographical locations. Established in 1992, the company has been on the lead of ensuring that products receive massive concentration from clients. Market America Products offer clients the chance to choose what they consider as a demand. Aside from availability, this company is known for the price consideration. Market America markets different products from personal care items, custom website, dietary supplements and products to weight issues, this company thrives on knowing that clients receive what they demand.


Market America uses other companies to distribute client’s products. This is a direct selling channel that incorporates the use of other firms for execution. The firm applies web domain for execution. It is at this juncture that companies use retail sales channels. On growth, Market America has been expanding operations in different levels. In 2008, the firm partnered with iMirus with the aim of producing MA Newsstand. This business produced printed copies of magazines, catalogs as well as books. In 2010, Market America was elated to announce that it had acquired Shop.com. Although the amount spent was undisclosed, there was a clear indication of profits. Until now, the company has been striving to excel under the excellent service delivery strategy.

The Secret to Villanueva MB2 Dental

Villanueva MB2 Dental, created by Dr. Chris Villanueva, who is the creator of a network to find quality dentists. He served on both sides of the game previously. This made him uniquely well qualified to create the company for the benefit of those looking for a good dentist.

Previous attempts by some other companies has been drab at best, Villanueva wanted it to be better.Hebelieved that it could be truly special and offer better pizazz than other companies attempts at creating a network. Dentist owned and operated, it helps practices connect in order to help their patients to have a better dentistry experience. Visit sharecare.com to know more.

Villanueva came up with the idea after graduating from Dentistry school. At that time a dentist had two choices. He or she could either join a large practice or a small private one. Neither seemed admirable to him. So he did what all good entrepreneurs do. He created something new.

Villanueva says that he is a complete night owl. He says that he gets some of his best ideas there. One of those ideas was to keep the entire staff of the company up to date and ensure that all of them are creative, smart and patient centered as he is. That’s exactly what he has done since. The inspiration came from a mentor that he had while in dentistry school. That advice seems wise indeed. Some of his other best ideas are below.

Read more: http://dentalinsurance.dentalplans.com/drchrisvillanueva/index_2.html

– Hire those people that collaborate well.

– Encourage Out of the box ideas.

– Only hire those people that work best thinking out of the box.

All of that has been put into his work and it has functioned well. He believes in collaboration and not in only one person making decisions. That is the most admirable part of the whole thing. People trust others when they behave and work like that. Read more about Dr. Chris Villanueva on epodcastnetwork.com.

He also focuses on technology. It is truly the wave of the future. Having a sense of humor is important as well. He recalls bad experiences that he had while training in school. He has shared in previous interviews that he would change only one thing if he had a chance to do everything again, he would do all of that earlier. It took a few years for him to get it in place because he began as many do right out of dentistry school, just like all the others. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/chris-steven-villanueva


How to Find the Best Employees for Your Startup

If you have a startup business, you know how difficult it can be to get everything done. All of the goals that you have will take up so much of your time, and it may feel like you can’t keep up. This is generally where startup owners decide to hire new employees, but as you may assume, this process can be a challenge. Fortunately, the following tips and tricks should be able to help you find the best employees for your new business.


  1. Look for people with experience.


First, even though it may be tempting to hire brand new faces to the business scene, you don’t want to have to act as a teacher as well as a boss. Teaching your employees a little bit about how business works and how your company runs is okay, but your goal should be to look for potential employees who already have some experience under their belts. Check their resumes before inviting anyone for interviews. You’ll also want to back up their information online.


  1. Don’t be afraid of millennials.


Lots of professionals and business owners are nervous abut hiring new people, but they’re most nervous about hiring millennials. You shouldn’t be nervous about this generation. They get a bad rap for being selfish and lazy, but doesn’t every generation have a selfish and lazy crowd? Numerous millennials are hard workers and can do a great job for your company. One area where they especially excel is in dispersing your company’s message. They’re always active on social media, and that’s a good thing for you.


  1. Find employees with drive.


Finally, look for employees who have a lot of drive and are willing to put forth their all for your company. They should have a special interest in whatever it is that you do, and when you meet for them for an interview, make sure to ask them pertinent questions so that you can be sure that they’re all in.


As a startup owner, you may be nervous about bringing new people onto your projects. But if you use the tips above, you’ll be able to find the best employees for your new business.


Starting a Business Online

There are a lot of people who have a passion for starting a business. If you want to take your life to the next level, this is a great way to go. When starting a business online, you need to make sure you have a plan in place for success. A lot of people go out and start a company without planning properly for it. This is usually a recipe for disaster that does not work. With the internet today, there are more opportunities than ever before. A lot of people are excited about the possibilities that are coming out in this area.




