Bluecore Expands Its Email Marketing Platform To Include Advertising

Bluecore has long being known to make its revenue from sending emails that are triggered by the user behavior. Recently, the company announced that it is considering moving into the advertising platforms using the Bluecore Ads. Bluecore has been used by many marketers to follow up website visits using their personalized emails tied to the user behavior. For instance, a registered user who visits a product page of a particular retailer’s site might receive an email detailing the price of those products.

With the new move, Bluecore will allow the marketers to choose to show a display ad about their products to the same user both on mobile and desktop or on Facebook. To achieve its objective on this strategy, Bluecore is planning to tie the mobile device IDs and cookies to the email addresses to ensure it recognizes the users even when they are not logged in.

Bluecore will undertake the role of handling the creative and ad delivery, but the ad bidding will be managed through integration with Google and Facebook. Bluecore will rely heavily on the previous click on a link in a retailer’s marketing email to identify the user. Max Bennet, the co-founder and vice president of product, said that 40 percent of the anonymous traffic can be identified with particular users. Bluecore also revealed another milestone referred to as Predictive Audiences, which will be used to send emails and issue ads to user’s based on their predicted behavior. The recent announcement shows Bluecore’s effort to expand beyond its primary product to email marketing.