Rick Smith knows the numbers

Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies around June of the year 2008. Securus Technologies is an American for profit based company that employs a reported well over one thousand people. The people at Securus technologies help with the states correctional facilities. They have branched out and teamed up to help a reported 2,600 facilities nationwide. Thats a lot of prisons! Rick Smith became the Ceo when Richard Falcone, the previous owner and chairman gave Rick the position around June 23rd, 2008.

Rick has a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Electrical Engineering. He also obtained a Masters in mathematics as well. This man knows his numbers, and he knows them quite well. The profound success that mr. Smith has obtained for the company led to Securus Technologies announcing around July 2016 that it had invested well over $590,000,000 in technologies and different patents throughout his time as CEO. To say that Rick has been a beneficial part of running this company and growing its net-worth exponentially, would be a drastic understatement. Everything that Rick does, he does with candor and a well strategized plan. Read more about Rick on Bloomberg.com.

In the Dallas and Fort Worth area where the company had started is where the story begins for Rick Smith. Securus Technologies has thousands, upon thousands of followers on LinkeDin. Rick smith is constantly reaching to become the bigger and better technological genius that the prison systems need in today’s ever changing population of inmates. Securus started to introduce a company that would control and watch for all contraband cellphones, which led to bigger and brighter ideas evolving in Mr. Smith’s head. In the year 2016, Securus Technologies had obtained the ‘go-ahead’ from more than five departments of corrections for their innovative solutions to this epidemic. Securus then partnered with Harris Corporation in the summer of 2016 and launched a program called “cell-defender” which has proven itself highly effective. They have also made some headway for more ideas so far this year as well.

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There is no telling what the future holds, but we know one thing is for sure. You can count on a man like Rick Smith Securus to run a multi-million dollar corporation successfully, and with flawlessness.

Susan McGalla Offer Advice to Women on Succeeding In The Workforce.

Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 14, 2015/PRNewswire/–Susan McGalla had some career tactics to share with women. Ms. McGalla is the founder of P3Executive Consulting, LLC where she consults with others on branding, marketing and talent management as well as other subjects.

She noted that although 46.9% of women are in the workforce only 14.6% are executive officers. Ms. McGalla offers three important tactics to increase that number.

First she encourages women to participate in higher education. This tactic will create greater opportunities for women. She advises women to not be intimidated by the high cost. With smart planning, financial aid, and scholarships designed for their skill set. It’s true that more women than men are now enrolling in college. This increase will affect the workforce by putting women ahead in the talent market.

While it’s true that education is vital for increasing workplace opportunities so is confidence. The environment, in which we work, may erode women’s confidence keeping them locked into lower levels. Women need to find support in order to keep their confidence up. In a study done by Bain and Company it was found that over time women’s aspirations drop by over 60% mainly due to the influence of managers. They are to remember that desire is critical in producing positions in higher management.

Lastly women must learn to ignore the glass ceiling. Instead, they must focus on the work ethic. They shouldn’t carry a chip on their shoulder, expecting some form of entitlement due to their gender. Women must learn to not let themselves be victims of prejudice by not reinforcing stereotypes. Instead, they must learn to let go and let their work speak for itself.

While the above advice can’t guarantee a higher management position it, can certainly increase the odds in your favor and after all that is what women want, the opportunity to prove themselves.