One of the most difficult aspects of starting a company is having the capital on hand to do so. Although borrowing money is always an option, a lot of people do not want to be stuck making monthly payments on their business. Not only does this increase the chances of something bad happening, but it puts a lot of stress on the situation. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, borrowing money is not always the answer. Instead, make sure to run your business as lean as possible. A lot of people find that they can save money if they pay attention to areas where they can cut their costs.


Future Growth Plans


With all of the different options today, there are a lot of people who are looking to start an online business. If you want to take things to the next level, you should start to look at areas where you think you could add value. Customers today are more savvy than ever before, and they want to work with a company that is willing to invest with them. Always make sure to invest in your customers first, and they will reward you over time. Whether you are selling an actual product or just a service, it is important to always think about the long term implications of your decisions. There are a lot of people who are excited about what the future holds for them and their business. Start today by making plans to start and grow your business, and over time work towards your goals to have success in this area.



Growing Your Small Business

Having success with a small business takes a lot more work than many people realize. Over the long term, it is difficult to scale up a company and have success with all of the competition in the marketplace. There are a lot of people who are excited about taking things to a new level in this area. Not only can marketing help you get to a new level, but it is essential. The small business environment today makes things easier than ever before to have success. With all of the technology today, small business owners have a lot of flexibility in how they do things. If you want to invest in your future, this is the way to go.


Online Marketing


Marketing is essetnial to growing your business over time. There are many important marketing trends that will help take your business to a new level. If you want to invest in your future, this is the way to go. A small business is one of the most important investments that anyone can have. If you want to start growing your business, you have to engage with customers and show them the products and the services that you have to offer. With social media today, this should be easier than ever before. Over the long term, owning and operating your own business is the best way to add margin into your life. Start increasing your success levels today by upgrading your overall marketing strategy.


Final Thoughts


There are a lot of people who are looking to the future with hope for their business. With the new technology that is changing the industry, marketing is more important than ever. You have to start investing in your business if you want to have success over the long term. Many people today are looking to take things to a new level in order to stay with the competition. If you are investing in marketing, you need to make sure your investment is paying off. Hiring a professional can be a good idea if you want to increase your levels of success in this area. Not only that, but you can also upgrade your business to one of the best in the industry with a cohesive marketing plan.

Advice That Every Small Business Owner And Startup Should Heed

A Brooklyn small business owner has some important advice that should be headed by every other small business owner and startup in the United States. Felipe Lavalle runs a bike tour company in New York City called Get Up And Ride. The following is what can be taken away from Lavalle’s roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

Mr. Lavalle could not say it better. All small business owners should keep a very close eye on their finances. Profitability should be at the top of their priorities. As soon as Felipe started to ignore his profitability and expand his business instead, his business started to lose money. When Felipe realized this, it was almost too late. He had to fire all of his tour guides after he was left with only $200.

Another thing to take away is that small businesses and startups should not expand too rapidly. This is a big mistake that many small businesses and startups do. It is tempting to expand, but how do you know if the expansion will last and is not just temporary? It is tricky, but Felipe Lavalle says that a business should attempt to minimize overhead costs as much as possible. The costs should be kept as low as possible for as long as possible.

If such advice was followed by Felipe Lavalle, he would have made much more money in profits. He also would not lose any money. Business owners should also take a proactive approach and be directly involved in their business. Felipe started out leading tours at Get Up And Ride. Eventually though, he decided to focus on the business side after his girlfriend urged him to try it.

The advice of the girlfriend was not good. Hiring seven part time tour guides was a big expense that he could not handle. A slowdown in the number of visitors triggered by currency devaluation abroad further hurt his business. Expanding too rapidly, taking on too much expenses and not keeping an eye out on profitability all hurt Felipe Lavalle’s business. It almost bankrupt him.

The bike tour business did well initially because of positive reviews on Trip Advisor. Felipe would offer free bike tours in exchange for reviews for guests staying at his apartment through Airbnb. It proved to be an effective online marketing campaign. However, expanding too rapidly, poor oversight, and fading away from the business almost led to his demise. Learn from such experiences so you don’t repeat these mistakes yourself.

Are Millennials Really Into Startups?

Millennials are the future of business and commerce. They have to be. As the current generation of entrepreneurs head into retirement or complacency, millennials are the ones the world needs to create new businesses. Strangely, this very entrepreneurial demographic group is not very interested in launching a startup. In fact, a mere 22% of millennials would choose to launch a startup.

