Michel Terpins’s Love for Car Rally

Car rally is a popular sport in Brazil. One of the famous rally drivers in Brazil is Michel Terpins. He stands out as one of the drivers who have participated in many rally competitions and won most of the competitions. The forty year old is a renowned rally driver who comes from Sao Paulo. Michel Terpins is from a family that loves sports with his brother Rodrigo Terpins also pursuing rally driving and their father Jack Terpins having a successful basketball career. The father acted as a role model to them and he ignited the spirit of sports excellence in the family.

Michel Terpins is a member of Bull Sertoes rally team. Together with his navigator Justo, they are set to win this year’s edition of the Sertoes rally. Michel Terpins started with riding motorcycles in 2002 and has experience of more than half a decade and similar experience in driving cars. Bull Sertoes was formed as a result of Michel Terpins teaming up with Rodrigo Terpins. They use the T-Rex that is a creation of MEM motorsport.

This year is very important for Michel Terpins in his career because it marks his tenth participation in the Sertoes rally and the second consecutive year for Justo and Michel on T-Rex number 322 board in the T1 category. He has since then got many good categories and landed a good number of podiums. Michel Terpins has a strong will and is highly determined, this together with his courage is what makes him a successful rally driver who is a role model for many young people interested in the sport in Brazil.

Michel Terpins had a debut in 2002 on the Sertoes Rally grid. He took part in the motorcycle category before sailing for his brother in the cars. Michel Terpins enjoys every competition he participates in regardless of whether or not he emerges the winner. He is always prepared for the unknown knowing that he faces new challenges every time he participates in a race. Michel Terpins is motivated by his car because it is meticulously designed with a v8 engine which makes it more powerful and suitable for rough terrains.