Brian Bonar; the Jack of all Trades

Success is a dream that every person wishes to achieve. But the questions remains, what effort are they putting to achieve it? Yes, at one point, they can get lucky along the way hence their success journey made shorter.

But the fact remains, hard work is necessary when it comes to achieving one’s success regardless of the route used. Brian Bonar is the prototype of how one’s hard work can lead to success. Over his career, Brian has been involved in various successful undertakings that can never go unrecognized.

Brian Bonar is a well-established finance executive, and his contributions have driven many companies to greater profits. Currently, Brian serves as the President of Trucept, a strong foundation based in the United States. Trucept is a recognized institution that assists small and medium business in handling their little tasks.

The organization handles tasks such as payroll management as well as employee benefits and human resource management. According to Brian, their goal is to ensure that companies focus on the business fully leaving the rest for Trucept.

Brian’s excellent portfolio and hard work can describe his character well. He is a team leader if not ‘the man for the job.’ Brian was once the leader in finance for Dalrada Financial Corporation. Such an institution defines why he has been able to achieve much in the finance industry. His involvement with various institutions enables him to tap vast experience which is necessary for handling various roles in the future.

Brian’s versatile nature places him as the best candidate for the leadership positions. Brian has a degree in technological engineering plus a Masters in mechanical engineering. In the modern business world, technology has become a necessity.

Most institutions rely on technology to prosper. Having an individual such as Brian who is not only qualified in technology but also passionate about the field therefore means a lot to any institution that he serves. Most of the companies that he serves perform rather well.

Apart from his involvement in finance and technology industry, Brian is also known for his investment stories. The San Diego entrepreneur has a taste for delicious meals, and this led him to establish his restaurant, Bellamy Grand Cuisine.

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar borrowed elements from his favorite restaurants and implemented them into his new restaurant. Bonar invested his capital and hired the services of the best chef and staff within the town. Today, Bellamy is among the best restaurants in San Diego.

Brian’s contributions to the business industry can hardly go unnoticed. In 2000, he got an award for Who is Who in America which turns to be a significant achievement in his lifetime. Such results motivate him to continue providing the industry with the best version of him.

In his hometown, Brian is known to be a committed family man who loves playing golf during his free time. Brian also enjoys boating which he says gives him a great balance of work and pleasure.