Amazingly, 78% feel that working for a startup is somewhat of a status symbol. Such an assessment is not all that off the wall. Working for a hip startup can be a lot of fun. The right startup could lead to earning a lucrative income. Promotional potential in a startup is usually quite good. Of course, there is a huge difference between working for a startup and launching one. The rewards of launching a startup are never guaranteed. The success stories of those who made millions from creating startups does usually inspire people to follow the same path.

So, why are so many millennials turned off to the idea of creating a startup? The poll may be more than a little inaccurate. There are millions of millennials in the United States. To say only a small number of them would create startups may not be entirely correct. Surely, the true number is higher.

Honestly though, the number does not really even have to be all that high. Not everyone is cut out to launch a startup. The sad truth about most startups is they fail. With their failure, they bring the entrepreneur who launched the endeavor into debt. Those who chose to venture into the treacherous waters of creating a startup must do so only after performing very careful deliberations.

A creative millennial may not be the right person to launch a new business, but that same person could be a great asset to a business launched by someone else. Not to be somewhat cynical, but if the startup fails, the asset-valued employee can move to another enterprise. People with skills are going to be people who are always in demand.

There are always going to be startups. New businesses are a perpetual part of the economy throughout the world. The current slate of millennial entrepreneurs are sure to be a part of some huge startup ventures.

Reasons Why Startups Love Online Marketing

The business world has dramatically changed today. Most business activities are done online including marketing. To wit, startup companies make their presence felt through active online marketing. Why online marketing? That question what the article seeks to answer by looking at the common factors that have led to increased online marketing. Many marketplaces are attracting the attention of top technology investors. A close look at the Uber a tech startup which has redefined the way a business runs in every sector of business including delivery, legal services, package deliveries and Lottery services, one would appreciate why online marketing has become a common phenomenon to many firms Business Insider Australia.
To maximize the business opportunities
Most investors have realized the potential business opportunities that exist in the online marketplace. To a startup, having access to the leading businesses is not easy and therefore, if they can get them in the online marketplaces, it is a huge blessing to them. Last year alone, online marketplaces attracted Sydney-based Expert360 which injected A$4 million, Artsy- the NY-based global market for artwork about US$25 million, and Shyp the San Francisco-based on-demand Shipping services marketplace finalized yet with another US$50 million in investment.
Online Marketplaces are the hottest business to startups in 2016
The US center for global Enterprise reported that the global online market would be US$4.3 trillion. The value will attract major investors in the technology industry to invest in the online business.
Online marketplace incorporates different business ideas
Computer operating system enables various innovative ideas to be created in the online platform which can be shared among the startup firms. The incorporation of diverse ideas is done using the web as an organizing force and numerous tools to enable systematic integration of labor. For example, Wikipedia is a cathedral of online building blogs that brings together different people to interact in a single marketplace.
There is personalized business interaction
The online market has enabled businesses to communicate in a customized way regardless of the geographical situation and size. A start in the US can easy at fast speed interact with another startup in Africa.
In conclusion, online marketing has broadened the ways of running firms and startup have realized the need to go online to benefit from the many available opportunities.

Financing Your Business

Financing a business is one of the most difficult aspects of starting up a company. There are a lot of hoops to jump through in order to secure financing. Over the long term, this is something that everyone learns. However, many people simply do not know how difficult it is to finance a business until they actually do it. In fact, many people say that they want to start a business despite not taking any action to make it happen. Studies show that millions of people are willing to start a business if they knew they would be successful. However, this is not what happens in reality. Another study showed that nearly all people said that they eat healthy on a regular basis, despite the evidence to the contrary. If you are someone who wants to start a company, understanding the financing portion is essential to your success.

Getting a Bank Loan

Although lending standards have gotten more lax since the latest recession, it is still very difficult to get a bank loan to start or run your business. There are a lot of people who find out the hard way that banks want to see some sort of proof of success before lending out any money. This can be difficult for a small business that is in the growth stages of its life. If you are a small business owner and need bank financing, it is important to figure out a way to make this happen. Understanding what your bank needs for proof of success is essential. Going in with a firm plan can make things much easier on everyone.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is not for everyone. There is a lot of work involved in the process, and if you want to scale up your business over time it is important to have the proper funding. A lot of people will want to take the next step in their business because they believe that it is the best way to grow. Always make sure you have a financing plan in place to make these things happen.