Susan McGalla Offer Advice to Women on Succeeding In The Workforce.

Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 14, 2015/PRNewswire/–Susan McGalla had some career tactics to share with women. Ms. McGalla is the founder of P3Executive Consulting, LLC where she consults with others on branding, marketing and talent management as well as other subjects.

She noted that although 46.9% of women are in the workforce only 14.6% are executive officers. Ms. McGalla offers three important tactics to increase that number.

First she encourages women to participate in higher education. This tactic will create greater opportunities for women. She advises women to not be intimidated by the high cost. With smart planning, financial aid, and scholarships designed for their skill set. It’s true that more women than men are now enrolling in college. This increase will affect the workforce by putting women ahead in the talent market.

While it’s true that education is vital for increasing workplace opportunities so is confidence. The environment, in which we work, may erode women’s confidence keeping them locked into lower levels. Women need to find support in order to keep their confidence up. In a study done by Bain and Company it was found that over time women’s aspirations drop by over 60% mainly due to the influence of managers. They are to remember that desire is critical in producing positions in higher management.

Lastly women must learn to ignore the glass ceiling. Instead, they must focus on the work ethic. They shouldn’t carry a chip on their shoulder, expecting some form of entitlement due to their gender. Women must learn to not let themselves be victims of prejudice by not reinforcing stereotypes. Instead, they must learn to let go and let their work speak for itself.

While the above advice can’t guarantee a higher management position it, can certainly increase the odds in your favor and after all that is what women want, the opportunity to prove themselves.